Sun Square/Opposition Pluto ~ Top Secret

Sun square or opposition Pluto’s persona is serious about secrecy and control. The subjects personal life may remain a mystery, as they are experts at armour plating their true emotions. They don’t let much slip and can be extreme control freaks. The word anal was invented for these guys, for they rule over their domain with an iron will and a steel fist. They need to know where everything is at all times and woe betide anyone who changes the order of their alphabetically arranged CD collection. They can be intimidating and in extreme cases tyrannical. Sometimes the father can be experienced in this way.

Sun square Pluto in particular can be stalkers and obsessive callers, they panic if their lover doesn’t return a text or goes off radar, it’s like they have died or something. Sun in hard aspect to Pluto natives have a real fear of death, but in their panic they are often self-sabotaging and create the very scenario they fear the most. They are are most afraid of their demonic, unacceptable, beastly thoughts, which can translate as feeling that something about them is ugly, and that they are deformed in someway.

Ministry Of Obsession

Sun in hard aspect to Pluto might hide behind a mask. Mostly the cover will simply be very plain or dark clothes they can disappear behind or conversely the mask will be composed of elaborate, over-the-top and almost freakish make-up. The natives will use any disguise that distracts from the real self which they find unacceptable.

As you can see from the list of natives below, once the hard aspect is mastered, the power and magic potential is phenomenal. At some point the natives may indeed have to face some sort of “death”. Having survived their crisis they become indestructible and exude the awesome aura of a Phoenix that has been through the flames and come out 10 times stronger.

Sun opposite Pluto swings between extremes of light and dark. Extrovert and introvert. The brighter the Sun the darker the shadow is a cliche, but works so well with this aspect. These natives may have a very sunny exterior which belies heartache and a very traumatic life. Sun opposed Pluto people often live life on the edge. Their lives will be full of drama and there will be much brushing with death and the taboo. At worse this can involve drugs and crime.

Sun opposite Pluto may have been exposed to the seedier side of life prematurely. Because of this, Plutonian children often have that “old-soul” look inside their penetrating glare. Their eyes have seen it all, therefore nothing really shocks or phases them. The father could exert a very powerful hold on the person, even from beyond the grave!

With the opposition, in particular, the natives are adept at pulling the long-buried demons out of the woodwork and shining their glaring solar torch right in the beasties eyes. Generally Sun in hard aspect to Pluto natives enjoy exposing secrets and hypocrisy. If they do not own their Pluto they could attract very dark, abusive and domineering partners into their lives.

Sun/Pluto ~ Hard Aspects

Sun Square Pluto

Sun square opposition plutoSun square Pluto personalities all have a strong presence, examples are Joanna Lumley (67′), William Wordsworth (60′), Omar Shariff (94′) and Ricky Martin (73′). Dirk Bogarde (19′) and Leonardo Di Vinci (28′) both kept their private life hidden, 80’s popstar Morrissey (65′) was noted for his emotionless, dead-pan drone and Elephant man” John Merrick (81′) was hideously deformed concealing the cultured and intelligent gentlemen within.

Super secretive Barbra Streisand (05′) even had “The Streisand Effect” named after her;a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of perversely causing the information to be publicised more widely” [1], we also get imposing comic John Cleese, who made a career out of playing obsessively anal headmasters, policemen and bank managers. The Ministry Of Silly Walks sketch says it all, it is controlled, utterly serious and scarily freakish.

Sun Opposite Pluto

Sun opposite Pluto subjects include Marie Curie (43′) famous for her work on radioactivity. Talk about dicing with death. Her 1890s papers are still so radioactive they have to be kept in a lead box. Child psychologist and daughter of the famous Sigmund, Anna Freud (32′) referring to lost objects in dreams, described the ‘simultaneous urges to remain loyal to the dead and to turn towards new ties with the living’. [2]

Sunny TV reporter Jessica Savitch (11′) kept smiling despite an extreme personal life, Farrah Fawcett (61′) went from playing fluffy haired Angel to critically acclaimed portrayal of a battered wife, while John Hurt (14′) is famous for playing every type of taboo role you can think of. Lastly we have nihilistic ex Sex pistol Johnny Rotten (24′).

