Moon Trine/Sextile Neptune ~ Musical Romance


Moon trine Neptune or Moon sextile Neptune must be one of the most romantic, poetic, idol-making aspect one can have. Its not surprising that there are a few matinee idols listed below then. The unreality and glamour of film lends itself so well to the Moon and Neptune. The soft aspects make the Moon even more fantastical, spectacular and out-of-this-world.

Moon trine or sextile Neptune is found in many artists and designers as it seeks to beautify and refine the world around them. The main thing with Moon trine or sextile Neptune is that it wants to merge with its surroundings. Their boundaries are so thin that they can feel the harshness of the 3D world a little too acutely. Sometimes they may need to smooth the edges with alcohol or drugs.

Moon trine or sextile Neptune can become extremely devoted to their lover, but they need to be careful their longing to merge doesn’t leave them with no sense of self whatsoever. The natives do best when they put this great devotion into an all-consuming passion, Ie; An artistic project, spiritual practice or best of all, working to transform the lives of the sick and needy.

 Glamorous Merging

Moon trine or sextile Neptune takes the fantasy element of Neptune and tries to build a utopia. There is a budding saviour quality about it and is in tune with the common peoples hope and dreams. The nurturing side of the moon can take on a transpersonal role in mothering the world.

Moon trine or sextile Neptune wants to make things as perfect as possible, so perfect that it looks quite surreal against the backdrop of the real world. In relationships they need to guard against putting their partners on a pedestal. Their chosen god or goddess only has to slip a tiny bit and the disappointment is palpable.

This insidious Neptunian dissolving effect can seriously erode a partnership over time. On the positive side Neptune’s self-sacrificial tendency brings a flowering of affection and care towards those they feel are depending on them.

But there is a deceptive side of Neptune as well, so these people can came across as the holy rescuer only to shatter their disciple’s dreams when Moon/Neptune shows they are merely human.

Moon trine or sextile Neptune doesn’t generally go out of its way to con. However Neptune’s mist combined with a willingness to become what other people want them to be can be a recipe for huge disappointment. The fault may be more with their fans than themselves. Moon trine or sextile Neptune often feels very responsible for its worshippers and is genuinely upset when they don’t match up to their expectations.

Guilt may show up as illness, since their emotions are so sensitive to the public’s projections. Moon trine or sextile Neptune may also self-medicate to blot out other people’s energies. Sometimes a stern exterior may betray internal emotional turbulence, as they are constantly guarding their gooey center from gushing out and hides behind a myriad of personalities for the same reason.

Moon Neptune Soft Aspects

Moon Trine Neptune

Rudolph Valentino (02’) lost his father aged 11 and was brought up spoilt and mollycoddled by his mother. He was troublesome at school and a drifter as a youth. He had a scandalous friendship with an heiress who during their time together shot her ex-husband.

Valentino was forced to leave town to avoid further controversy. He found it hard to break into acting at first, due to his Latin looks which were not fashionable at the time. Valentino gained a reputation as a bit of a diva, scandal seems to follow him everywhere, divorce, bigamy trails and bad debts. Eventually he made it in films, women loved him but the male audience distrusted his exotic looks.

Valentino was seen as a threat to the butch, all American man. His masculinity was called into question due to such things as the use of pomade in his hair, his dandy-esque clothes and an ultra-romantic style of seduction. (Er, that’s just called being Italian…). In true Neptune style though, Valentino’s sexual orientation was a bit of a mystery.

Two of Prince’s wives and one of his partners were known to have had lesbian affairs which fuelled speculation that Valentino was gay and that his relationships were “Lavender marriages”. However most biographers agree that it’s likely that Valentino was actually straight. He died very young at 31, his youth and good looks forever preserved on celluloid.

Lynndie England (14’), Neptune Discovery (10’), Prince (21’), Dionne Warwick (21’), William Shatner (27’), Mohandas Gandhi, Manly Palmer Hall, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bryan Ferry, Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane, Sean Penn, John Barrowman, Winston Churchill, Shura Wevil, Patsy Cline, Katie Holmes, Jimmy Connors, Janet Street Porter, Irene Cara, Ian Brady, Giacomo Puccini, Anita Pallenberg.

Moon Sextile Neptune

Barbara Cartland gushed her way to success with her world famous romantic novels. She refined over time her risqué earlier novels to the perfect formula still popular today. These later novels are much tamer, with virginal heroines and stereotypical chivalrous Neptunian saviours.

True to Neptune’s perchance for swooning and unrequited love, there is very little down-and-dirty action in Barbara’s books. The setting of the novels are usually in a misty historic past where chastity was prized and purity believable. Part of the novel’s charm is that they transport you away from nasty modern and sweaty sex with its threat of venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancies. A vision in pink, Barbara was always dressed in her trademark fantasy fluffy gowns and sparkly jewels.

Princess Anne of UK (07’), Sandra Bernhard (10’), Henry Ford (12’), Jeffrey Archer (24’), Johnny Depp (26’), Julie Andrews, Karen Carpenter, Sheena Easton, Brian Eno, Ennio Morricone, Edith Piaf, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, George Bernard Shaw, Marie Stopes, Kenneth Branagh, Igor Stravinsky, Michael York, Valerie Solanas, Charles De Gaule, Thomas Edison, Derek Jarman, Harriet Wilson, Salvatore Guiliano. Mother Teresa, Paul Weller.

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