Planet Sedna ~ Resurrection Queen

Sedna was discovered in 2003. The planet’s discovery has only been possible because right now it’s at perihelion (closest to the Sun). Eris was actually discovered after Sedna even though it is nearer to us, so until 2005 Sedna was also actually considered a candidate for the 10th planet. This missing 10th planet has always been a suitable hook for missing Dark Goddess archetype in astrology and the exiled feminine which is why both Eris and Sedna both resonate with the Persephone myth. They also both carry themes of resurrection from deep, dark and bleak places.

Sedna’s myth is quite horrifying.  Her father, a widow is desperate to marry off his eligible daughter, but she refuses all his choices. At his wit’s end and in order to punish her, Sedna’s father forces his errant daughter to marry the pet dog! Unfortunately, the animal actually mates with Sedna, so she ends up giving birth to little doggy babies. Her father is so ashamed and horrified that he throws her out onto the streets. Feeling poor, abandoned and lonely, Sedna then thinks marriage may be a good idea after all if only to have a comfy bed! So in haste, Sedna hooks up with the first charming and apparently well-dressed man that comes along.

Sedna Mythology

SednaUnfortunately, once safely married, the smooth-talker reveals himself to be a lousy crow man. It turns out he has no wealth to his name and just a stinky old nest. Sedna is beside herself with disappointment, but instead of telling scrawny features where to stick his tatty feathers, she wails loudly and helplessly for hours on end until her guilt-stricken father comes to rescue her.

Mr Crow returns from scavenging to find his prize catch is missing, furious he sets off to find Sedna and her father escaping on a boat. His rage whips up a fierce storm and in the panic, Sedna’s father decides to save his own skin by throwing Sedna off the sinking boat.

Sedna though, tenacious and stubborn as she is, will not accept her fate. She clings to the side of the boat for dear life, until her exasperated father hacks off her fingers one by one. Sedna has no choice but to surrender herself to the icy depths. Stripped of everything and left with pitiful stumps for hands, Sedna literally hits rock bottom.

At the bottom of the Ocean, Sedna realizes her fingers are transforming into seals and her palms into whales and dolphins. Sedna becomes the Queen of the sea creatures, finds her life purpose and ultimately her serenity. However, when her mass of unruly hair gets tangled she becomes enraged again and the threatens to withhold her bounty from the sea. All good shamen of the sea know that in order to ensure an abundant supply of fish, they need to soothe and comfort Sedna by brushing her hair.

As you can see the story ends well; Like the Persephone myth, it is about a rite of passage and eventual resurrection. However this time it is the child who is too clinging and possessive of her parent, rather than the other way round with Ceres in the Persephone myth. The lesson here is about not accepting being the victim. One must learn to take responsibility for one’s life, turn the situation around and transmute an extreme negative into an extreme positive.

Sedna In Astrology

Here are some interpretations I found on the internet that sum her up for me, starting with Sedna at it’s lowest vibration:

“Sedna is evil. A Sedna business will leave its customers in the gutter after it has taken all their money and stripped them of self-dignity. Sedna symbolizes drugs and prostitutes, products that promote violence and or emotionless sex. Sedna is so insidious that it helps nobody. During so-called “good transits” by Sedna, a person will make money – but the profits will corrupt the person’s soul to the very core. And then Sedna will eat the person alive.”  [Magi Astrology]

“Sedna’s myth may exemplify a female who does not want to commit in marriage, participate with men, or even be here on Earth, due to her fear of being hurt–an unresolved issue or molding from her unfortunate past, one that only perpetuates a life of loneliness.
“ [Lunar Planner]

“The encounter with what has been lost, drowned out, or frozen long ago… In other words, our own ‘Ice Age’: the wounds in the soul caused by the impatience, condemnation, dismissal or anger of the father; the living hell of unresolved outrage; the violence of hardship where we cut off from what is desperate and vulnerable in ourselves or others in order to survive. “ [Melanie Reinhart]