1. Wikipedia
2. Anna Freud: A Biography. Elisabeth Young-Bruehl Pg 291

Sun/Pluto Aspects

Sun conjunct/quincunx Pluto • Sun sextile/trine Pluto
Sun square/opposite Pluto

71 thoughts on “Sun Square/Opposition Pluto ~ Top Secret

  1. It’s true what you say about Sun square Pluto’s fear of death. I find it mystifying, being afarid of dying. I have a friend with this placement and he is a control freak and afraid of dying!

    1. I find it mystifying too Neeti, I’m glad you have backed this up, I was thinking surely not, but I found this in Sue Tompkins aspect book. I also think squares work like Saturn. And we all know Saturn/Pluto spells death!

      Then I realized my mother had this aspect and OMG it all makes total sense, she passed on a kind of hypochondria to me. She was forever warning about us going out into the rain as kids and catching pneumonia! She has so many AIDs tests for no good reason, but she was worried because my uncle was HIV positive.

  2. Wowie, indeed. But you know, the work that comes from some Sun-square-Pluto folks seems to be pretty magical. I guess they just need to focus on productivity more than on stuff that’s out of their control.

    Great article.

  3. Marina – theres something strangely attractive about virtually all these folk, a smouldering duskiness – do you think there are any similarities between Sun squ Pluto and AC squ Pluto?

    1. Oh my! I just realised I am AC square Pluto. Yes I do identify with this very strongly. And the mum connection..oh Lordy. I’m always thinking I’m about to die. Thats why I gave up smoking. I want my mercury fillings out next.

      Hey I now feel better about worrying about death. Thanks Rob 🙂
      Im not going to die at all. It’s just my Pluto square!!

    2. …it was through looking at the upcoming Full Moon chart that I remembered your natal Pluto – we have some interesting synastry so I like to take particular notice of what you are writing about certain things – I too have Pluto square Asc (though wider than yours at 3º and also sextile Neptune) – just for ref. your north node is conjunct my Mercury, your south node conjunct my Neptune, your Neptune conjunct my north node, your Pluto + Uranus is conjunct my MC and your Chiron is conjunct my IC – anyway, I think that your Pluto conjunct to Uranus is going to make you jittery in perhaps a fearful way, as well as providing you with flashes of deep and transformative insight (which we all benefit by!), but, square your Asc in Gemini looks like a worrier – good that you feel re-assured now 🙂

      I do think there are similarities between Sun squ Pluto and Sun squ Asc, but, the latter seem to be more internalised – I wonder if any of the examples you have drawn on above have any hypochondriac tendencies?

    3. doh – the similarities are between Pluto squ Sun and Pluto squ Asc – there goes Neptune again!

    4. I suspect if either Sun or Pluto has connections with the 6th house, by ruler-ship (or lets just think that our generation has a Virgo/Pluto emphasis) this may be cause of some kind of association of a confusion with the state that the body may be in and how it expresses itself.

      Hypochondria may be just another expression of state of the soul or a focus that is out of balance.

      A person who neglects their health or is very picky about food for example may also be showing the association between Pluto/Virgo or Pluto/ASC or Pluto in the 6th house or as the 6th house ruler..

      BTW I want all my mercury fillings OUT! If I could do it now, I would. I feel betrayed that someone should have put them in me as a child..for my own good… without thinking that mercury is one of the most toxic metals known to man.

      Remember when we speak of Pluto’s influence, it is a generational vibration, and we all deal with the energies differently, sometimes fostering the dynamics or cowering from the challenges… those of us who have it very personally, must attempt to be very grounded to those influence or face some scary shadows and projections, due to denial.

      Our health, collectively becomes the face of these… especially with Pluto/Uranus in Virgo..with the recent headlines dealing with vaccination, epidemic threats, and health care “crisis” as well as so much going on with food and environment, it doesn’t surprise me we have come to power at this time.

      I hope we can be brave enough to see a change for the good of our collective physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health. 🙂

    5. Hi Alter – I agree with what you say about hypochondria and the soul – there are many things that can bring a person this kind of discomfort within themselves – getting the mercury out of teeth – been getting it done over time, but, yes, it costs, in many ways – as a child/teen I ate a lot of choc and candies – the enamel on my teeth was very soft then – they got eaten into – this was not due to any neglect on anyones part but myself – however, my family did not have the dosh to pay for anything health wise – so, I got the mercury – no blame – now, my circumstances are different I can do something about it, with the teeth I have left… :0 – still, interesting to hear from astrologers who have found hypochondriac tendencies visible in their clients chart

  4. A generation is now maturing whom were born with that aspect from Scorpio. There are some very powerful, frightening people coming of age today.

