My research on astrological aspects is a work in progress. I am looking at charts of famous people with very tight aspects, up to two degrees at most. I am looking at the major planets as well as Lilith and Ceres. For the meaning of each type of aspect see Astrology Aspects Explained.

Sun AspectsMoon AspectsMars AspectsJupiter AspectsUranus Aspects – Pluto Aspects


Moon Sun Aspects Sun conjunct Moon • Sun sextile Moon
Sun square Moon • Sun trine Moon
Sun quincunx Moon • Sun opposite Moon
Sun conjunct Mercury • Sun conjunct Venus

Mars Sun AspectsSun conjunct Mars • Sun sextile Mars
Sun square Mars • Sun trine Mars
Sun quincunx Mars • Sun opposite Mars

Jupiter Sun Aspects Sun conjunct Jupiter • Sun sextile Jupiter
Sun square Jupiter • Sun trine Jupiter
Sun quincunx Jupiter • Sun opposite Jupiter

Saturn Sun AspectsSun conjunct Saturn • Sun sextile Saturn
Sun square Saturn • Sun trine Saturn
Sun quincunx Saturn • Sun opposite Saturn

Uranus Sun AspectsSun conjunct Uranus • Sun sextile Uranus
Sun square Uranus • Sun trine Uranus
Sun quincunx Uranus • Sun opposite Uranus

Neptune Sun Aspects Sun conjunct Neptune • Sun sextile Neptune
Sun square Neptune  • Sun trine Neptune
Sun quincunx Neptune  • Sun opposite Neptune

Pluto Sun Aspects Pluto Sun conjunct Pluto • Sun sextile Pluto
Sun square Pluto • Sun Trine Pluto
Sun quincunx Pluto  • Sun opposite Pluto

Lilith Sun Aspects Sun conjunct Lilith • Sun sextile Lilith
Sun square Lilith • Sun trine Lilith
Sun quincunx Lilith • Sun opposite Lilith

Ceres Sun Aspects Sun conjunct Ceres  • Sun sextile Ceres
Sun square Ceres • Sun trine Ceres
Sun quincunx Ceres • Sun opposite Ceres


Mercury Moon conjunct Mercury • Moon sextile Mercury
Moon square Mercury • Moon trine Mercury
Moon quincunx Mercury • Moon opposite Mercury

Venus Moon Aspects Moon conjunct Venus • Moon sextile Venus
Moon square Venus • Moon trine Venus
Moon quincunx Venus • Moon opposite Venus

Mars Moon AspectsMoon conjunct Mars • Moon sextile Mars
Moon square Mars • Moon trine Mars
Moon quincunx Mars • Moon opposite Mars

Jupiter Moon Aspects Moon conjunct Jupiter • Moon sextile Jupiter
Moon square Jupiter • Moon trine Jupiter
Moon quincunx Jupiter  • Moon opposite Jupiter

Saturn Moon AspectsMoon conjunct Saturn • Moon sextile Saturn
Moon square Saturn • Moon trine Saturn
Moon quincunx Saturn • Moon opposite Saturn

Uranus Moon Aspects Moon conjunct Uranus  • Moon sextile Uranus
Moon square Uranus • Moon trine Uranus
Moon quincunx Uranus • Moon opposite Uranus

Neptune Moon Aspects Moon conjunct Neptune  • Moon sextile Neptune
Moon square Neptune  • Moon trine Neptune
Moon quincunx Neptune • Moon opposite Neptune

Pluto Moon Aspects Moon conjunct Pluto • Moon sextile Pluto
Moon square Pluto • Moon trine Pluto
Moon quincunx Pluto • Moon opposite Pluto

Lilith Moon Aspects Moon conjunct Lilith • Moon sextile Lilith
Moon square Lilith • Moon trine Lilith
Moon quincunx Lilith • Moon opposite Lilith

Ceres Moon Aspects Moon conjunct Ceres • Moon sextile Ceres
Moon square Ceres • Moon trine Ceres
Moon quincunx Ceres  • Moon opposite Ceres


Mars square Jupiter
Mars conjunct Pluto
Mars square Pluto
Mars opposite Uranus


Jupiter conjunct Lilith
Jupiter sextile/trine Uranus
Jupiter square Uranus
Jupiter opposite Pluto


Uranus square Pluto


Pluto Ascendant Aspects

42 thoughts on “PLANETS IN ASPECT

  1. Mysteries

    Using kinesiology muscle test as a simple tool to find some astro answers about orbs I keep getting with consistency these same findings: a true conjunction/trine/sextile/square with the Sun/Moon no more than 5 degrees. Planet to planet no more than 3 degrees. Asteroids in true conjunction/opposition no more than 2 degrees, fixed stars generally, no more than 2.1 degrees (Antares being so large gave 2.3 degrees). Interestingly a true conjunction with the angles with the Sun/Moon, the planets and the dark moons all answered no more than 5 degrees. Time to get kinesiology into the field of astrology one would think.

    1. Marina Macario Post author

      Sorry for late reply. I’m inclined to agree with you on all those points. The fixed stars I have set to 2.30º orb on Solar fire just to see whats near a planet, but really don’t mention it in a reading unless it is under 2º. Depends on the magnitude though. I’m a big fan of kinesiology, but maybe each person is different. Some might be very sensitive to a 5º orb which others only notice it a planet when it’s exact. Just like medicine dosages.
      But as a rule of thumb those orbs are good. Quincunx has a very small orb tho. I think I have mine set to 1º 30′.


    Hi Marina,
    I’m sitting here analyzing my natal chart and just realized that there is a Yod. From what I read with a Yod you have a goal or mission in life that you have to accomplish, but you might not know what that mission is.
    Here are the aspects:
    Sun: 26 Aquarius, 3rd house; Jupiter: 26 Cancer, 8th house; Uranus: 23 Virgo, 10th house.
    Now to research yods.

  3. Po

    My Lilith is 29 degree cancer ” the millionaire degree” in 7th house. Does that mean I would have to use the quality of dark sexual witchy woman to become a millionaire or I won’t be one because Lilith is an obstacle? Either way doesn’t seems like my cup of tea.. lol

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