Sun Square/Opposite Lilith

Sun opposite Lilith can work as a magic wand of power. The energy results from the magnetism of the polarity. It can also play out as an identification with one side of the psyche at the expense of the other, making that ‘other’ taboo. The Sun enables left-brain rational thinking while Lilith activates creative, right-brain thinking. Current society tends to play down the importance of the right brain because it pulls one towards outside the (control)box thinking. Because of the polarity taboo, there can be an inner battle, which is then projected onto “Bogie men” in the outside world. Identifying with the Sun can therefore result in being a shiny example of goodness as opposed to identifying with Lilith where you become an utter social outcast. Sometimes the division can play out in the life. One could be the golden wife versus the dark mistress or be the seen as the family scapegoat by the father. These people often have a pronounced sexuality and dismissive of cultural norms. When the two polarities are successfully channelled, the mind can function magically as one is able to make manifest its wildest and wackiest creations.

Sun square Lilith creates incredibly strong-willed, feisty individuals who take it upon themselves to become spokespeople for the disadvantaged. Others may speak out about gritty, dark issues that are disturbing or distasteful to the public in some way. The square has so much tension that it is compelled to action. It simmers with unprocessed rage at being exiled and rejected. Together these edgy qualities will create activists, mesmerising agitators and trouble makers. They think nothing of taking the law into their own hands and have their own sense of honour and principles, which can sometimes effect their popularity. Always as tough on themselves as they are on others, they aim high and have intuition and great survival instincts to aid them in their leaps of faith.

Sun Square Lilith Natives

Phil Donahue (63′) controversial talk-show TV presenter tackled meatier than average issues like abortion, AIDS and pollution. His feminist wife inspired him to also air women’s issues and changes in the US family life. But as the taste for sensationalism grew in the 90’s, he felt he had to compromise his “televised PhD course” in favour of sleaze to maintain his ratings. Disillusioned he quit broadcasting in 1996.

Bob Geldof (63′) Irish punk rock musician and activist. Famous for his phenomenal fund raising with Band Aid and Life Aid stating “The boys and girls with guitars will finally get to turn the world on its axis.” Geldof came from a place of suffering himself. His mother died when he was just 7 followed by his sister’s diagnoses of leukaemia. Bob was raised to be politician from a child by his opinionated father who encouraged debate in the home. Despite Bob’s scruffy appearance and being “abrasive, tactless, foul-mouthed and irreverent“, his impassioned campaigning inspired co-operation from members of society high and low. I have to add the recent tragic death of Bob’s daughter Peaches at just 25 the “child-stealing” aspect of Lilith only too literal here.

Evel Knievel (65′) daredevil motorcycle stuntman almost killed himself many times. The ultimate hell-raiser, Knievel had a problem with aggression which sometimes got totally out of control. A paradox of principles, he was arrested for allegedly beating his wife while he successfully campaigned against the culling of Elk. Even when advised some of his jumps were positively suicidal he stated“I went ahead and did it anyway. When you give your word to somebody that you’re going to do something, you’ve gotta do it”. He took the law into his own hands when he hospitalised a defaming biographer while both his arms were still in casts!

Nina Simone (29′) eclectic “Soul” singer, known for her depth of emotion, yet she only ever had one top 40 hit in her heyday. A forthright, feisty and brutally honest woman, she was deeply committed to fighting racism. Simone was constantly battling with her record company’s by whom she felt manipulated. Her music was used in a British perfume advert in 1987, the utterly Lilith“I Put A Spell On You” Other uncompromising artists, who danced to their own tune are Kevin Kline and the late Kenny Everett.

Sun Opposite Lilith Natives

MEAN LILITHS: O J Simpson (70′) divorced by his wife due to his excessive affairs. He was then acquitted of her murder. With total disregard of how society viewed him, he stated in a book (never published) “how he would have killed his wife and her lover “if he had been the one responsible“. Prince William (01′) remains somewhat of a mystery. He is known to have an extensive occult book collection. One example of his witch-power could be his prophetic statement at the age of seven to the late Diana that he wanted to be a police officer to protect her. Sun (Royalty) V Lilith (Anti-establishment) will be very interesting if he ever gets to be King. John Hinkley (55′) bombarded his “Lilith” Jodie Foster with a string of love letters before attempting to assassinate President Reagan. Demonised Hinckley’s medical report included “isolation from others at all but a superficial level… emotional volatility”.

