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Leo season runs from July 21 to August 21. We are in the height of summer, and the season has stabilised now in this fixed sign. We can rely upon the Sun’s consistency more, so it is at this time most of us take our summer vacations.

Leo season also marks the start of the Summer holidays for children at school. Six weeks of fun for the kids then, plus some mayhem for the parents no doubt! This time of the year is also known as ‘silly season (At least in the UK) when government also takes a break, and there is less newsworthy action.

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Leo as a sign is associated with children, and its house is the fifth. The hottest weather of the year is not the best for working, so what better time to take some time off. The religious festivals that many Mediterranean counties have during Leo season reach their peak of frequency.

Leo season Matchmaking & Dancing

Fireworks, processions, open-air theatre, dances and feasting happen at this time, all very Leo activities. It is a time of celebration and matchmaking too. Leo is THE most romantic sign, while the 5th house is the house of recreational sex. Leo season emphasises leisure and playtime.

Leo season is a sharp contrast to the Cancer season we have just left behind. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is more inward-looking, which is a bit of a contradiction when you think that June 21 to July 21 are warm and pleasant weeks usually.

With Leo season, we can be bold and confident as we have acclimatised to the heat. No scorched skin and pale legs that have not seen the light of day. In Leo season, we have got our act together. We have by now sorted out our summer wardrobe and painted those grubby toenails. It’s time to show ourselves and get on the Leo catwalk.

Leo is Fixed Fire. It is hot and dry and ruled by the Sun. The flames of inspiration burn strongly here while the dryness means Leo is a solo act. Creative and unique traits in fixed mode make for an invincible artistic king or queen. The dramatic Sunflower is associated with Leo. Its oversized head might echo the size of its ego however. But usually, the sunflower just loves to smile at the Sun. (Or bask in the spotlight like a typical Leo diva!)

Leo Birthday Gift Ideas


Leo season is prime-time to go mate hunting as we should be looking our very best at this time of the year. ALL signs can be sun-kissed and sassy, not just the divas of the zodiac.

The Sun naturally burns away the cobwebs of depression and lifts us. We are far more likely to get out in nature when it’s not cold, rainy or gloomy. Hay fever sufferers are happier, too, as the grass pollen season (which peaks mid-June) starts to wane. 

Lammas & Lughnasadh Pagan Festivals

The pagan festival of Lammas takes place on August 1. The name means ‘Loaf mass’. The ‘Loaf’ part celebrated the first wheat harvest in countries like the British Isles. The Celtic cultures worshipped the craftsman, Sun god ‘Lugh’ on August 1. The feast day ‘Lughnasadh‘ is named after Lugh.

The church blessed the first loaves of the season to give thanks to god. Back in the old days, buying a loaf from the local store was not an option. If one’s crops failed, you could starve. The wheat that was harvested was the result of a whole year of backbreaking work.

“By celebrating Lammas as a harvest holiday we honour our ancestors and the hard work they must have had to do in order to survive. This is a good time to give thanks for the abundance we have in our lives, and to be grateful for the food on our tables. Lammas is a time of transformation, of rebirth and new beginnings.” ~ Learn Religions

Creativity & Crafts

Leo season is a creative time. Again this is reflected in the feast of Lughnasadh. We will often see craft festivals where artists will lay out their creations for sale during these weeks. For ourselves, we can also take time out for creativity, write music, paint, sing or perform plays. It’s all about PLAY! In some countries, Leo Season is a time for pretend wars and make-believe warriors. 

In the UK, any town that has a castle may hold some light-weight jousting tournament or mock medieval battle. Men dressed up as knights is so very Leo! It’s also an excellent excuse to show off and a great way to impress the ladies. So dress flamboyantly during this costume-drama season. The world is your stage!

How leo season Affects each zodiac sign

One size does not fit all, and Leo season will be better for some signs than others. Check out my “How DOES astrology work?” post to explain why this is. We all have our different ‘Achieve, Receive and recycle’ periods, so some of the signs will have more going on than others in certain months. Check out the monthly horoscope for Leo season month as a whole.

Aries In Leo Season

Leo Season is a lovely receiving time with a fiery Leo Sun, which suits you fine. A perfect time to enjoy family fun or flirty holidays if you are single. You will find it easy to attract lovers with the 5th house activated. Another period to indulge in leisure time, but more active fun, we are not recharging yet!

Taurus In Leo Season

Leo season is about achieving in the home with Sun in your 4th house. You might want to get creative with decorating. Better to be an artistic director, though, rather than rolling up your sleeves and climbing ladders. Virgo season is receiving time for you from August 21 in your 5th house. It’s all about the harvest here. Has all that flirtation earlier in the year left its impression on any potential mates?

Gemini In Leo Season

Leo season is supposed to be a recharge month, but with Leo, the temptation to party is high. So this is the best time to take a holiday. You can burn the candle at both ends and not have to get up early for work. Go for a 3rd house theme. Travel with neighbours, have a staycation or take an educational/college trip.

Cancer In Leo Season

I hope you had a good rest in Gemini season because… happy birthday! It’s the start of a new solar cycle, and you are raring to go. Cancer season activates your 1st house. So it’s time to get your pincers out and start prodding people again.

Your birthday month is a lucky, productive time both at work and in love. Promote your unique self to all and sundry. Social invitations will come flooding in. Acting as a shameless diva makes you money.

Leo In Leo Season

I hope you have rested WELL because… happy birthday! It’s the start of a new solar cycle, and you are ready to burst. Leo season activates your 1st house so time to get your glad rags on and strut down the catwalk of life. Invites to fun events come flooding in, and you are on top form.

Virgo in Leo Season

Leo season can be an exhausting one for workaholic Virgos. So make sure you have some hermit time when that sun hits your 12th house. Detox yourself from too many confusing debates with well-meaning friends. Information overload can be a problem in the receive stage for Virgo.

So Leo season is where you must get your partner or children to treat you like a king or queen. Put the kids to work. The little urchins fit up a chimney nicely and can get into all those nooks and crannies that you cannot. Child protection lets you out of jail in time for your birthday.

Libra In Leo Season

You can let your hair down! Leo season in your 11th house means networking with a passion. Milk that Libra charm for all its worth until August 21. You will magnetize quality people to you and generate some great leads.

Scorpio In Leo Season

Leap off the hammock time! 10th house activation has you in uber-ruthless mode. The Leo flavour makes Scorpio mad keen for achieving high status and you are more competitive than usual. Your Leo nemesis’ are swaggering in the Sun. Annoying. 

Sagittarius In Leo Season

You can be as flame-grilled and feisty as you want. Everyone will adore you and it’s technically a recharge period. BUT it will be hard to refuse the invitations to summer parties. Let yourself be pampered with the Sun in the 9th house. Go on holiday where you won’t have to do any cooking for 2 weeks.

Capricorn In Leo Season

Leo season is melodramatic with that ghoulish 8th house activated. Is it time to receive all manner of Adams families? No, rather, it will be about inheritances, debt consolidation or your partner’s money. Try not to get pulled into other people’s psychotic episodes.

Aquarius In Leo Season

Wedding bells chime in Leo season. Sun in your 7th house is simply the best time of the year for relationships, and you cannot resist the romantic drama of it all. It will be easy to reel in your leading man or woman!

Pisces In Leo Season

After the sugar overdose of Cancer season, you will need to go on a health kick. This 6th house period is your recharge time anyhow. Again, this is a good period for a holiday since it lines up with good weather and the need to take a break.

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