    1. Yes, Al M!! As well as those kids who have Pluto in Scorpio rising (my son!)

  5. The most secretive friend I have ever had has this aspect…sun in the 8th house square pluto. She is a scorpio rising to boot. Even though she told people I was her sister, she kept so much hidden from me, and everyone. She would stop midsentence and end a conversation rather than reveal something. After 16 years I had it when she betrayed my trust!

  6. I’m here to defend…. I’m a sun in the 8th – (Sun in Sag,) sqaure pluto and i’ve looked death in the face twice in my life, and am not scared of death!.I do have a strong presence though,but wouldn’t say that i’m a total control freak, although i have to admitt i don’t like it when things don’t run smoothly. Whether that’s my plutonic nature, or the fact i like to be organised…Not sure? If you work on yourself it’s not that bad at all… Happy st valentines day 🙂

    1. Hey Rosa,
      I was writing this and thought it was coming out a bit harsh, but I didn’t want to sugar-coat it as it IS a hard hitting aspect. But this is what I wanted, some examples of how it can work well. Some of those celebs seem pretty sorte, no famous serial killers like the sextile!
      As with all the Pluto squares I think once you have harness their power they are fearless and also indestructible. You are obviously using yours to its highest vibration! Happy Valentines to you too. 🙂

      PS. I’ve actually now edited it to say “is serious about secrecy and control” Instead of ” is seriously secretive and controlling” because I meant to emphasis the seriousness of the square.

    2. Same here Rosa, except Gemini Sun in 8th square 11th house Pluto (t-square with Jupiter/Chiron in 5th). I’ve been inches from death a couple of times, too. Not really afraid of death, but more afraid of not getting a chance to do what it is that I came here to do before I go. I’d say more about this aspect, but then I’d have to reveal my secrets. 😉

  7. I am Sun in the eigth square Pluto in the 11th and I’d have to agree that I think this article is a little too narrow sighted. There is extreme potential with this natal aspect and I feel that those who carry this in their natal chart are constantly aware of the power of transformation that lies within them. I was hoping to hear that in the above article.

    1. Yes I agree, I wrote it as a start but now realise that I have ignored the higher vibration side. I thought was showing it by the list of celebrities below, but I forgot to actually say anything about them! I will add to this.

    2. I agree with Jyoti too. I’ve always thought that the square is pretty constructive. There’s so much energy in the aspect. It comes with an awareness of the need to transform and the drive to achieve – to transcend. Also, much of the secrecy is really just an intense need for privacy. Pluto’s best, most enlightened work is done in private in the deepest recesses of the mind. That is where we train to control ourselves and not others. This is especially true for women (lest we scare the men-folk!).

    3. The huber school say squares work like mars and are achievemmnt aspects. What threw this interp off track was equating the square with saturn. That made it far too negative I think. The trouble is its hard to pull out one aspect from the chart and analyse it. You have to for these little studies, but a dramatic one such as this is always going to be anotherwise triney chart this aspect will give much needed dynamism and achievement. But if with too many other stressful aspects,sun on an unfornate star or afflicted by mars and saturn it could go the negative route.

    4. Equating the square with Saturn… hmmm. My son was born last spring with the sun-Pluto square exact at 5 degs Aries/Cap, but Saturn in the mix too, at 0 Libra. Is there any way to put a positive spin on that? He certainly has exhibited an inordinate fear of abandonment, though I have never left him with a sitter (or even to sleep in his own bed) even for a moment.

      I have the Sun-Pluto opposition in Aries-Libra (2nd/8th), and a (sometimes debilitating) fear of death. I must work hard not to convey my fears to my son, but I’m my own best psychologist, so perhaps I will not. What can one do, to positively influence the square?

    5. I do sympathize! I have a daughter with Sun square Saturn by just 5 minutes. I just have to keep reminding myself of that when she has her Saturn moments. They will get better with age and I just keep telling myself “Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey….” who has the same.
      Atleast we are forewarned and therefore fore-armed or whatever they say.

