Moon Square/Opposite Ceres ~ Cuddly Trap


Moon square Ceres or Moon opposite Ceres can be supremely seductive, tough, charming and ruthless, all wrapped up a fluffy teddy bear. Do not underestimate what appears to be a harmless cuddly toy, it has very sharp teeth. This person promises to take care of you and will certainly do so, but be careful what you agree to because they may never, ever, let you go.

Moon square or opposite Ceres in the sky could bring grief to the collective. A beloved public figure may pass away or there could be upsetting news connected with children. Sometimes there is a heroic rescue connected with environmental issues. This aspect could highlight ancestral trauma or the need to address any unrecognised childhood wounds one may have. It would be a good day for a counselling session as the square does not sugar-coat and will get to the root of any problems.

Moon square or opposite Ceres is the aspect equivalent to the Salvation Army, seeking to rescue those in the most need. These folk must be careful however, that their saving doesn’t turn into a saviour complex. When this aspect warps, it warps big. The subject can be the smothered or do the smothering, sometimes they will be one then the other depending on the relationship.

Moon Ceres Meaning

Moon square Ceres can very easily destroy life instead of saving it. They can love so hard and hug so tightly that they end up squeezing the life out of their loved ones. At the most negative, Moon opposite or square Ceres can be one of the narcissistic mother who engulfs her child to the extent that the child doesn’t even realise she is being abused.

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