Moon Square Saturn

Moon Square Saturn

Moon square Saturn is an aspect that has to grow up quickly, therefore deep inside Saturn’s armour is a very soft-centred needy child. The subject though is loathed to show this very fragile side of their character, so most of the time they appear very strong, capable and most of all independent. The suppressed needs will very often come out as incapacitating illness or depression, that way they get the care they feel they don’t deserve to ask for.Moon square Saturn may have experienced their parents as quite critical so this is what stops them from expressing their more needy emotions. They find it hard to be spontaneous, but are excellent planners. This aspect tends to attract wayward and irresponsible partners that they have to parent OR conversely attract older and parental mates that take on all the responsibility. If their mate is the boss then, Moon square Saturn may be constantly in a rebellious child situation.

The main issue with Moon square Saturn is a premature requirement to be self-sufficient. The mother may have been ill or unavailable, so that the child had to parent themselves or younger siblings. Another manifestation of this aspect would be expressing nurturing in a more masculine fashion, practical rather than emotional support. Growing up may have been very Spartan, the home could be a place of work and have a traditional solid feel about it. However the emotional void might leave the child desperately needy and clingy in relationships, if they can bring themselves even to admit it. This needy child is most likely to come out when drunk or through illness. The aspect maybe cold comfort, but its more positive side is that it will be reliable, generally financially solvent and be there for practical support. Don’t expect a hug, but Moon square Saturn will clear up your vomit!

Moon Square Saturn Celebrities

Marilyn Monroe I think is a very good example of how much of a paradox this aspect can be. Her childbearing hips were anything but Spartan, but they were no way maternal. She is a good example of the “Trapped Child” that astrologer Sue Tompkins refers too.[1] Of course Marilyn had no mothering from her mentally ill mother and grew up in various foster homes. Her femininity is also strange. On screen she radiated sex, but it was such over-the-top glamour, unreal, and was she really comfortable with her sexuality truly? She was known to switch-on Marilyn for her fans, which suggests some Saturnian detachment.. Marilyn shows all the vulnerability of this aspect and also the great need to conform and be accepted as a sexy, glamorous female.

Martin Sheen (03’), Lulu (16’), Kate Middleton (20’), Dorothy Parker (26’), Cilla Black, Michael J Fox, Judy Garland, Heinrich Himmler, Glenda Jackson, Chaka Khan, Karen Silkwood, Aaron Spelling, Joan Collins, Franz Shubert, Winona Ryder, Madeleine McCann, Dora Maar, George Grosz, Bruce Willis/Demi Moore Davison.

1. Sue Tompkins. Aspects In Astrology. Pg 142.

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Author: Marina Macario


  1. I have SA/MO Ar/Ca, 7 deg. wide but with me being a triple Cander I felt it to the N’th degree.
    My mother was mentally challenged, working all the time, single mum, used to leave me on my own in a flat from the age of 3. All day long. So my primary relationship was with books and it took me decades to put myself together. Parents divorced at 2.5yrs (Saturn cycle) and I developed into a workaholic, ambitious and emotionally cut off. I’d say Marina is right – I experienced my mother as Hitler, border line abusive personality, and grew up never having a memory of playing, laughing or doing anything with my mother. As a result, I decided not to have children. I’m happiest now then I have ever been in my whole life but it took decades of hard personal development work.

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  2. I’m a Capricorn and I have this with a 4th hs Saturn in early Pisces sq a late Scorpio Moon in the 1st. For the first two years of my Life my Piscean mother was suffering from a bad case of postnatal depression, which probably had something to do with Saturn transiting her early Pisces Moon, then hitting Chiron in Pisces, then hitting her late Pisces Sun, which took about 2 years. I suspect my inability to recognize and decipher women’s positive feelings dates back to this time, when my mother was not exactly in a smiling mood and I was supposed to learn to read faces. Now, 50 years later, my mother still accuses me for her depression. I do not express my needs, nor do I expect to have them met. Not surprisingly, my needs, especially the emotional ones, are not met. Frankly, I don’t really even know how to express my needs and even if I did, I’d expect either rejection or ridicule in return. The women in my life have turned cold, sooner or later, usually sooner. There is no female comfort in my life. There is actually very little comfort of any kind in my life. My home is literally cold, because it has no heating. Well, it doesn’t really have walls either, since it’s a tent. Yes, I’m homeless. I don’t mind if my woman is a few years older, as long as I have one. Well, I don’t have one, I rarely do, but if I had one, I wouldn’t care about her age. I’m really low maintenance. Life is very sad, bleak and void of hope.

