Moon Square/Opposite Saturn ~ Trapped Kid

Moon square or opposition Saturn grows up quickly, therefore deep inside Saturn’s armour is a very soft-centred, needy child. The subject is loathed to show this very fragile side of their character, so most of the time they appear very strong, capable and most of all independent. The suppressed needs will very often come out as incapacitating illness or depression, that way they get the care they feel they don’t deserve to ask for.

The native may have experienced their parents as quite critical, so this is what stops them from expressing their more needy emotions. They find it hard to be spontaneous, but are excellent planners. The opposition especially tends to attract wayward and irresponsible partners that they have to parent OR conversely, these subjects can attract older and parental mates that take on all the responsibility. If their mate is the boss then, the Moon square Saturn may play the rebellious child.

The main issue with Moon square or opposition Saturn is the premature requirement to be self-sufficient. The mother may have been ill or unavailable, so that the child had to parent themselves or younger siblings. Another manifestation of this aspect would be expressing nurturing in a more masculine fashion, practical, rather than emotional support. Growing up may have been very spartan, the home could be a place of work and have a traditional solid feel about it.

Armoured Protection

However the emotional void might leave the child desperately needy and clingy in relationships, if they can bring themselves even to admit it. The inner needy child is most likely to come out when drunk or through illness. The aspect may be cold comfort, but its more positive side is that it will be reliable, generally financially solvent and always there for practical support. Don’t expect a hug, but Moon square Saturn will clear up your vomit!

Moon square or opposite Saturn is serious about getting ahead and the mother may have instilled this driving ambition in the child at a very young age. The mother will have had very high standards (and maybe been a tad too critical) so that the child is continually striving to better itself. Those who don’t know the subject well may accuse them of being stuck-up or a snob, though usually, these folk don’t actually take themselves that seriously. What they do have a need to be respected and admired.  The Moon rules habits while Saturn is structure and organisation, therefore these subjects have great endurance and self-discipline.

Moon square or opposite Saturn’s tastes are classic and they have great elegance and poise. Family is very important to them and they will work their hardest while sacrificing selfish desires. Responsibilities and duty are taken earnestly, but they may also care a little too much about their status. Any young dissenters are given an abrupt clip around the ear if their antics should degrade the family’s reputation. Moon opposite Saturn especially will defend their home and family vehemently. All this strict behaviour does not mean that these folk are sticks in the mud. Far from it! They often have a great dry sense of humour and an acerbic wit. Even when they are scolding you they will have a twinkle in their eye.

Moon/Saturn ~ Hard Aspects

Moon Opposite Saturn

Bruce Lee is a good example of the focused self-discipline inherent in this aspect, he also shows the ambition that excels in so many areas. Lee was an actor, film director and producer, screenwriter and philosopher as well as a martial arts instructor. His father was a famous Cantonese Opera and film actor while his mother carried the Saturn status of coming from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Hong Kong.

Lee was raised therefore within a very privileged background, but the neighbourhood he grow up in was very crowded so he did get involved in local gang street fights. This was when his family decided he should be trained in the martial arts. Lee once got mad at a challenger who broke into his home (Moon) “He [Bruce] says ‘he gets the idea, this guy, to come and invade my home, my own private home, invade it and challenge me.’ He said he got so mad that he gave the hardest kick he ever gave anyone in his life.” [1]

Nancy Mitford (07’), Mary Cassatt (17’), Derek Jacobi (19’), Heinrich Caro (22’), Angel Resendiz (28’), Jack Nicholson (29’), Irene Cara, Bruce Lee, Yehudi Menuhin, George Michael, Holly Johnson, Robert Redford, Pebbles Santiago, Frances Newton, Lauren Bacall, Eddie Fisher, Pattie Boyd.

Moon Square Saturn

Marilyn Monroe is a very good example of how much of a paradox this aspect can be. Her childbearing hips were anything but spartan, but they were no way maternal either. Marilyn is a good example of the “Trapped Child” that astrologer Sue Tompkins refers to in her aspect book. [1] Of course Marilyn had no proper mothering from her mentally ill mother and grew up in various foster homes. Her femininity is also strange, on screen she radiated sex, but it was such over-the-top glamour. This unreality begs the question of wether she was truly comfortable with her sexuality. The real Norma Jean was known to ‘switch-on’ Marilyn for her fans, which suggests Saturnian detachment. Marilyn shows all the vulnerability of this aspect and also the great need to conform and be accepted as a sexy, glamorous female.

Martin Sheen (03’), Lulu (16’), Kate Middleton (20’), Dorothy Parker (26’), Cilla Black, Michael J Fox, Judy Garland, Heinrich Himmler, Glenda Jackson, Chaka Khan, Karen Silkwood, Aaron Spelling, Joan Collins, Franz Shubert, Winona Ryder, Madeleine McCann, Dora Maar, George Grosz, Bruce Willis/Demi Moore Davison.

Moon/Saturn Aspects

 Moon conjunct/quincunx Saturn • Moon square/opposite Saturn • Moon trine Saturn

1. Sue Tompkins. Aspects In Astrology. Pg 142.

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  1. I looked at my above query. it seems unclear. so i am rephrasing it here.
    Moon is in capricorn ; sextile saturn(who is in scorpio). aspect within a degree..
    hence moon is under too much saturnine qualities– capricorn,& saturn sextile onto capricorn again.

  2. if moon ( in capricorn) sextile saturn who is in scorpio ::
    is it still good for moon’s significations (despite having too much saturnine effects via capricorn, where again saturn effect may probably be amplified due to the sextile) ?? pl clarify. thanks. regards.

  3. Saturn square Moon or Saturn oppose Moon; I’ve read the comments and they inspired me to register, log on and comment after years of enjoying Darkstar Astrology. How Saturnine is that? 🙂 The comments that struck me were about not understanding if we cause others to reject or dislike us, the childhood filled with stories of taking care of siblings because parents were working, not available otherwise yes, shite….so the cooking discipline and order had to come from the elder or more aware sibling, Saturn…fills the void, steps in and tries to manage some order. Later, the errant husband or mate who in one way or another, isn’t the perfect partner we wished for but instead is often the rebellious child, so now the count of children is the actual children + 1….Damn..I hope I don’t have this aspect in the next life.

  4. Greetings,
    I have been reading all the comments here. I resonate with all that is being talked about.
    I have always been interested in how astrology can guide a person through life.
    How would I find my true chart profile? I seriously need some help finding things out about myself so I can start making proper decisions ( at the age of 50 ).
    I am trying to finally make a memorable life, even though my health deters some things from coming to fruition.
    I am desperate to find things that work for me as I have NO ONE else in my life that cares at all. Please lead me in a direction so I can get started living the stars and planets that I am?
    Thank you for anything you might be able to do.

    1. andrea, look up your chart at they have a feature explaining the signs, houses and aspects called “astro click portrait.” good luck!

  5. It feels so great to read what intelligent people with different backgrounds and tough planetary aspects commented here. Unfortunately I cannot add anything for this topic as my Moon is not in square with my Saturn but in a strange way I know and can feel what it means.
    My Saturn in Cancer conjuncts my ASC and has no other aspects and my Moon is in the 8th house forms a trine to Pluto, a sextil to Neptun and a week square to my stellium (Venus, Mars, Uranus in Libra, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio at the corner of the 5th House). Without any planets in earth signs it is really takes an effort to walk this Earth which feels kind of an experiment’s scene… 🙂

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