Planet Sedna“Sedna swims into your life to tell you to stop being a victim. The way to wholeness is to recognize how you’ve been caught up in and are living the victim archetype, then to change the pattern by empowering yourself. Are you fond of saying, “Why is this happening to me?” Don’t get stuck in the “why”. … Sedna says we have all been victimized by something, by patriarchal institutions, discrimination based on race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or color. She encourages you to claim your power “ [Lynn Koiner]

“The goddess Sedna teaches us that we must delve into the dark, cold places that we fear most if we are to find the riches that rest there. Sedna reminds us that, in spite of all our infirmities and our foolish mistakes, we are still worthy of love and respect and have every right to expect, and even demand, that others treat us well” [Goddess Gift]

Sedna Keywords

Victim or victimizer, Gold-digging, betrayal and/or abandonment by the father, alienation, eerie, far out, ethereal, floaty, untouchable, far-sighted intelligence, deluge, delusion, out on-a-limb, limbless, leper, not of this world, worm-that-turned, freezing out, numbing, frigidity, ice maiden, cutting off, dismemberment, skeletons in the closet, deep sea treasure, submarines, sirens, mermaids, vanity, divas, blaming, “something-for-nothing” culture, poor-little-rich girls, bling, greed, bulimia, parasites, scavengers, treason, treachery, betrayal, stabs in the back, commitment-phobes, feeling superior, disappointment, not measuring up, Ivory towers, riches to rags, the gutter, pimps, sluts, drug pushers, sleaze, incest, conservationists, animal activists, bestiality, seafarers, sailors, pushy parents, unreal appearance – either deformed or stunningly beautiful. Disinheritance, losing one’s inheritance, snobbery. False accusations, dirty cash, ill-gotten gains, downfall, reformed character, altruism, philanthropy, sacrificing a part of yourself for the greater good.

Sedna Discovery Chart

sednaMars is the chart ruler in Sedna’s discovery chart. The tightest chart aspect is tenacious Mars trine Saturn giving great stamina and a strong will, seeing things till the bitter end. This is Sedna’s stubborn nature, clinging to her father and security. Mars square Venus is an unhappy love affair. Fear of commitment, betrayal and hurt comes from Lilith in the 8th and Lilith square Uranus only adds more feeling of being cut-off and abandoned. Uranus on the IC, a frozen past and shock buried at the root of the chart. Fomalhaut, the mystical royal star is there, the chance of redemption and eternal fame, but only if one acts with utter integrity.

The DC is Capulus – aggressive, sexual male energy, the sword that decapitated Medusa, and within orb of Algol. (Medusa’s head). The partner can be the source of transformation, the death of her or in the end her savior. This is where victim or victimizer comes to play in relationships. Capulus, of course, reflects the father’s brutal finger chopping. Neptune is un-aspected, making it free to act pure Neptune, which can bring pure, poisonous deception. The Sun is on the South Node, both are on Unukalhai in the snake prominent in the 1st house.

Unukalhai is said to be dangerous and destructive “of the nature of Saturn and Mars; It gives immorality, accidents, violence and danger of poison.” The chart is redeemed by Ceres trine to the AC (the conservationist) and Sun trine Moon. The nurturing principle is utilized in protecting the sea creatures and Sun trine Moon balances the conscious with the unconscious. Here we have Sedna’s yearning for inner marriage, which was also the very thing she feared the most. Moon conjunct Saturn can be icy cool emotionally. Mars square Venus also has issues about bringing sex together with intimacy. Mars opposite Jupiter can be a huge sex drive that has been suppressed and iced over. This can be why Sedna can be quite frigid.

That Moon happens to be on Pollux the evil twin, conjunct Ceres on Procyon the little dog. (Sedna’s shameful, doggy-babies). This is Sedna’s dirty secret. The very aspect that could liberate her (Ceres trine Sun and AC) is also the aspect that she is most embarrassed about. This is how Sedna’s victimizing Crowman keeps her from her power, by cursing or warping her sexuality. Poisonous Neptunian words (along with Phecda on the MC), are the bloodlust and corruption you see in unscrupulous low-end Sedna businesses. Crowman Pimp is also shown by Mercury on psycho star Acrab in Scorpio squaring the parental MC/IC axis. Lilith is also squaring this axis too, showing Sedna in exile from her home and family.