      I think its time we started realizng the square is not a negative aspect and think along the lines of it being dynamic. I have seen plenty examples of grand trines working negatively so why shouldnt a T square work positively?!

  8. Hi, very interesting post. I have my sun in sag at 15 d square my natal pluto in virgo which is at 16d. I would not say I am a total control freak. I do think we have to look at the houses the planets are placed in any other aspects that either planets get. My pluto is in the 2nd house but it also conjuncts (a stellium) mars and uranus there. My natal sun is in the 4th house but within 5 degrees of my 5th house. I have to admit that I like my privacy. I like to feel I am control of my home and immediate environment.
    I think if you take that square to pluto and use it the right way it is good. I was never truly afraid of death. I do have to admit though that I was worried that I would die before I reached my potential. That I would not get a chance to do what I wanted or needed to express in my soul.

    Of course, it was written without any sugar coating. Thanks for the post.

  9. Just wanted to say, that i can really identify with Micheline in that the only thing that bothers me about death, is not reaching my true potential ! But hey at least when the time comes i’ll go working hard at it ! Marina You’ve a really great way of expressing your self in all your posts, Keep writing as you feel and see fit….i think thats why you receive so many comments ;))Have an illuminating full moon X

  10. I have to say, this is an incredibly accurate description of this aspect. Very perceptive. Yes, yes except the fear of death. I think (and have thought) about death and dying (Moon in Scorp 8th).. I’ve had several encounters …in dreams and with energy work that have clued me in. Of course, death is change and change is not easy. Letting go of fear of the unknown is part of that learning experience for me.
    It’s true, I’m not easy to live with! Thank you for prompting me to think about this more. 🙂
    ^^ looks as if some of us are contemporaries (born around the same time), because I too am Sun Sagittarius sq Pluto/Uranus Virgo (in my 7th no less…LOL!!) I do try to run a tight ship…

    Great job, guys

    1. This fear of death thing I have been contemplating, as I have the Pluto square my AC and the AC is the body so that may be effecting my interp of this, mixing it with hypochondria. But Sue Tompkins also suggests fear of death and then I looked at my Mum…With her it works like wanting to look forever young which she actually does. At 70 she is age defying.
      I think what it really means is fear of going un-noticed or life passing you by. Maybe its more to do with wanting to be eternal. What Rosa said about not reaching your full potential in this life is something like it. I know I live each day like there will be no 2 moro and try to get as much done as possible. For me there is a feeling of time is running out and life’s too short.

  11. i have sun in cap 0″ in 12th house square pluto in libra 4″ in 9th house…please enlighten me…thank you very much

  12. these pluto sq sun people often use their energy negatively: control freaks who hide their authentic selves, but are often able to find out everyone elses’ fears, which is their ticket to control. they are usually very fear~based, and intense. positive use of this aspect would probably be psychotherapy or archeology. i love this website pam

    1. I agree very much the positive side of this aspect. I actually feel like Pluto square the Sun is a lot like the darkest hour before dawn. You can use this energy to remain completely hidden, or you can use this energy to inspire others. Has anyone ever heard of dawn as this philosophical hour, where we have the greatest clarity about things? Its not so much about eternity, possibility. I actually believe that if someone harmonizes this Pluto Square Sun in their lifetime, they too can recognize this energy coming from themselves, and help others find inspiration or a new sense of things. I have Pluto Square Sun, and Pluto is Conjunct the MC in Scorpio, whereas Sun is in Cancer in the 7th. I want to be a psychotherapist.

    2. I, too, have this placement in my chart and with a Bachelor’s in psychology I promise you I don’t ever want to be a psychotherapist. I disagree with the generalized statement that people with this placement OFTEN use their energies negatively, and I personally am no more of a control freak than anybody else. I think as a person who has had more than her share of grief dealing with others (and I mean “out of the blue”), and who is also an introvert/empath, you learn to pick your audience and be careful not to tell everything to everyone because people can hurt you with it. Because of that mysterious-ness, people are drawn to you and tell you their secrets because they know you will keep them, most likely because you’d want the same respect. There is also a power in hiding your authentic self. Such like Superman hiding himself as Clark Kent, not only are you protecting yourself from the world, you are also protecting other people you pass judgment on as you know they are not on your level power wise and can corrupt the power you are trying to use for good.

