Minor Planet Sedna

Sedna was discovered in 2003. The planets discovery has only been possible because right now it’s at perihelion (closest to the Sun). Eris was actually discovered after Sedna even though it is nearer to us, so until 2005 Sedna was also actually considered a candidate for the 10th planet. This missing 10th planet has always been a suitable hook for missing Dark Goddess archetype in astrology and the exiled feminine which is why both Eris and Sedna both resonate with the Persephone myth. They also both carry themes of resurrection from deep, dark and bleak places.

Sedna Sedna’s myth is quite horrifying.  Her father, a widow is desperate to marry off his eligible daughter, but she refuses all his choices. At his wits end and in order to punish her, Sedna’s father forces his errant daughter to marry the pet dog! Unfortunately the animal actually mates with Sedna, so she ends up giving birth to little doggy babies. Her father is so shamed and horrified that he throws her out onto the streets. Feeling poor, abandoned and lonely, Sedna then thinks marriage maybe a good idea after all, if only to have a comfy bed! So in haste she hooks up with the first charming and apparently well-dressed man that comes along.

Sedna Mythology

Unfortunately, once safely married, the smooth-talker reveals himself to be a lousy crow man. It turns out he has no wealth to his name and just a stinky old nest. Sedna is besides herself with disappointment, but instead of telling scrawny features where to stick his tatty feathers, she wails loudly and helplessly for hours on end until her guilt-stricken father come to rescue her. Mr Crow returns from scavenging to find his prize catch is missing, furious he sets off to find Sedna and her father escaping on a boat. His rage whips up a fierce storm and in the panic, Sedna’s father decides save his own skin by throwing Sedna off the sinking boat.

Sedna though, tenacious and stubborn as she is, will not accept her fate. She clings onto the side of the boat for dear life, until her exasperated father hacks of her fingers one by one. Sedna has no choice but to surrender herself to the icy depths. Stripped of everything and left with pitiful stumps for hands, Sedna literally hits rock bottom. At the bottom of the Ocean, she realises her fingers are transforming into seals and her palms into whales and dolphins. Sedna becomes the Queen of the sea creatures, finds her life purpose and ultimately her serenity. However, when her mass of unruly hair gets tangled she becomes enraged again and the threatens to withhold her bounty from the sea. All good shamen of the sea know that in order to ensure an abundant supply of fish, they need to soothe and comfort Sedna by brushing her hair.

As you can see the story ends well; Like the Persephone myth it is about a rite of passage and eventual resurrection. However this time it is the child who is too clinging and possessive of her parent, rather than other way round with Ceres in the Persephone myth. The lesson here is about not accepting being the victim. One must learn to take responsibility for one’s life, turn the situation round and transmute an extreme negative into an extreme positive.

Sedna In Astrology

Here are some interpretations I found on the internet that sum her up for me, starting with Sedna at it’s lowest vibration:

“Sedna is evil. A Sedna business will leave its customers in the gutter after it has taken all their money and stripped them of self-dignity. Sedna symbolizes drugs and prostitutes, products that promote violence and or emotionless sex. Sedna is so insidious that it helps nobody. During so-called “good transits” by Sedna, a person will make money – but the profits will corrupt the person’s soul to the very core. And then Sedna will eat the person alive.”  [Magi Astrology]

Sedna“Sedna’s myth may exemplify a female who does not want to commit in marriage, participate with men, or even be here on Earth, due to her fear of being hurt–an unresolved issue or molding from her unfortunate past, one that only perpetuates a life of loneliness. “ [Lunar Planner]

“The encounter with what has been lost, drowned out, or frozen long ago… In other words, our own ‘Ice Age’: the wounds in the soul caused by the impatience, condemnation, dismissal or anger of the father; the living hell of unresolved outrage; the violence of hardship where we cut off from what is desperate and vulnerable in ourselves or others in order to survive. “ [Melanie Reinhart]