I think the chart reflects the myth really well. Only time will tell if this way of looking at the new discoveries will help us understand how they work in the chart. Next we look at natives with Sedna in conjunction, opposition, trine, sextile and quincunx aspects to AC, MC and the personal planets. All under 30′ of arc.

Sedna ~ Angles & Planets

Sedna Ascendant

John Lennon (“I am the Walrus”)… Mackenzie Phillips had an incestuous sexual relationship with her drug addict musician father. Ethereal and mermaidy Uma Thurman. Isaac Newton, grand trine AC/Moon/Sedna. Leonardo Di Caprio (“Titanic”). The grotesquely deformed “Elephant man” John MerrickMargaret Thatcher had Sedna quincunx her AC. Gifted child Wolfgang Mozart had a pushy stage-dad, died early and was buried in a paupers grave. Kenny Everett, Alicia Silverstone, Ewan MaGregor, Bob Dylan, Morrissey.

Sedna Midheaven

Kevin Costner (“Waterworld” “Dances with Wolves”) tried to help out with the Deepwater Horizon spill. Leonard Di Caprio (Mr “Titanic” again), Dissident feminist Camille Paglia, her contemporary Naomi Wolf, labeled Paglia, “the nipple-pierced person’s Phyllis Schlafly who poses as a sexual renegade but is in fact the most dutiful of patriarchal daughters” [6] Beautiful almost unreal looking Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Hoffa mysteriously disappeared after supposedly meeting up with two mafia leaders. Barratt/Browning Davison. “Mr. Barrett disinherited Elizabeth, as he did each of his children who married. Elizabeth had foreseen her father’s anger but not expected the disgust of her brothers, who saw Browning as a lower-class gold-digger and refused to see him.” ~ Poem Hunter. William Dafoe, Heidi Fleiss, Susan Saradon, Bob Marley, Oliver Baldwin, Derek Jarman, Benito Mussolini, Oliver Cromwell,  Douglas/Zeta Jones Davison, Giacomo Puccini, Jim Carrey, Alexander Graham Bell.

Sedna Sun

Mia Farrow. Betrayed by her husband Woody Allen by him having an improper relationship with her adopted daughter. Drew Barrymore had a notoriously troubled childhood. Her first role was in “ET”. Far out… Joe Pesci ( Mr “Fishes” in Italian) is famous for playing unhinged mobsters. Neptune discovery chart. Kanesha Berry placed duct tape across the mouth of her 4-day old son and left him in the trash to die. Charles Prince of Wales was forced to marry Diana by his impatient father. Nazi propagandist Paul Joseph Goebbels had a deformed foot. He killed all his six children before himself and his wife committed suicide. Icelandic siren Bjork famously wore a swan dress at the Oscars. Nancy Regan, Peter Sellers, John Smith, Oliver Stone, Guillaume Apollinaire, Matt Dillon, Donald Trump, Giorgio Armani, Elvis Presley, Jennifer Lopez, Claudia Schiffer. Marcel Duchamp.

Sedna Moon

Planet Sedna African American political activist Angela Davis was once on the FBI’s most wanted fugitive list. Commitment-phobe George Clooney famously has never married despite being named the worlds sexiest man. Victimiser Peter Sutcliffe, the “Yorkshire Ripper” murdered 13 women. Sarah Bernhardt French actress famously slept in a coffin. Joseph McCarthy the namesake for the term McCarthyism: “the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. “  ~ WikiWilliam Blake, poet, artist and visionary way ahead of his time. Controversial artist Tracy Emin was raped at 13 and aborted twins at 18 because she was afraid of her family. She famously exhibited the bed she had slept in while feeling suicidal due to relationship difficulties, complete with knickers and condoms. Dolly Neimans amassed huge wealth from prostitution but was strangled to death. Bruce Springsteen, Sylvester Stallone, John Cleese, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Robert Redford, Antonio Salieri, Jack Kerouac, Mariah Carey, Aaron Spelling, Thomas Edison, JF Kennedy Jr, Glenda Jackson, Charles Baudelaire.