    3. I totally agree with brownin and Theodora. I have this placement with an orb of .10 degrees, with Pluto in Virgo in the 3rd house and Sun in Sag in the 5th–having lived over 50 years now.

      I have learned you cannot generalize important aspects like this because so much has to do with the planets and house influences.

      On a personal level then, if anything, this placement is a teaching aspect focusing us on how power is used–often against us if we are not tuned in the the social dynamics that are going on. I find it to be a highly spiritual gift that needs time and experience in order for one to understand its ability to actualize healing and influencing potentials within a person.
      In my experience, there is no way that it represents ‘control freak’ issues and ‘stalking’ tendencies. Anal retentive behaviors–heck no! Maybe what the author senses is potential control issues created by environmental influences?

      In having Pluto come to the forefront, a person is more likely to be aware of their subconscious motivations along with the ability to have greater insight into other’s motivations. That’s what Pluto does. Pluto is ‘discerning’ while the sun is ‘being.’ The way I experience it is that when squared, you are being pushed to look within to the deeper connections of reality.
      So come on, I’m calling the author out on this one. I’m going to suggest that the drama projected in this analysis has more to do with the author’s unconscious material than it does with the reality of Pluto square Sun experience.

      Here’s what I do agree with though: “At some point they may indeed have to face some sort of ‘death.'” This is typical of Pluto influences–the Phoenix rising from the ashes, perhaps creating a more evolved ‘Sun.’

    4. I have to disagree. I have this in exact aspect. I don’t reveal myself without trust. But it’s an amour to protect myself not to deceive others. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion… I’m not a manipulator prying info on others for control. More concerned with self-control. Fear based? Nope. Though that does describe someone I know with this aspect. Intense, private, strong presence & magnetic, yes. Ruthless, when necessary.

  13. how do you view declinations? for ex, sun parallel pluto in a chart?
    thanks! great blog, by the way, so detailed.

    1. To me they are like a weak conjunction. I take notice of them when they are both conjunct and parallel Thats makes them extra strong and is called an “Occultation”. Great word.

  14. Marina – gotta agree – aspects all have their pos/neg sides, as do planets and signs – there is also a terrible tendency to want it to be ‘alright’ all the time – without the grit and friction the pearl does not form

    1. A natal square also has its transits so the square will be expresses accordingly. E.g a transit of Venus conj Pluto in that square would be very different from a transit of Saturn.

      Nice analogy re pearls. My house is full of oyster shells and I’m positively being strangled but the pearls!!!

  15. Sun 25 Taurus in the 5th square Leo Pluto in the 8th. December 23 1978 my “PhoenixDay”. Elise was stillborn that day and I wasn’t far behind but was told by “them” that “this time you get to make a choice, stay here or go back to your body”. Well, here I am and I have never feared death since and I’m so much less controlling. Live and let live is a much better philosophy. Good things that came out of that day tho. I was asked to donate Elise’s heart for a study that was trying to find out what was making athletes drop dead and could help with understanding SuddenInfantDeathSyndrom. They now call it HypertropicCardioMyopathy. Her little heart helped the world but broke mine that day. I did go on to have 2 sons and am now a Gma to a 2 year old Scorpio miss that came just about 6 weeks short of what would have been her auntieEllises 30th Bday. Nov 6 2008, what an ornery lil booger but I love her silly.

    1. What a sad but also heart warming story. The heart disease in athletes came to the fore in the UK two weeks ago when a 23 year old soccer player collapsed in front of 40,000 people having a cardiac arrest. Lucky for him there was expert aid available and he survived and seems to be making good progress. The disease is still hard to detect but thanks to Elise not as hard as it was.
      That little Scorpio sounds gorgeous!

  16. I think that the sun glyph, to me, shows me the true nature of that aspect. Pluto tries to change our Sun, and sometimes too much. I cope better with this aspect when I remmember that the Sun Glyph is a circle around a dot. So its about boundaries, and Sun-Pluto ppl must respect his own boundaries and other ppl boundaries. they must learn to hear the word “no” and to say “no”. Often we are compelled to impossible tasks and demand the same from others.
    We simply can say “no”. When I want something that seems difficult or impossible, I reason if I really want this, do my best and say “no” to other alternatives.
    I don’t need to give in to every dark desire (pluto) – I can say no to a need and not even expressing it, replacing it with something more constructive to everyone (including myself)
    I also don’t need to give in to every “light” imposition (Sun) – I can too, like anyone else, have egoistic desires that I want, and say no to alternatives of other ppl, and pay the price for it.
    What I need is to discriminate and balance light and darkness. But I discovered that when I want something, it doesnt come to me unless I do the effort to change myself first, then my reality is altered.
    with the squre, I think I just can’t have it for free – talk to trine or sextile people if you want a free ride.
    We aren’t winners of the genetic pool, pluto wants to strenghten our willpower. Watch the old film “Gattacca” and you will understand.