TRUE LILITHS: Camilla Parker-Bowles (52′) was the taboo (Lilith) woman V the crown (Sun). Playing the outcast we have Valerie Solanas (26′) the American militant lesbian. Feminist writer of the “S.C.U.M. Manifesto.” (Society for Cutting Up Men.) Genius Victor Hugo (73′) the lusty and most prolific writer of the 19th Century had many mistresses. However when his long term lover died, he never recovered from the loss and withdrew from the world. He never stopped having sex however, recording encounters up until a week before his death age 83. Other examples are shiny Tom Hanks (27′) and squeaky clean Dr Miriam Stoppard (90′) who publicly endured the sordid affair of her husband with actress Fil-Lilithy Kendal!

Sun/Lilith Aspects

 Sun conjunct/quincunx Lilith • Sun sextile/trine Lilith •  Sun square/opposition Lilith

17 thoughts on “Sun Square/Opposite Lilith

  1. My Libra Sun (at 26 degrees in the 2nd) is opposite my BM Lilith (Mean)/Sedna conjunction at 26 degrees Aries in the 8th, within 23minutes. I’m sure Lilith’s conjunction to Sedna, as well as its proximity to my South Node complicates the interpretation a bit, so maybe I’m not the best example, although I can identify with much of what you’ve written.

    I’m not at all like O.J., (never been accused of murdering anyone, nor have I ever cheated on someone) so maybe I’ve chosen the path of shiny goodness you describe (lol!) I’ve definitely experienced intense periods of internal conflict throughout my life; I’m happiest (and healthiest) when I combine the two sides of my nature, without forsaking one for the other. As far as projection goes – when I was much younger, I had a pattern of choosing partners based purely on overwhelming sexual attraction. Looking back, I realize I instinctively knew none of them were capable of (nor suitable for) any sort of healthy, long-term, multi-dimensional emotional commitment. Neither was I, back then.

    Over the years, I’ve become very self-aware and conscious of hidden motivations both within myself and in others. If I gave a voice to EVERY perception I had, I’d most certainly end up a social outcast since my insights tend to stir things up. My intuitive powers are strong and I always pay attention to the messages I receive – just no Ouija Boards for me (way too dark) – I tend to act as a psychic magnet!

    Assuming his birth date is correct, the actor Viggo Mortensen also has Sun opposite BM Lilith.

  2. Thanks LB! Very useful personal info there. I don’t think OJ Simpson is the best example of this aspect. He just shows how it works at a low vibration and the split occurring outside his life. Tho his Lilith charm must have shot him to fame, but then infamy.

  3. Hey Marina – You’re very welcome.:) Yea, I cringed when I saw OJ. On the other hand, he does represent a good example of how powerful (and potentially negative) this energy can be if it’s not used in a mindful way.

    1. Hi LB, I’m not Marina of course biut wanted to comment – remember you commented on my crazy yods and I mentioned LB were my name initials? So here we are again with sun opposite Lilith and you made this comment above on May 28 which is my official birthday – (mother swears it was May 25). I was hoping to glean from you some information on how you manage to combine the two sides of your nature – right now I seem to be tripping over all my shiny goodness and the wicked part seems to want to smash the mask. Not at all OJ either, since I only hurt myself along with the feelings of some others and I can’t control what I say

    2. Hi Leone, I only just today saw your comment. Sorry, don’t know what happened there.:( Hopefully, you’re still reading and able to receive comment updates these many months later.

      I’ve read some of your other comments, and I have to say I think our stories are very similar in many ways. One thing I’d suggest is going back and looking at your BM Lilith Returns – mine were very telling as far as direction goes. Right now, I’m about to have another, so maybe I should’ve waited to comment (hahaha!) I’m actually kind of scared. :0

      Another similarity we have is that my BM Lilith is ruled by Mars – mine is retrograde in Gemini/9th, so I get how it takes you time to thoroughly process situations. Instead of resorting to pointless criticism, I try to say what I need – assertively but still politely. Since that only works sometimes, I have to be willing to let certain unhealthy (mostly personal) relationships go. I can only control myself, not other people.

      These past few years have brought a lot of changes in terms of my life’s direction – I’ve become far less hedonistic and far more spiritually oriented, less willful and *proud*, but also in a strange way, more questioning and less compliant as I’ve embraced what matters most to me. People who knew me 20 or 30 years ago would be shocked to discover who I am now. Back then, I mostly lived one side of my opposition or the other – the two didn’t have a common meeting ground.