“Sedna swims into your life to tell you to stop being a victim. The way to wholeness is to recognize how you’ve been caught up in and are living the victim archetype, then to change the pattern by empowering yourself. Are you fond of saying, “Why is this happening to me?” Don’t get stuck in the “why”. … Sedna says we have all been victimized by something, by patriarchal institutions, discrimination based on race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or color. She encourages you to claim your power “ [Lynn Koiner]

“The goddess Sedna teaches us that we must delve into the dark, cold places that we fear most if we are to find the riches that rest there. Sedna reminds us that, in spite of all our infirmities and our foolish mistakes, we are still worthy of love and respect and have every right to expect, and even demand, that others treat us well” [Goddess Gift]

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Posted this on facebook. (Here is the post link) Strong reactions to it,some in defence of the hunters! Saying it was ‘cultural’. So is female circumcision…

    The grotesque side of Sedna on fixed star Algol is graphically shown today with the pilot whale massacres taking place on the Faroe Islands… (for sport! ) Algol is titled ‘piled up corpses’ by the Chinese and Sedna is the goddess and protector of sea creatures. Her huge fingers were chopped off (Algol) and became seals, walruses and whales. Here is the chart for the start of the ‘hunt’. Venus the important chart ruler is stationing Rx currently on fixed star Phecda (04’) “a great blood bath”. The Vertex at 2.08pm local time was conjunct Sedna at the start of the massacre.

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  2. I am deeply grateful for your articles, Marina. Thank you so much for writing this and making it available to us! I see how Sedna is an important addition to the Ceres/Persephone archetype. And we all have an inner Sedna that needs healing, and can be inspired by the way she finds her dharma and claims her power in the end. And of course, as a result of her empowerment, her entire ocean community benefits. How many people in our society are bemoaning their fate and licking their wounds after what are often truly horrible life experiences, and yet, when they heal the past and lift themselves up, they uplift the entire society of which they are a part, along with them. May we all be empowered to do this.

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    • those who don’t look at the darkness within ,which we all have, hate to see what they have become or are are doing, example corruption of lord Sewell snorting cocain with 2 prostitutes,, killing of Cedric,the lion ,for money and HEROISM! ,and the corruption of a 37 yr old WOMAN? who was the head of a peodophile ring. No conscience or remorse except being found out, they were all reported on the 27th jul 2015. If we hate ourselves and don’t have any integrity, or decent behaviour ,we project our own evil, onto others ,THE ENEMY,and persecute them, in a cowarldly way. we have such scant reverence for the sanctity of the amazing life force, at the moment,alol/ sedna ,that we gleefuly, enjoy hurting others , in a sick ,warped way in contempt for the creation. I realize we all have a part to play,but also realize, we can arrest our negative behaviour, if we choose to, otherwise we want to play g+d ,contaminate and infect others ,bring them down to our level,so we don’t feel so alone, We all need to face our own dark night of the soul and bring it into the light. thats the only way to heal the gross ills of ailing society, but it all stars from within ,with each one of us.

    • it is never good to kill any one, especially for sport,all actions are recorded and have repercussions in other dimensions ,no thing is in a vacuum, those who have a NDE ,near death experience, know that.The Source IS love and wants us all to realize that and change hate,there is never any justification or excuse, for inflicting pain on another ,for fun.

    • Gross material expression , algol /sedan ,Taurus, all for material gain with no thought for the higher nature of the spiritual.

  3. Is this a Grand Earth Trine with Sedna, Dark moon and Saturn in my chart? I have no idea what it means, but with these 3 working together, I think I should find out!

    Sedna 5TAU40R
    Waldemath Moon 4CAP16
    Saturn 5VIR34

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  4. So interesting! I have Sedna conj Venus in my Natal chart, so will also be trine Mars and Asc, as Natal Venus forms these aspects and the conj is tight (1-2 degrees) Certainly can see some interesting parallels…

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