  17. Now that my son is two, I can *really* see his Sun-Pluto in his personality. The house may look like a disaster to me, but when I go to clean up the toys he’s no longer playing with, he screams and wails like his entire world has gone awry. The same can be expected if he wants something and is told he cannot have it, or if he is awakened before he’s ready to open his eyes – oh my goodness! Take cover! We affectionately refer to him as our “baby dragon” because of his hair-trigger temper (and roar, of course). One never knows what little thing might set him off. “Iron will” is an understatement! 😀 With his ascendant on El Nath, he’s one heck of a fireball.

  18. Oh wow this description is very accurate. My boyfriend and I have this aspect in synastry. I am the sun and he is the pluto. He freaks out if I don’t answer a text fast enough or I miss a call. He starts accusing me of speaking or being with another man. I’m like huh????

  19. i have this aspect. along with Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th and Mercury square Pluto. everything stated here is accurate. this control thing SMH …i don’t know how i’m going to move past it. i’m a major control freak which has led to panic attacks/anxiety for the majority of my life. i can’t say i’m afraid of death, i percieve it as relief and i always have. (i’m not suicidal in any way, i want to live out this process thoroughly regardless of how painful it may get). i remember the liberating feeling and strength i felt when transiting Pluto trined my Sun at 15/16. Pluto will be conjuncting my natal Mars in the 11th house for the next few years and i hope i get to experience liberation again. it will activate my 2nd house cusp in Mars and my 9th cusp in Scorpio.

  20. Let us dispense once and for all the ridiculous notion that these ugly Pluto squares are somehow the result of past life karma. All it does is make people feel worse about themselves and it is not true. You serve out your karma in each lifetime at that time; it doesn’t get postponed until a later lifetime. How can it? You are not the same person anymore. You have grown spiritually so why should you have a setback? These ugly Pluto squares happen to everyone; rich or poor, no matter what station in life. It has also been said that you choose your father, your mother, and your children, yet people have said if they had to choose they would not choose that person for a father or a mother, etc. That is because they didn’t choose them in the first place. We always need to have reasons for things that are happening but sometimes there are no reasons; it is just the luck of the draw. We have no control over the universe up there; it does what it wants. This is something we do not want to admit; we want to control it somehow, but we can’t. It does affect us, however. We don’t know everything about life and its experiences. We take life as it comes, for good or for bad. We have no other choice. So if you are afflicted by nasty Pluto squares it is not your fault; it’s just what’s going on up there and all you can do is survive it and move on and you will have better transits. They are not all bad. This is why we call it the mystery of life.

  21. oh snap. truth hurts I guess. I hope I get that mastery on sometime soon.

  22. i see this aspect as always having to have one hand in the shadows, and one in the light.. just like my favorite author has this aspect, august strindberg, half his face covered in shadow, half in light.. i have moon and sun square pluto, and i dont get to know anyone without seeing their shadow,, we probably have this aspect to give others what i call a plutonian cleansing.. this is a picture of the author with thus aspect

    1. Well, I have Pluto square Sun which I guess is different. I have had quite a battering with Pluto squares over the last several years. It has not been pleasant by any means. I have had to crawl through it to regain myself and I do feel better but so tired all the time. I lost my creativity for three years but it is slowly coming back. I have seen the total destruction Pluto can cause in some people’s lives. It hits some of us very hard. I think right now that I am seeing a lot of the shadow side of Pluto where I once saw the sun in regard to people. I seem to have power trips coming at me left, right, and center, especially to do with men. As Pluto is in my 5th house, which is family and children, I have had a lot of personal tragedy this year. I am determined to get through it and regain myself again. I only have Pluto square Sun for another year and then I get Pluto sextile Moon, which is a much better transit. Good luck with it and just hang on because it will change for the better.