    On the other hand, if you need somebody to take some hits for you, I’m your man. I’ll defend pretty much anybody and my life sucks so bad I don’t care if I die in the process, which makes me the worst possible opponent for just about any goon. I care about getting the job done, whatever it may be. I can endure more discomfort than most people can imagine. I can be my own parent. People who come from crappy families can enjoy my special presence. I can be a surrogate Daddy, if yours sucks. My parenting advice is very practical.

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    • Lmao ^^ ;P

  3. My moon and sun in Pisces are both square Saturn, and Saturn is in my first house in Sagittarius. My mother was a compete bitch to me growing up. Her Saturn in Pisces falls on my sun and moon, opposing them, and her Saturn squares mine. I always felt she was just a wet blanket who always disapproved of me. From the time I was 5, I was abused off and on. She started fights with me all the time, ending up in me crying in a heap on the floor. I puzzle over whether I cause people to treat me badly or people just treat me badly because the don’t like me. I have never wanted children because I feel so hurt from my own childhood and have always doubted if I could even be a good parent. I have about a billion self-esteem issues.

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    • I would like to address the issue of family dysfunction as it seems to be the ‘canary in the coal mine’.

      Having suffered tremendous emotional and physical abuse ( I am sure there are worse stories than mine, though ) at the hands and mouth of my mother and father I became a self abuser. I abused my body by not setting personal boundaries with others. I abused my body with alcohol. I entered into relationships with drug users, narcissists, misogynists and chauvinists. Feeling repulsed by, not only my own behaviors, but the behaviors of others, I needed to understand what is the root cause of such social dis eases.
      What I found to be the root cause of ALL social dysfunction are the social institutions themselves. Since all societies are patriarchal and misogynistic in nature then it is relatively correct to state that those who are marginalized and literally emotionally and physically abused ( women and children are the most marginalized in all societies as they have no voice in policy and the structuring of societies ) develop coping mechanisms and behaviors that mirror their environment.
      I began studying social illness along side of Astrology in 2001 and it is beyond evident that we are all suffering some degree of Stockholm Syndrome, so, our parents are struggling with a myriad of mental, emotional and physical illnesses that are difficult to address without in depth study of the greater environment we all live in.
      My mother was given up to an orphanage at birth. The Nuns at the catholic orphanage in upstate New York were abusive. They made children eat their own vomit, beat them with rubber hoses and made them take cold baths for punishment. What can one expect of a child raised in such terror and meanness? I expect, if the soul is not yet fully evolved into a loving being, then this child would become as a reflection of it’s environment.

      We are living in a very sick world devised by very sick souls and a loving being trying to live in such oppressive and mean circumstances ( depravations of all kind ) usually has very little direction ( besides the internal compass we are born with ,as, well as help from those who have passed over to the other side ) or influence from healthy souls who are wise and loving. There are those in powerful positions who spend massive resources in thwarting and subverting our internal guidance and eternal wisdoms.

      My mother and father, like all of our parents….as we are…..are raised in a system of meanness and lies. Once we get to the root of all social disease we can begin to build an environment of health for ALL humans trying to BE. Until then we will create more victims and scapegoats without ever resolving the root cause.

      Cathy, your mother….my mother and father…..are all emotionally and mentally ill. To some degree, we all are and it is imperative that you continue to dig deep for the root cause of your family issues. The microcosm of the family is deeply affected ( if not completely shaped ) by the Macrocosm.

      I hope that this explanation helps.

    • Moon in libra in 6th at 11 deg square saturn in cap in 9th at 11 deg. I was a disapointment to many when I was born because I wasnt a boy. After I was born my mom had a nervous breakdown. My grandfather went into moms recovery room and told her how mad he was for having had another girl and it was all her fault. I cried a lot as a newborn until they changed my formula, mom didnt breast feed. Ive been told that Im healing past generations of neglect, as my mother was neglected as a child. Her mother was a drunk virgo and sent her kids off to be wards of the state where my mother was treated poorly. Im not the huggy type of person. And everything written above about moon sq saturn is right on for me. I never got a degree with saturn in my 9th being restrive and limiting. I do have self esteem issues and dont even know what it means when people talk about thier inner child. I did have to grow up fast and left the house feeling like I knew absolutly nothing of the world as my father (saturn) didnt teach me shit (9th house). Dad was abusive. Mom was full of hugs and kisses and cookies, but not many nutricious meals. I was malnurished as a child. Its hard for me to laugh, and usually I feel like no one gives a shit about me.