      I totally get what you mean by wanting to “smash the mask”. But blurting out the raw truth has never achieved much, except to alienate people and cast me in the role of super “B”, which then takes the focus off of the real issues. Especially frustrating, since I genuinely have such “shiny good” intentions.:) Speaking the truth to those who are willing and able to benefit, and in a way that sticks to the facts without resorting to character assassination, is much more productive. I’m still learning when to speak and when to remain silent. And sometimes I fail, since I still have a hard time when it *feels* like something really important.

      And sometimes I have to say privately (to my husband or through writing in my journal or prayer) what I cannot say publicly. It’s essential that my truth have a voice. I’ve started working as a Reiki Practitioner and thankfully, this line of work allows me to share my normally-under-wraps intuitive gifts, through helping people to better understand their own underlying issues. Sharing my insights within this setting is more validating as opposed to being offensive or intrusive – I’m always very gentle in my approach. I also frequently pick up on the energies of deceased loved ones(sometimes even deceased pets), and the messages I’m able to bring seem to have a very reassuring and healing effect. Occasionally, I’ll even share with strangers, if the message is overwhelming.

      I also agree, it can be hard to live within my own and life’s contradictions – like you, the standards I set for myself/others are impossibly high. Believing in something greater than myself has been my saving grace. Through trusting in the Divine, I can release my sense of having to be personally responsible for making everything right, including those contradictions that exist within me.

      I so hope you read this comment and that it brings you some comfort to know you’re not alone in your challenges. I relate.

    3. I should have said “character dissections” not character assassinations, since I never lie or twist the truth when I’m angry. That’s been my problem – my assessments can be too brutally honest.

  4. That’s very intriguing indeed, can’t wait to delve into his chart.

  5. I have Lillith in the 10th house, Pisces opposed to Sun 5th house in Virgo. Sex needs to be combined with love. My partners have been unconventional. I have buried two, separated from a third, and number 4 has temporarily disappeared as he is taking his life apart and, starting over from the foundations. Don’t know if he will return, but something tells me that the final scene has been played out with him.

  6. I still don’t fully understand Lilith in my chart. I just know that my Sun is in Taurus and Lilith in Scorpio. In my chart I have NO water signs unless you count Lilith. Even my asteroids are fire and air. Go figure!

  7. Thanks Jamie for pointing me to this page – I have Lilith in the 12th in Sag opposite my sun in the sixth in Gemini – Virgo MC so Gemini gives me two minds anyway, and with all the yods and kites it’s a wonder I haven’t done something dreadful in my life. I have secrets that I keep from some people instinctively, like the fact that I have read Tarot cards and posed nude once for a photograph when I was young, sexy, promiscuous, damaged by sexual abuse, and beautiful (my father left us when I was 3, that’s all so Lilith I now realise!)So I now go about my life as a shining star who helps everyone and all animals – I now know why, to compensate for my Lilith. I have strong beliefs in ethics, but can’t seem to live up to my own impossible standards. I’m always correcting people and criticising them behind their backs! I get very frustrated when I’m shown to be imperfect and when others are as well. Someone will say something to me and it takes a day or so for it to filter though my four or more minds, then I get upset when I should have said something at the time. People can’t understand that I was okay with something when they talked to me and then I criticise them later or I get it off my chest to someone else … I feel like a horrible person when I’d rather help people and have fun. I don’t know if it’s Lilith or a damaged personality LOL.. but I think i should just tell people to stay away from me and they’ll be okay.

  8. Hi. My horoscope;

    (Taurus Stellium)Sun+Mercury+Venus+Chiron opposite the Lilith(Scorpio). How to interpret these multiple conjunct and opposite angles?

  9. Marina,

    Your insights are truly exceptional. I don’t know if you do individual readings?

    I have been truly struggling with my Lilith in Capricorn opposite my 12th house Sun in Cancer. I am a social outcast, though I disavow violence in all forms, and would not agree with harming men. But I am mos def not the marrying kind. I need to really shift that focus to the Sun side. My Sun is in what some say is three grand trines, some say one huge one. However my T-square with Mars at the apex makes me quite the squirmy little rage ball.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your stellar web site. I find myself coming here often.

  10. I own this aspect and I have committed Lilith’s follies in times when I was recognized as a hero (Sun). I say this in my teenage years, when in the Internet I founded a fake hacker group and I created a war to the site where I worked, being one of the best and most recognized administrators. At the time, I did the leader of the group be my psychotic rival, and the story ended when I handed me by remorseful.

    By my action, I had the chance to be acquitted by the community and my image on the website was not burned. This is an interesting experience of my experience.

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