    2. Calypso West thank you

      I have only just found out (recent months) what been causing me so much grief. (for me its been power and conflict with groups / teams / and employment opportunities. (as I am 57 yrs and a Capricorn double Capricorn. I have been depressed and I just say at home. But.. I been realizing lately that I buried my self into loneliness. I am now tring to get back into the teaching work force. (yep) with a lot of resistance from authority people. I just cry a lot… and talk to my brain a lot. I do not take drugs or drink.. I exercise a lot and well now taking more studies on with crises and conflict courses. But.. how do you use these courses if the power people do not have the mind to meet you half way. I still feel so LOST

    3. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I have had struggles with authority figures, power trips, criticisms, judgments, and knocks to my self-esteem. People seem to be blocking what I am trying to do and they are always finding fault. Sometimes I feel like a second class citizen. Like you I have withdrawn from people for the most part and this is a good thing. You need to protect yourself right now because this is not a very good transit for advancement, that is for sure. Don’t worry about withdrawing; it will be probably the only thing that will give you peace and concentrate on doing the things you have complete control over. I have been thinking of going back to university to get my Master’s Degree but like you, am afraid people won’t pay any attention to me and I will get angry and frustrated. So I have decided that I am not going to venture out until this transit is over, which will be at the end of next year.
      If you can delay going back into the teaching work force for even a year things will be a lot better. Can you volunteer teach? How about taking some night school courses in the things you love – hobbies and that, where, if things start going off, it won’t matter. Do something where, if people don’t feel you are doing a good job, it won’t go against your record.
      Right now I am writing books and self publishing because I have complete control and I just don’t feel I’d get recognized right now; although I got recognized before this shit transit hit me. I also adopted a cat and believe me, that helps because you don’t feel alone. So be patient, take care of yourself, and wait it out and believe me, things will get a lot better in 2015!

    4. Hi, thanks for your reply. Today I had a meeting with some authority people. Now they have forced me for a 3rd opinion with a specialist in. Xx field.

      Oct 10th is the big day.

      Then they also have indicated xxx finances support

      So… Today I kept a brave face. And came home to look at the full moon in October. As my problem exploded just around the August full moon. As Pluto was on it.

      Not sure how to look at the eclips land full moon in October I going to try and speak to an astrologer to help me as I do have Jupiter in so Jupiter may protect me.

    5. Is Pluto crossing the mid heaven and moving to the close angles as bad as square.

      Gosh I got to speak to an astrologer

    6. I see the same way, Simon. I really love Ralph Waldo Emerson, if you care to read his writtings. He also had sun/pluto in dificult aspect (cant recall if opposite or square). Maybe one day I will tatoo “Curing the excess of Light with Shadow. Curing the excess of Shadow with Light”

    7. Ill read some quotes by him 🙂
      one of my plutonian lessons as it goes direct today, is that people may call you a lot of things, and have a lot to say about you, and you may say a lot about others.
      But to recognize that what others projects at you isnt necessarily the truth, and to realize that you are an inherently good person despite what others may have told you in the past.
      I was thinking about one individual who I had labelled bad, and she had labelled me with all kinda things as well. But in the end, we are both probably wrong, and neither of us is bad, but that we are in fact good ;-P
      Be careful to take what others tell you to heart at times, because it might fester and linger until you have realized there was no truth to it, and then the soul feels lighter and true to its core once again.

    8. Yes, Ralph Waldo Emerson was a great writer. I like John Steinbeck myself. Perhaps in the transit I am in right now Pluto square Sun, is that people project a lot of their stuff onto me and power trips galore. I have never listened to it anyway because it’s all a load of crap. I try not to judge others; we are all different but Pluto this year has really taught me to set my boundaries with people. I don’t usually take things to heart anyway; I listen to my dreams which are more honest than most people. Those I take to heart.

  23. Of course I have this aspect, it can be difficult to “control” … Ha!
    AND both of my parents also have this aspect.

