New Moon 7 May 2024 ~ Benefactors


The New Moon May 2024 falls at 18º Taurus Decan 2. Aspect: Sextile Saturn. Fixed Star: Rucha in Queen Cassiopeia’s knee. Asteroid: Proserpina. Tarot Card: 6 Of Pentacles. Healing Crystal: Citrine.

New Moon in Taurus decan 2

The Moon in Taurus generally has sensuous and empathic energy, so having a massage would be great during this new Moon. The Mercurial influence of this decan supports healing hands and green fingers. Taurus decan 2 is very maternal and material, and the Moon here adds yet more nurturing. Therefore, we are generous with our offspring and those in our care. This new Moon will make us fantastic hosts and prompt us to throw lavish parties. We will love to indulge ourselves and others.

Nevertheless, we can still afford to lavish our loved ones with material goods! This new Moon makes excellent business sense and attracts pentacles like bees to honey. The Moon is so blissed out in this Taurus decan it can transcend Menkar’s negative aspects in more evolved souls. 

The Moon is exalted in this decan. You can see that in Jung and Cayce, who have their natal Moon here. They had a clear connection to the collective unconscious. But there can be a problem if the Moon is very close to Menkar in the sea monster because Cetus, the constellation, is also symbolic of the communal psyche of the world. There can be an over-absorption of everything in the cosmos, seen and unseen. That includes material from dimensions that may have a negative agenda. These forces can easily manipulate the Moon! So, we can have difficulty discerning our emotions from those around us. This sensitivity, of course, can work positively, too, where an artist can pick up the audience’s mood and modulate its performance to fit. 

New Moon Tarot Card

6 of pentacles

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 6 of pentacles. “ It is a card of extremes. A card of having/not having, domination/submission, superiority/inferiority, generosity/meanness, supporting/not being supported, being appreciated/being used, teaching/learning, hiring/firing. The list could go on and on. However, one of its strong traditional associated meanings is charity or patronage. After experiencing difficulties or finding yourself in a bind, usually, financially, someone has stepped in to help out.” ~ teachmetarot.

You can see how this card fits into the position of a Svengali or stage mother. Karmically, one will have to use material generosity genuinely and not as a means to control another. If you are not the receiving end yet, you will have to be careful not to lose your artistic integrity in securing your benefactor. Selling yourself out could be very tempting. 

New Moon Asteroid Proserpina

Proserpina is the Roman version of Persephone. Proserpina’s name is derived from the Latin “Serpere,” meaning “to crawl forward.” She is also associated with the serpent, depicted on Italian witch’s charms by a half moon entwined with a coiled serpent.

The Roman artwork seems to accentuate the ‘rape’ element more than the Greek. Modern feminists who reevaluate this myth propose that the alleged rape did not occur and that Proserpina willingly descended into the underworld to aid the dying. This interpretation of ‘rape’ could have served as a strategy for empowering maidens. In Sicily, eloping with a sweetheart was a way of escaping an overbearing family. Spending the night with a man led to marriage since the assumption was the woman had been “raped” or had engaged in taboo acts. This consequence, however, served to preserve the said maiden’s honour.

The lessons learned from Proserpina’s influence in your life are as follows: You may find yourself in triangular relationships, pulled apart by both sides. You will have to make a stand for yourself. You might go through a dark night of the soul where you feel lost and abandoned by both sides of the triangle.
Toxic or very supernatural, fated relationships are a big theme. Proserpina understands what it is like to have an obsessively controlling parent or partner. Call on Prosperina if you experience what feels like Stockholm’s syndrome, a mental illness where you fall in love with your abuser.

New Moon Fixed Star

Rucha at 17º Taurus is a star found on Queen Cassiopeia’s knee. Manilius says this constellation “ bids men look for gold beneath the ground, uproot all which nature stealthily conceals, and turn earth upside down in search of gain; she bids them detect the treasure in lumps of ore and finally, for all its reluctance, expose it to a sky it has never seen. …..he will make small weights to measure the tiny grains,….or he will smelt lumps of silver, separating the hidden metal and causing the mineral to flow forth in a running stream; otherwise he will become a trader of the metals produced by these two craftsmen, ever ready to change coinage of the one metal into wares of the other.” [2] Mercury rules this decan and makes these people canny merchants.

New Moon May 2024 Astrology

New Moon May Aspects

Moon Sextile Saturn

Moon sextile Saturn in the sky is a time when the public wants to display how respectable, high status and honest they are. This aspect has what the older generation might call “airs and graces”. Indeed, pairing these two planets gives off a very nostalgic vibration. The energy is classic and timeless, so traditional values are popular, and people will play it safe with their creativity. Lines are elegant, while colours are muted and not ‘in your face’. Everything is effortlessly beautiful and natural, a look that has stood the test of time. There is nothing artificial about Moon in soft aspect to Saturn; it is primarily organic and down to earth.

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New Moon May 2024 Summary

There is a strong resonance between Queen Cassiopeia and Ceres, the mother of Proserpina. Triangular relationships are emphasized, particularly those between the mother-in-law and the son-in-law. If this new Moon touches you, you may feel like Proserpina caught between your spouse and your mother.

The triangulation could also be if you are the black sheep in a dysfunctional family and your wealthy sibling is the golden child. You may have to deal with feelings of failure or inadequacy at this time. The lesson from the aspect to Saturn is to be as real and down to earth as possible. Connect with nature, and be true to yourself. You don’t need to put on airs and graces to be accepted. You don’t need to be rich to be worthy of love.

On a more mundane level, this is a great new Moon to host a family and friends barbecue if you are a Taurus. It doesn’t have to be lavish or cost much. Get people to bring a bottle and whatever protein they want to slap over the coals. Make some potato salad and side dishes, and you’re done!

The new Moon tarot card teaches us to avoid coming from a fear of scarcity. Be generous; there is enough love to go around; what you give is what you get. At the same time, unconditional love is great, but make sure you are not constantly giving at the expense of receiving. If you start to feel drained and depleted, you know there is an imbalance.

New Moon Healing Crystal


Citrine, known as the stone of abundance and manifestation, possesses remarkable qualities that can profoundly influence one’s sense of self-worth and attract abundance into one’s life. Its vibrant golden hue symbolizes the sun’s warm energy, infusing the wearer with confidence, vitality, and optimism.

By connecting with the energy of Citrine, individuals can align their thoughts and intentions with prosperity, inviting financial success and material abundance. Furthermore, Citrine’s properties extend beyond mere wealth; it fosters a deep sense of self-worth and empowerment, encouraging individuals to recognize their inherent value and worthiness of abundance.

Citrine acts as a harmonizing force in relationships, helping balance the energy exchange between partners. It promotes healthy boundaries and self-respect, ensuring that one does not constantly give more than they receive, thus preventing emotional depletion and feelings of being short-changed. With Citrine’s radiant energy by their side, individuals can cultivate a life filled with abundance, self-assurance, and balanced relationships.

1. Manilius, Astronomica, book 5, 1st century AD, p.343.
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