The 36 zodiac Decans

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How To Find Your Decan

The dates given for the decans are for the Sun position, ie: your birthday. They are just an approximation and change by a few days each year.

Accurately find your Sun’s decan with the HOROSCOPE MAKER. Each decan is made up of 10º divided as follows.

Decan 1 = 0º up to (but not including) 10º

Decan 2 = 10º up to (but not including) 20º

Decan 3 = 20º up to (but not including) 30º

Wheel Of Stars


The Ultimate Guide To All 36 Decans

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About The Decan eBooks

All ebooks include the full general meaning of the decan, plus details of all the fixed stars residing in that decan.

Full interpretations for the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the decan.

You can download a sample of the updated version of the Aquarius Decan 3 copy.