Gemini Traits

The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan’s energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the relationship axis, so it influence will play out mostly in how the subject relates to others.

Gemini Rising Decans

0º to 10º Gemini Decan 1 Rising* (Gemini Triplicity)

Although Gemini 1 is the typical geek they tend to fall for quite physical, heroic types. However due to the polarising energy they can play both sides. Gemini 1 can be the seducer, draped over their partner’s desk dramatically ripping off their spectacles. This decan has a wide variety of expressions due to the huge cluster of important stars here. What seems to link them all is having a persuasive charisma, even if some of them are quite arrogant with it. With relationships, it is either utter devotion to one person or great promiscuity with many.

10º to 20º Gemini Decan 2 Rising (Libra Triplicity)

The love obsession energy of Gemini 2 needs channelling into a good cause or into artistic projects. They can run themselves into the ground with playing the field or get totally obsessed with one human being. It is essential that they choose the right partner to be the brakes in their life. God help them if they choose another Gemini decan 2, as one will be constantly trying to overtake the other and there will be no restrictions on playing chicken. Living in the fast lane might work ok for business partnerships because it they will drive each other to the very top of their profession.

20º to 30º Gemini Decan 3 Rising (Aquarius Triplicity)

Love affairs offer a constant carousel of delight with Gemini 3. One can never accuse these folk as being closed-minded and they will entertain even the most far-out conspiracy theories. However relationships are also where they will tend to get bored. Gemini decan 3 want an entertaining partner who is open to experimentation, in and out of the bedroom. Some of these chameleons can be very loyal if they find another multi-faceted personality with a scintillating mind, otherwise the temptation to stray can be hard to resist.

*Ascendant sections are taken from the Gemini decan ebooks.

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