  4. You hit the nail on the head when you mention Stockholm Syndrome, Venus. I have moon, north node square Saturn in cappy and a wider square with venus square Saturn all in libra. And I have nothing in my 7th house. I live with my mom, who by the way never did anything with me. She left my father and 5 of us kids and I had to cook, clean and keep after my brothers and dad as my sister did nothing. My sister has been contentious my whole life, picking on me and finally realized I had to get her out and put up a boundary
    around myself when it comes to her. My mom, well, I am still trying to get her approval I guess, but I am currently not working and a few years back took care of my father who was going thru Chemo and radiation and very sick, and stuck again with the duties, only to be treated like a slave and verbally abused, and a brother (libra) who my father told me he was leaving everything to. I am so fed up and wonder how I ever got to be in this situation and what I did ever to deserve being treated this way. I was married to a woman hater but he and I never had kids, I ended up being his Mom, taking care of his financial issues he never told me about, and ended up back with my mom, going right back from the fire into the frying pan. I am just now looking up my 2nd house Uranus in leo and have a hard time wanting to hold a day job which explains the financial ups and downs. With all of the creative talents in my 5th house full of goodies, it seems so sad to not at least have a relationship with 3 planets in libra, 3 in scopio. But I have been wanting to find someone and get out of this house once and for all, but you nailed it with our parents having some mental illness and the Stockholm syndrome.

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    • Mercury retrograde, we are all victims of Stockholm Syndrome to varying degrees. We are captives of a monolithic program of social engineering. This social structure is called a “value system”. The question, though, is what value does it hold for the most vulnerable in our societies? Anyone can see that our societies hold no intrinsic value for children and their mothers.
      Having my Venus in a retrograde motion at birth means that I come to this planet with a different “value system”….a value system that is diametrically opposed to the misogynistic one we have had for millennia.
      You are suffering from the ramifications of living a forced existence that causes you to doubt your inner wisdoms. We all suffer the same no doubt.
      In a truly balanced world with the spiritual health and well being of the individual as preeminent over all other concerns your distress would be nonexistent. But, in a misogynistic “value system” ( call it a boys club if you will ) those needs are not even addressed much less considered. What can one do in such a forced and restricted environment? We either break or rise ( somehow ) above the environment.

      You are not sentenced to ‘prison’ time, MR, unless you want to serve. The deeper question you must ask yourself is what is it that you are ‘serving’? Does it serve the good of your father to allow him to verbally accost you while you serve him? Not in the least. Your service seems to be unwelcome to him and causes him to act in ways that destroy his own spiritual matter. I would leave him to heal himself. He has the power. He refuses to use it, and, instead, uses your energy as any ‘vampire’.
      Your other family members are also struggling with emotional and mental issues in such a vicious environment…remember, we all live in the same environment and all struggle with these same issues….so, we all must find our way out of this man-made hell.
      Astrology has not been used for it’s true intent and full spiritual benefit to mankind. It has, instead, been utilized for monetary gain and thus, those who ply this trade, lead many down a dead end.
      What I am saying is that we must divest ourselves of the diseased societies and their contrived institutions that have no meaning to a spiritual being. This requires introspection ( finding your true self and purpose ), study of Astrology, and, most of all, to remove yourself from social influences that would harm you. ( That is pretty much everything unfortunately ). We are being taught to value our personal opinions, monetary status, and material gain. We are becoming as entitled and self indulgent beings…a mirror image of those who contrive our societies….all the while being held as captives.

      Your birth map is probably very fascinating and holds the key to becoming a gift ( as we are all intended to be ) to this world. You intimated that you have 5th House planets and those can help you to understand the gifts that you have already developed in prior lifetimes and needed to share in this one.
      Start small, MR….one step at a time.

      If you would like a bit of help in looking at your Chart I don’t mind helping.


  5. I’ve been reading Betty Lumsted’s aspect interpretations and she writes this about Moon square Saturn which I gotta say is more on the mark for me as my mom totally smothers and loves me and my parents are split:
    The father of this person definitely thwarted the mothers personal expression. He may have been the kind of person who took delight in restricting and limiting the female. This person, in his early years, sees that mothers don’t have a chance to do what they want to do, can’t pursue anything that interests them without being harassed by fathers. The subtle psychological game going on between parents is not lost on the child. The father often thwarts the child as well as Mom…

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