Black Moon Lilith


Black Moon Lilith is the most commonly used Lilith out of the Three Lilith’s and is the lunar apogee. The Lunar apogee is a point in space where the moon is furthest from the earth. It is a dark new moon, the darkest it can be! Conversely the Lunar perigee, is the opposite point, when the moon is closest to the earth and classed as a super moon. The brightest Full Moon that can be. So you get the point, the Black Moon is literally DARK.

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The Dark Goddess archetype as a whole is associated with sex magic, death, obsession, addiction, transformation, resurrection, magic, the occult and all things taboo. Black Moon Lilith is the birth-canal between the spiritual dimension (or underworld) and life on the physical plane. Lilith, after Persephone, is probably the best-known dark Goddess in the West.

The Black Moon Archetype 

Lilith is famously about sex, but not in the same way as Mars and Venus. (Ie: For courting and procreation.) Instead, Lilith is about the power and psychology of sex. Black Moon Lilith is connected with sex as enlightenment through the Kundalini awakening also. With Lilith then, sex is a powerful weapon, and that is why certain religions wanted to have total control of it.

FGM is a graphic example of literally cutting out the sacred pleasure centre for women. The vilest manifestation of Lilith is paedophilia, incest and satanic ritual abuse. Again this mirrors the abduction and rape of fellow Dark Goddess Persephone by her much older uncle Pluto. Black Moon Lilith was also birthed into consciousness in 1930, the same time as pornography started to become more accessible to the masses due to the invention of movies and photography.

The Serpent & Genetics

Reproduction is vital to eugenicists. It is through selective breeding that certain bloodlines and ethnic groups succeed or die out. Women are, therefore, the gatekeepers to the next generation as they choose (Unless raped) whether they will breed with a particular man or not. 

Men see themselves as the natural defenders of the next generation, and part of the patriarch’s duty is to ensure their genes are passed down through the holy grail of their women. Therefore, it is the nature of the male to ensure that his female is not ‘abducted’ and impregnated by the genes of a man from outside his tribe. Lilith’s “forbidden fruit” then could also describe what the serpent stands for. 

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True & Mean Versions Of Lilith

Originally in my Lilith aspect posts I listed and took note of both True Lilith and Mean Lilith aspects, but I realised that I was muddying the waters of Lilith and decided to settle with the True Lilith after years of using both. The early use of the lunar apogee started around one hundred years ago before we had computers.

In those days was easier then to average out the movement of the lunar apogee and use its Mean position to avoid wild inaccuracies. In the 1990’s, ephemerides for the True position came out which means we can now use true Lilith with accuracy. We can observe that true Lilith constantly whizzes back and forth, is retrograde a lot of the time and can deviate as much as 30º from the mean position.

True Lilith is also known as osculating Lilith. Osculate means ‘kiss’ or ‘little mouth’ in Latin. Interestingly the only other planet that osculates in this same fashion (albeit at a much slower pace) is Eris, who retrogrades back and forth so much, that it takes her 5 to 8 years to cross one degree of the zodiac. I have come to the conclusion then, that the so-called ‘True Lilith’ is the only one true Lilith. The True Lilith version of the Black Moon, with its wild, hard-to-tame and sometimes subversive behavior, is more authentic to the core meaning of Lilith.

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