Sedna Mercury

Valerie Solanas suffered sexual abuse from her father and her grandfather a violent alcoholic who beat her. Valerie turned the victim around and wrote the SCUM manifesto “which urged women to “overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and eliminate the male sex.” ~ WikiAlanis Morissette singer-songwriter, mermaid long hair and wailing. Dennis Nilson gay killer. Gwen Stefani, another singing siren, known for her loopy, unpredictable voice. Pebbles Santiago Missing child prostitute. Barbara Plekker Dutch prostitute and homicide victim. Beckham’s Davison, Prince Albert, Carole King, Giorgio Armani, John Edgar Hoover, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton, Nicola Tesla, Oliver Stone, Albert Einstein, Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin, Van Morrison.

Sedna Venus

David Icke, famous for his out-of-this-world theories. Vincent Van Gogh suffered for his art and once tried to cut off his ear. Robert Kennedy, a victim. James Bulger, a victim. Sea-blue eyed actor, Paul Newman founder of Newman’s Own food company which has given $300 million to charity as of 2011. Charles Manson, victimizer. Elizabeth Taylor, a victim of alcoholic husband and victimizer of said husband at the same time. John Phillips, sex abuser and drug procurer of his daughter Mackenzie, stunningly has a Yod to Sedna from both Mars (Sex) and Venus (Love). Eleanor Roosevelt, Dionne Warwick, Sean Connery, Sacha Baron-Cohen, Zac Efron, Clintons Davison, Aretha Franklin, Erica Jong, Nina Simone, Michael York, Joey Stefano, Greta Scacchi, Sandie Shaw, Frank Sinatra, Ricky Martin, Lewis Carroll, Jane Fonda

Sedna Mars

Fred West, child murderer. Joanna Woodward, the wife of Paul Newman, established free outdoor camps for seriously ill youngsters. Victoria/Albert Davison improved working conditions and habitation of the lower classes. J Edgar Hoover, investigated subversives and radicals. Lee Miller gave up modeling to become an acclaimed war photographer. Brigitte Bardot, disillusioned and feeling used by men, she gave up the “sex kitten” image and devoted herself to helping animals. Annie M. Sprinkle, a prostitute turned sex therapist and lecturer. Edward/Wallis Davison  Edward gave up the British throne for love and a life of exile in France. Oprah Winfrey turned her abused and poverty-stricken childhood into fame and wealth. A great example of someone who refused to be a victim. John Phillips (Also Sedna/Venus), Barratt/Browning Davison.(Also Midheaven), Benjamin Disraeli, Lucy Lawless, Walt Disney, Kenny Everett (Also Ascendant), Ceres Discovery Chart.

Paul Watson has Sedna tightly trine Chiron, he is the Captain of the Sea Shepherd which aggressively (but effectively!) campaigns against culling seals and Japanese whale slaughter. I have emailed his organization for his time as this guy epitomizes Sedna for me.

Find Planet Sedna in Your Chart

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3. Select Sedna from the “additional objects” section.

3 thoughts on “Planet Sedna ~ Resurrection Queen

  1. Sedna. I painted her before I knew her. Have written poems about her too. I understand her myth and lived much of it….didn’t marry the dog or have puppies…but I have always been fond of crows. I call Persephone my myth too…and I understand the tale of ‘The Handless Maiden’. Men have often cut down or taken the branches from trees I have called beautiful just to me mean. There has been too much betrayal… Patriarchy is not my friend, but I value the good side of the archetype. When I was a child I would do ‘lunch swaps’ so that a girl would brush my hair. In secondary school I painted a picture of a child who was a Thalidomide victim. My grandmother was a double-amputee. Marcel Duchamp has been a very important influence—I often ‘find’ useful things other people have thrown away. The sea is my healing place. And I am currently in the middle of fighting a claim to limit my inheritance … and have recently written a micro-fiction called “Inchworm”. I want to be the-worm-that-turned.

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