Birthday Special! Free 2019 Horoscope with all Pisces Decans bought Feb 17 – Mar 20

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Find the exact decan of your Sun, rising and Moon sign use the Horoscope maker above.

I am slowly completing the individual decan eBooks. There are three decans per sign. Each decan is made up of 10º. They are divided up as follows.

Decan 1 = 0º up to (but not including) 10º
Decan 2 = 10º up to (but not including) 20º
Decan 3 = 20º up to (but not including) 30º


All ebooks include the full general meaning of the decan, the meaning of all the fixed stars in that decan (Like the weekly fixed stars), plus interpretations for the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the decan. You can download a sample of the updated version of the Aquarius Decan 3 copy. 

8 thoughts on “Birthday Special! Free 2019 Horoscope with all Pisces Decans bought Feb 17 – Mar 20

  1. Your writing is great, Marina. Inspired. Especially enjoy your in-depth decan descriptions — eerily accurate. I’ve been able to read them for friends and family, but not myself — Capricorn decan 1. Am I missing something, or is it just not there…

    1. I’m sorry that Cappys 2 & 3 and all of Sag have had to wait so long. I had hoped to complete these decans by the end of the year as I was writing them in sync with the decans in time. I started in Aquarius. But I had to write the horoscopes this year so they look over.

  2. I don’t understand something. Would I be considered a Pisces Decan 2 or Decan 3 if my birthday is March 9th?

    1. The decan cusps change year to year depending on what date and time the Sun moves into that degree. If you Sun is under 20º it is decan 2, over and including 20º it is decan 3. This goes for all decans.

  3. Hello! I do have a stellium in Libra house 7, although I do not know what this means in depth. Any other information is very helpful. Just to get an idea, when would the Libra Decan set be completed?
    Thanks so much, and happy holidays.

    1. Hi, I’ve got very behind with the decans so impossible to say when Libra will be done. I try to do them in order of the year. I’ll probably start doing Gemini again next.

  4. Scorpio Ascendant 1 here chiming in to say I cant wait for Leo to be completed! Decans fascinate me although -I think- my Decan 2 Sag moon makes wrapping my head around the matter more difficult. Nonetheless it’s very juicy stuff. Thank you for your time, Miss Marina!

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