Asteroid Cybele

Asteroid Cybele ~ Ceres On Steroids

Asteriod CybeleCybele is an earth mother goddess with a twist, she is a rather colourful character depicted as an exotic foreigner arriving on a chariot drawn by roaring lions and escorted by drunken, ecstatic revellers playing wild music. Cybele was originally an ancient Anatolian (Asia Minor) mother goddess who was then assimilated by the Greeks. She is the goddess of mountains and lions. In some parts of Greece she was absorbed into other earth goddesses Gaia, Rhea and Demeter. Cybele was famed for her entourage of transgender and eunuch priests and her consort was a castrated Shepard, name of Attis. She is quite the paradox then, chiefly known from being this fertile, earth Goddess, but evidently not having much chance of having children from her dismembered partner. The Romans reinvented Cybele as a Trojan goddess, but her true meaning, her mystery and the manner of her worship is hotly debated to this day. However “Her associations with hawks, lions, and the very stone of the wild, mountainous Anatolian landscape, suggest her as mother of the land and its wild, untrammelled nature, with power to dominate, moderate or soften its latent ferocity, and control its potential threats to a settled, civilised life.” [1]

To me Cybele is a sabre-toothed Ceres on steroids… with claws. Although Cybele is a devoted mother, as a foreigner her parenting style is distinctly “uncivilised”. The Greeks were in awe of her, took her into their culture but in reality held her at arms length. Her animalistic behaviour and liking for wild places estranged her from her fellow Olympian mother goddesses. It seems her rituals involved a great deal of manic bashing of percussion instruments, hollering and frenzied gyrating dancers. This cacophony was thought to be healing rather like an ancient version of Drum & Bass or techno trance.. Cybele’s consort Attis in artwork of the time is shown as her subordinate, always younger than her and of course he is a eunuch. Attis starts off as a rugged and handsome Shepherd, but after his self-mutilation he is referred to as a female.

Cybele in modern culture I think would be someone like Barbara Windsor (Cybele sextile Mars) who played a great matriarch in the soap opera Eastenders, but ironically never had any children herself. In her biography she states she had 5 abortions. She has been famously married to “Toy Boy” Scott Mitchell since 2000. Also what sprung to mind immediately was Liza Minelli (Cybele conjunct Sun trine Moon!) with her very weird looking husband, she also has had no children due to complications during a miscarriage. Lastly lioness and gay icon Madonna with her adoring entourage of male dancers is so obvious that I wasn’t surprised to find Cybele conjunct her DC by just 18’. Negatively the Cybele archetype could probably be seen in the cult classic film “Mommy Dearest” a biography of actress Joan Crawford who was known as a control-freak, obsessed with housework. She adopted 5 children and was as strict on them as she was herself. I think this very tight controlling is the when our wild lioness Cybele is put in captivity. It seems Cybele needs to run wild in order to purge all her wound-up anger,  just like over-working oneself calls for a Saturnalia once in a while. The tighter you wind-up the coil the faster it spins when you let go of it.

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Author: Marina Macario


  1. Cybele is conjunct my MC and exactly square my AC. I just realized how difficult it is for me to display my wild and crazy side to people especially in public. It could also mean that I cage that side of myself in public for fear of being caged by society and it’s laws.

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  2. What do you think about Cybele conjunct Cybele in synastry? Specifically in libra in the 11th (me) and 6th houses (them) and the orb is 2 degrees.

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    • I think you mean ‘inconjunct’ (150°) instead of conjunct, Marie. I have that with my friend K as well. Plus my Cybele is exactly on her Ascendant, and her Cybele exact with my Pluto. I can’t explain what that means, but it works. She was born in the Year of the Tiger, though.

      We also have minor planet 447 Valentine in common. Her Valentine conjuncts my Jupiter and my Valentine conjuncts her Uranus in our synastry chart. Kismet!

      Maybe you might want to use that one too. Cheers.

  3. For the synastry chart I am referencing both of the Cybele asteroids are right on top of each other, so they would be conjunct, correct?

    I was wondering what Cybele conjunct Cybele would be in synastry.

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    • Oh, yes. I thought one was in the 11th and the other in the 6th. If they’re in the same sign and degree, they’re conjunct, of course. My misunderstanding.

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