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When a planet changes signs it moves into a new house or sector of your life. The outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn are a major factor in predictions and it is from their movements that yearly horoscope predictions are generally made. Read the articles below for what these major planetary shifts mean for your sign.

When a personal planet moves into a new house the effects are felt over a few weeks, from these movements we get our monthly horoscope predictions. These meanings are more accurate for your rising sign. Read the meanings below to check your love, career and energy status.

The meaning of astrology

How DOES Astrology Work?

How does Astrology work? How do the seasons relate to the zodiac signs? Once you know the answers to those questions, reading your horoscopes will make more sense. You will be able to see the connection between human behaviour and…

Here you will find astrology theory essays and how I came to use a combination of traditional and evolutionary techniques in my practise. There are also a few case studies. However most of the mundane, political examples of how I work are now archived in my Patreon account Pluto files. I also have a links & resources page of my favourite occult and astrology websites.