  24. I have this aspect and I can come off as secretive but I don’t realize I’m exuding that. I’ve had some people say I am even sneaky and untrustworthy, which is appalling to me because I actually take pride in maintaining honorable morals and values. I just have a reserved nature and if I don’t know someone well enough or if I don’t feel comfortable around someone, then I tend to go ‘inward’. I guess I make people feel uneasy because they think I must be hiding something– which in essence I do (because we all do, otherwise everyone would know everything about us) but I don’t set out to exude the aura of hiding dead bodies in the cellar or something lol (because that’s how some people have reacted towards me in the past, but of course I’m exaggerating.)
    I’m definitely not anal though. I’m actually more on the messy/chaotic side than anal. I often don’t know where things are even after I just put them down. I don’t mind people touching my things, and I’m the opposite of tyrannical. This part more describes my real dad who is a Scorpio/ Sagittarius cusp Sun. He is really scary when it comes to how domineering he is at home (and I don’t scare very easily.)
    I’ve never stalked but I can be obsessive with something or someone that I really care about. I don’t act upon it but I do tend to think obsessively about someone I’m really connected with. I am secretive about that though because I try my hardest not to let that person know that lol.
    Death-like subjects fascinate me and I have had some weird experiences with people and situations that could have turned really bad for me.
    I have Sun in Capricorn in the 6th house and Pluto in Libra in the third. I also have Jupiter in Scorpio in the 4th (which I’m guessing describes my dad.)

  25. This aspect in my life has played out with others trying to control me. The only solution has been to transform myself and break away from them entirely.

    1. Hi Sally – that is an excellent illustration of how the square works. Its good you triumphed. IMO the essence of feeling under control challenges one to transform, which is the alchemy of Pluto.

  26. I have this aspect with Sun having very tight conjunct to Saturn and Retrograde Mercury, which in turn also square Pluto! Even more I have three T-squares with Moon in the critical degree on the receiving end of this nightmare. Means Pluto also squares Moon. All tops with rising Scorpio. Welcome: the road to Heaven is going trough the grounds of Hell… My Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus all in 8th House too. Oh, I forgot Pluto has zero degree aspect with my Venus. Damn, I am lucky. Transformation is the name of this venture. I tell you something not mention anywhere else: anyone who comes in contact with people such as us destine for transformation too, which is a good thing for them. Most of the time they come in our life with an intent to destroy/hurt/burn us…only to discover we are reemerged from ashes better than before, while they are now in flames! Guess what, our life goal is not only to forgive, but to feel a deep compassion for those bastards.

  27. Born with exact sun/pluto/ceres t-square (with mars close by).
    Fierce controlling father; date raped in college; anorexia; married a controlling, obsessive belittler; followed up by dishonest alcoholic/addict.Hypnosis revealed sexual abuse by father as a young child; years of deep plutonic soul work; near physical breakdown in my 50’s; AND YET I came through it transformed, whole, happy, compassionate, healthy, strong & embracing true love. I’m 70 now & enjoying the best time of my life. I guess that’s Pluto for you…

    1. .Knocked down 7 times. get up 8. More (Pluto) power to you and all the best 😉

  28. Great connection between being anal and Farrah Fawcet – she died of rectal cancer.

    1. Good grief, I didn’t know that! I don’t know why it seems so shocking to me, seems weird that she went that way that’s all.

  29. I have an exact sun (Gemini) Pluto (Virgo) square and Pluto as part of a t-square that includes a Pluto, Mars, Uranus conjunction opposite Saturn. I have been successful in using these aspects in a positive way. It was difficult when I was young to adjust to the energies. I destroyed toys, went on a self destructive stint in my 20s, and was even a bit of a stalker once. Thankfully I learned from those experiences and uplifted the energy. Now I am confident and accomplish much. To me life is constant transformation, things can always be refined and made better. I always look for ways to help people.

  30. I have a Sun, Moon and Pluto T Square and Scorpion Moon square Uranus. A real roller coaster of a ride. Learning about astrology was my saving grace. I thought i was inherently evil as that was projected on to me as a child. I was with my father one afternoon in a park, and this old street person came up to us and was pointing at me exclaiming i was a witch, my poor Libra dad did not respond, but it freaked me out. Astrology was my saving grace, especially Liz Greene books. I learned that the energy i had or didn’t have was a way to transcend and that i was not alone with the heavy shit i was often exposed to, and that their were other souls going through the same thing if not worse. Thank you for your post, much gratitude.

  31. I know a sun opposite Pluto actor, he used to be deathly sick when young and it was not expected that he will live long.
    Now he is an expert in doing negative roles and he is freakishly good, can’t stress this enough, he is very enigmatic.
    Reading this made my eyes widen.

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