Mars Conjunct Saturn ~ Axe Wielders

Mars conjunct Saturn will occur on April 2 2018. I choose ‘Axe Wielders’ as a title for when the so-called malefic meet. It was chosen not because this aspect is particularly murderous, but because it is highly symbolic of the archetypal energy of this combination. Mars is a weapon and Saturn is a heavy metal. It takes strength to swing an axe, and you need to know exactly where to hit your target or it will make a big bloody mess. The axe is an instrument used for beheading and is the best instrument for that purpose in the hands of a skilled executioner. Once that deadly stroke clunks down it does so with a certain inevitability.

So the native who is born with this aspect has a powerful weapon and mostly uses it symbolically in its ambitious rise to the top. They will have no compunction about taking down any ‘heads’ who are in their way. Mars conjunct Saturn needs to be their own boss. They are terrible at taking orders from others but are born leaders. Both Mars and Saturn have a cardinal, front-line energy and they are also both extremely independent planets, so of course, these folk will find it very hard to compromise or be diplomatic.

Heavy Metal

There are an interesting amount of wielders of the axe in the guitarist sense. Heavy metal music has a Mars/Saturn energy so it is not surprising to see some, what you might label ‘metal’, musicians in the list below. There are a couple of ‘axe-wielding’ rock chicks too! Mars conjunct Saturn can be surprisingly sexy since Saturn makes Mars sultry and brooding. This is the femme fatale or the James Bond. (Interestingly there are two James Bond actors below). Put Mars and Saturn together and it becomes somewhat like Pluto.

I have noticed in clients with this aspect that a satisfying sex life is extremely important to them, with some having polyamorous lifestyles if their primary partner is not obliging. On the other hand, these folk can be the total opposite and celibate. It seems there is no in-between with Mars/Saturn. Sometimes they can swing from celibacy (Saturn) to promiscuity (Mars) or vice-versa in a single lifetime. No dimmer switch here! Sexual control and domination are the big themes.

Sexual scandal can be a theme too, British call-girl Christine Keeler epitomizes this aspect managing to link sex with Russian spies and political scandal altogether. Her involvement with the Profumo affair brought down (axed!) the British Conservative government in the early 1960s. Her story was covered in the 1989 film “Scandal”. Really this incident opened the doors for the sexual revolution and so-called “Swinging 60’s” in the UK. Blackmail using sex as a weapon is possible with Mars conjunct Saturn as is sexual abuse in the very worst cases.

It’s A Scandal..

Mars conjunct SaturnEndurance tests are common with this aspect and it can give the subject immense stamina. Often the life is filled with obstacles, which only seem to make them stronger. There can be a fear of being called a coward which means ironically these folk do all sorts of courageous and dare-devil acts just to prove they are not a chicken. Of course Mars conjunction Saturn will be highly competitive too since Saturn does so want to be the authority on everything. Possibly the father will have been an extremely hard worker and this can pressurize these subjects to match his success.

The big problem with this combination is when Saturn holds back Mars from venting its temper when they have a genuine grievance. Bottling up this energy can create a violent, volcanic reaction once the native cannot hold it in any longer and is tormented one too many times. “It’s as if all the unexpressed hurts, angers and irritations get saved up. The person has controlled their temper for so long that when they do get mad they really let rip, though usually when it is safe to do so, perhaps in the presence of, or directed towards, seemingly weaker individuals that are unlikely to retaliate” [1]

MARS CONJUNCT SATURN NATIVES: Ghenghis Khan, Christopher Columbus, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (Shah Of Iran), Cesare Borgia, Al Gore, Sarah Palin, Pablo Escobar, Teal Swan, Helena Blavatsky, Lucky Luciano, Christopher Wren, David Lynch, Anthony Minghella, Daniel Graig, Timothy Dalton, Jacklyn Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, Eddie Izzard, Billy Crystal, Jeff Bridges, Christopher Eccleston, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Patsy Kensit, Christine Keeler, Matt Dylon, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charlotte Church, Maria Callas, Liza Minnelli, Sheryl Crow, Dolly Parton, Duffy, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Axl Rose, David Gilmour, Roger Daltrey, Steven Tyler, Tom Waits, Khloe Kardashian, Cindy Crawford, Élisabeth Badinter, Venus Williams, Amandine (The first IVF baby), Kate McCann, O’Neil/Fawcett Davison.

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1. Planets In Aspect. Sue Tompkins. p.202

3 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Saturn ~ Axe Wielders

  1. Sat n Mars are two opossite Forces, will try to pull native on their side, Mars says let’s do it now where as sat wants things in structure ethical way. Saturn thought native implication of being impetience, therefore there would be delay in action n results which cause frustration, mood swings, some cases depression. Things will not come easy but with hardship, I have seen people have miserable life with Sat mars conjunction. No matter how much they put efforts 50,% is the only granted. This conjunction cause native to disconnect from material, it forces native to believe material world is full of illusion and he should not attached with it otherwise he may suffer from prolong sadnesses..

  2. Hi Marina, I was wondering whether there would be similar flavour to this for Mars in Capricorn?

  3. “Axl” Rose has this aspect?? I love it!
    I know someone who has the aspect too, tightly conjunct with their Descendant. They have devoted their life to disrupting other people’s relationships, in spite of the fact that they know about karma. Everything you have said here applies to them.

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