Moon Square/Opposite Ceres ~ Cuddly Trap

Moon square or opposite Ceres can be supremely seductive, tough, charming and ruthless, all wrapped up a fluffy teddy bear. Do not underestimate what appears to be a harmless cuddly toy, it has very sharp teeth. This person promises to take care of you and will certainly do so, but be careful what you agree to because they may never, ever, let you go.

Moon square or opposite Ceres is the aspect equivalent to the Salvation Army, seeking to rescue those in the most need. These folk must be careful however, that their saving doesn’t turn into a saviour complex. When this aspect warps, it warps big. The subject can be the smothered or do the smothering, sometimes they will be one then the other depending on the relationship.

Moon square Ceres can very easily destroy life instead of saving it. They can love so hard and hug so tightly that they end up squeezing the life out of their loved ones. At the most negative, Moon opposite or square Ceres can be one of the narcissistic mother who engulfs her child to the extent that the child doesn’t even realise she is being abused.

The mother grooms the child to be her ‘Mini Me’, and the unspoken condition is that the child will only be loved if they let the mother live vicariously through them. This aspect is better used on a grand scale, so its immense power to nurse can be spread thinly over a large area. Moon square or opposite Ceres is best taken in small doses, like a medicine.

Heal The World..

Moon opposite Ceres may have suffered some trauma and abandonment as a child which they then are successful in channeling into the creative arts. Sometimes it is a way to numb the pain of their abuse. These folk keep may have kept themselves so busy creating, that they didn’t have to face the indifference of their mother.

Another possibility is that the mother herself may have been actually very creative and not had much time for her offspring because as she took refuge in creating a fantasy perfect life in art, music or story telling. This aspect can also be the ultimate in the showbiz mother who pushes the child under the spotlight so they themselves can bask in the child’s glory.

Most often it is the child who has this aspect and it describes the parent, but this aspect can also be inherited as Ceres tends to be about the ancestral linage. It can be very prominent in showbiz families. Ceres is associated with the poppy and can signify opiate or pain killer addictions also.

Moon/Ceres ~ Hard Aspects

Moon Opposite Ceres

Moon square opposite CeresMichael Jackson was groomed from a very young age by his father to be a star. Of course he is a perfect example of a child engulfed to the point that it arrested his development as a man. Softly spoken Michael always seemed like a child even past the age of forty. Michael faced accusations of child abuse which is another Ceres theme (Persephone myth/abduction/rape of a minor.), but he was never prosecuted. Michael also was rumoured to have anorexia due to loosing so much weight because he said he wanted a dancers body. Ceres is diets and the moon rules the stomach. It was said that during the last 15 years of his life that Michael had became addicted to opioid pain killers. [1]

Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo, Alicia Silverstone, Herman Goering, Shania Twain, Ashley Tisdale, Giacomo Puccini, Catherine De Medici, Dionne Warwick, Edmond Halley, Jimmy Hoffa, Terry Jones, Griff Rhys-Jones, Rowan Atkinson, Rex Harrison.

Moon Square Ceres

Linda Lovelace is a good example of both sides of the square. A career in pornography could be seen as large-scale loving I guess, only for Linda it was actually something she felt she was forced into by her sadistic first husband, a Pluto/Persephone relationship if ever there was one. Ceres can function as the innocent pre-rape Persephone. Linda’s childhood also carries the Virgin/Whore signature, at Catholic School she was nicknamed ‘Miss Holy Holy’ because she would only let boys go so far. As a single mother aged 20 her mother forced her to give up her son for adoption, telling her it was only foster care. So we get the Ceres child abduction theme here too. Linda was the perfect innocent Persephone until she meet her manager/pimp/Pluto husband. He was responsible for her starring in and performing “Deep Throat” in the hardcore pornographic film of the same name. Linda was literally smothered! However her stardom started to outshine her abusive husbands power and she was able to break free of his control. Linda later campaigned against pornography, speaking to feminist groups and at college campus’s.

Steve Jobs, Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, Lucrece Borgia, Teal Scott, David Beckham, Roman Polanski, Ingmar Bergman, Gloria Steinhem, Coco Chanel, Kathy Bates, Uri Geller, Larry Hagman, John Edgar Hoover, J D Rockefeller, John Lennon, Karen Silkwood, Barry Sheen, Joanna Lumley, Sarah Aldrete, Lewis Carroll, Phil Andros, Tom Shay (killed violent dad), Padre Pio.


Moon/Ceres Aspects

 Moon conjunct/quincunx Ceres • Moon sextile/trine Ceres • Moon square/opposite Ceres

9 thoughts on “Moon Square/Opposite Ceres ~ Cuddly Trap

    1. These are written for natal positions. But when I post them on Facebook it’s because the aspect has actually formed in the sky. When you read them as transits you just have to consider the themes in the collective rather than in one person.

  1. I have Ceres ( conj Jupiter, and Juno) in Pisces opp Virgo Moon. I’m waiting for your article about opposition.:)

  2. Wow! I have this square and Ceres is exactly conjunct my MC. Part of my work concerns women who were used sexually. Totally fascinating, thanks for this insight.

  3. How about in synastry? I have this aspect with a very new partner (but old friend). The “sexy, charming, and tough” description at the onset is right on for the vibe between us, but I’m really curious how this works when the square is created between two. The moon individual needs rescuing, and the Ceres individual comes, either consciously or unconsciously, to the mission? Intuitively, I feel there may be something karmic to this aspect, something about having to learn to do the Ceres-style nurturing for oneself. Maybe in past lives, those with Ceres squares in their own charts or in synastry were too willing to let others be responsible for their feeling of security and nurturance, and became dependent on others, possibly even creating a sense of entrapment for the Ceres person. Seen through the baby stealing myth, maybe the karmic lesson is something around having to regain a sense of lost childhood or innocence, and this can only be done once needs for security and belonging are in place. We must rescue and take care of our inner child before we can become truly childlike and free.

    1. What a great interpretation for this aspect! I think that’s pretty much spot on for synastry. I think it is a very sexy aspect, there may even be an element of sex addiction in there. Richard Burton and Liz Taylor had alot of Ceres contacts in their synastry. This aspect might have to be careful of co-dependency involving drugs as I do remember seeing alot of Ceres aspects in he Davison charts of a few co-dependant couples and I think in Sid Vicious-Nancy Spungen too. I can’t remember if it was Moon-Ceres though.

  4. Oooh gosh, Neptune in there too! Definitely a knight in shining armour, or maybe more like the Saviour/Guru! I think these aspects can play out like someone on the outside will life out his internal need to possess, like its his shadow, he just doesn’t realise he is like that. With Chiron as well complicates it even more, some childhood issues for sure.
    Thanks for the feedback, that’s what these comments are for. Ceres is still relatively new so we can only know how she works by real life examples. Not many books out there about her.

  5. This shows up in a friend’s chart, which I never expected – moon exactly conjunct Neptune, square Ceres conjunct Chiron, but a bit over 3 degrees, so maybe the effect is reduced. He is a bit of a rescuer, but the sort you would definitely want to come galloping up on a white horse and, as for being loved hard and held tightly – oh if only! He does have a partner who will never, ever, let him go,and he has tried to escape twice, so maybe that’s how it’s playing out for him?

  6. I just located my Ceres at 2 degrees Gemini in opposition to Venus and sextile Saturn in Leo,, Any hints on interpreting that one?? 🙂

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