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Sun trine Ceres has a similar feel to the sextile, but where the sextile has the excitement of blossoming flowers, the trine is more about lying back and gorging on their sweet, ripe fruit. The problem then is the tendency of the trine to slide into complacency and decadence which can bring into effect natures cruel way of balancing the books… Enter Pluto! The weed killer. So Ceres in trine aspect can be a little too much of a good thing. However if the rest of the chart contains some dynamic squares, Sun trine Ceres will bestow great artistic creativity and sometimes musical genius.

When you experience a particularly hot and halcyon summer, a normal winter will seem devastating in it’s bitterness by comparison. More evolved souls with Sun trine Ceres somehow know that their good fortune or gifts need balancing, so they impose onto themselves a “bleak winter” every now and then. These subjects will not shy away from trying to understand and help those in poverty, pain or suffering. A more materialistic Sun trine Ceres will define himself by accumulating wealth and being rather ostentatious, that is until a Pluto transit comes along and strips them of everything. Another manifestation of this aspect could be over identification with the mother or feeling that you need the family inheritance to shine.

Sun Trine Ceres Celebrities

Sean Lennon’s (03′) iconic father John give up his music to be a stay-at-home dad and Sean experienced an ultra close bonding with his father only to have him cruelly taken away at the age of 5. From then onwards, until his teens he collaborated closely with his mother musically.

Independent film maker Jim Jarmusch (42′) is a total one man band, writer, actor, producer, editor and composer.  His films are marked by a brooding, contemplative tone, featuring extended silent scenes and prolonged still shots”. [1]His work is noted for it’s irreverence to patriotism and have a keen wit mixed with black humour

“Bloody” Mary the 1st of England (42′), was a precocious and exceptionally gifted child who was doted on by her father Henry the 8th. He would boast of her musical and intellectual prowess. That was until he remarried Anne Boleyn.. At the tender age of 15, Mary was then sent away from court and not even allowed to see her own mother. From that time onwards she suffered terrible menses and depression.

The father of Sociology, Emile Durkheim (24′) “was concerned primarily with how societies could maintain their integrity and coherence in the modern era, when things such as shared religious and ethnic background could no longer be assumed” [2] He left no stone unturned, with individual books dedicated to suicide, incest and religion

The lighter side of Ceres shows the aspirational, super-rich, super-fertile, family orientated Beckham’s Davison (45′),  King of synthesizers Giorgio Moroder (61′) famous for his influential lush, ultra-electronic musical production. British over-the-top comic Rick Mayall (12′) and shiny Irene Cara (43′) whos Ceres wanted to “live forever”

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    Mummy’s wheat! Loof for images of the dead Osiris with wheat growing from his chest… the symbol of regrowth after death

  • I love all these Ceres/Pluto/Lilith connections you keep finding. All the women out to get him, can’t help laughing. Well he’s always gonna have his marriage rocked by sex, look at that tight Mars/Uranus opposition across his relationship axis!

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