Sun Square/Opposition Ceres ~ Rags To Riches


Sun square Ceres or Sun opposition Ceres seems to show a life of triumph over adversity. In fact most of these natives seem to go on to make a career out of it. They may use their past victimisation as fuel for pity or admiration from others. Championing the underdog may be a way of coping with a very low sense of self-worth.

So Sun square or opposition Ceres have a great deal to prove, hence this combination often yields super-successful workaholics. Of course some may choose very quiet, traditional lives and live simply with the earth, but others will aim to rise from rags to riches  spurred on by painful or deprived childhoods. Themes here can be of loss, abuse and pain which fuels an extreme desire to rise from the ghetto.

If these folk lose their spiritual connect with the earth then there is a danger that they become overly obsessed with money and power. Greediness then can be the over-compensation due to childhood abandonment and/or being raised by a narcissistic parent. Eating disorders are common with this hard aspect too, in worst cases it can show as Bulimia since Ceres can veer from feast to famine.

There can be an over-idealisation of the mothering role, which in extreme cases can lead to misogyny in men. Ceres opposite the sun can be ripe for exhibiting the virgin/whore syndrome in certain men. In the case of women, the whore is projected onto another woman.

Sometimes it works out that a very ambitious career women can despise very maternal earth mothers also. There is also the danger of super-woman syndrome, the lady who can juggle family life and a successful career without a hair falling out of place.

There seems to be a need to be seen as a charitable person and often these folk go out of their way to appear generous. They may have a super-slick, sweet and benefic veneer that masks something quite bitter underneath.. The polarity of the opposition makes this aspect one of extremes, with the heat of the sun making this success that can burn.

If other factors in the chart show addictive tendencies, Ceres aspects can contribute to narcotic abuse. Opiates are known for the treatment of pain and these subjects seem to get more than their fair share of it, so its not surprising they may be drawn to such a potent painkiller. “According to myth the poppy was created by the Greek God of sleep, Somnus – in a period when Ceres, the goddess of grain, was apparently having trouble sleeping and was also searching desperately for her lost daughter” [1].

Sun Ceres ~ Hard Aspects

Sun Square Ceres

Moon square Ceres

George Washington (30′) the father of America had terrible teeth which gave him constant pain for which he took Laudanum (Tincture of Opium). We get reformers Benjamin Disraeli (82′), and Jimmy Hoffa (67′) both suffered with extremes of loss and gain, Benjamin had debt problems and Hoffa was put in jail and then was just well.. lost! Arnie Schwarzenegger (48′), suffered physical abuse from his father “Every time I got hit, and every time someone said, ‘you can’t do this,’ I said, ‘this is not going to be for much longer, because I’m going to move out of here. I want to be rich. I want to be somebody.'” [2]

Kirk Douglas (76′) found being the a male amongst 6 sisters smothering “I was dying to get out. In a sense, it lit a fire under me.” [3] Tom Hanks (18′) was separated from his mother and lived with his father who amassed a large step family. Jennifer Jason-Leigh (05′) is known for her gritty portrayals of damaged, abused and tormented women. Charlie Chaplin (47′) was practically an orphan as his alcoholic dad died when Charlie was 12, his mother was put in a mental asylum so Charlie was sent to the workhouse.

Brian Wilson (81′) wrote the most lush and sumptuous music of the sixties with the Beach Boys. The sunny, happy, but often bittersweet tunes masked mental illness, alcoholism and drug abuse, his violent and abusive father may have even caused his partial deafness by a blow to his head. Other Sun square Ceres natives include posh activist Joanna Lumley (59′), Eddie Izzard (83′), Alanis Morrisette (37′), Lord Tennyson (23′) Johannes Kepler (85′) and the event Titanic hits Iceberg (42′).

Sun Opposite Ceres

Sun opposite Ceres

Hilary Clinton (57’) did not want to be Mrs Bill Clinton originally, and only took her husband’s name reluctantly after he became president. Before Bill’s presidency Hilary was successful in her own right and was earning more than her husband. Now Hilary’s incredible ambition sees her aiming for to be President herself.

Hilary was a model student at school and university, a high achiever in every sense. She made a spectacular profit from trading cattle, but then huge losses in the ill-fated Whitewater real estate venture. As a lawyer her focus was children’s law and family policy, she published many essays on the Ceres themes of abandonment and neglect. Of course her high profile “perfect” family did not escape betrayal. Hilary stoically stood by her man when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke and polarised feminist opinion in the process. Hilary seems to generate very strong feelings for or against her.

Arthur Koestler (43’) was the Hungarian award-winning writer of “The Sleepwalkers. A history of Man’s Changing Vision of the Universe'”. This must-read book for astrologers contained the history of the cosmos and included Kepler’s biography. Koestler was a controversial figure and certainly experienced a life of incredible turbulence and great change of fortune. He was brought up with a governess, and was relatively prosperous.

At university, Koestler shot himself in the foot by for no good reason by burning his examination record book before qualifying thereby rendering it impossible for him to graduate. After which Koestler lied to his parents, ran off to Palestine and would’ve ended up destitute were it not for the support of kind friends. He experimented with mind-expanding drugs in the 1960’s but after a few bad trips decided it wasn’t for him.

Koestler had a real problem with women it seems and was described as a serial rapist. One woman Jill Craigie, a British writer, went on record as stating she had been a victim of him in 1951. Koestler was married, but treated his wife abominably. His philandering was excessive and obsessive, to the point that it was really misogynistic. When Koestler became ill, he decided it best to commit suicide since he did not want the indignity of loosing his faculties. He said he was not afraid of death. Koestlers devoted and obviously brainwashed wife, despite being in sound health, killed herself with him.

Other Sun opposite Ceres subjects are lesbian writer Jane Rule (2º) campaigner for gay rights. Self-sufficient Jennifer Lopez (4º) financed her own singing and dancing lessons as a teen. Jennifer advocates human rights and is noted for her support of an LA children’s hospital. Jazz-age novelist Francis Scott Fitzgerald (3º) was one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century, but he was equally famous for his opulent celebrity lifestyle with his extravagant and fellow alcoholic wife Zelda.

Beat-generation poet, Neal Cassidy (2º) was brought up by an alcoholic father after his mother died at the age of 10. He spent his youth committing petty crimes on skid row and doing time in reform school. He was a closet homosexual, marrying twice and committing bigamy. Cassidy was the inspiration for the character Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac’s novel “On the Road”. Other Sun opposite Ceres natives are Academy-ward winning actors Kevin Kline (2º) and Sean Penn (3º) who is also known for his political and social activism. Sean helped with the rescue mission of hurricane Katrina. Finally the Davison composite chart for Edward the 8th and Wallis Simpson (4º).

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