New Moon May 2021 ~ Serpent Slayer


New Moon May 2021 Key Factors

  • New moon is at 21º Taurus Decan 3 ~ Artistic Alchemy & Life’s Troopers
  • New moon falls in 4th Lunar Mansion ~ The Follower
  • New moon will closest to fixed star Capulus in Constellation Perseus
  • New moon conjunct Lilith so it is a true Lilith moon!
  • Full moon tarot card is the 7 of Pentacles ~ Long term commitments & patience!
  • The healing crystal is the Emerald
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Healing Crystal ~ EMERALD
New Moon may 2021

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Usually, the moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, but it is not such a guarantee in this decan, as Saturn’s influence as the decan’s ruler often means there are great obstacles to surmount on life’s testing path.

However, Moon Taurus 3 does not totally prevent success. At this new moon, any fame will come with a certain amount of notoriety. The Moon is susceptible to the melancholia of its Saturn rulership.

This period is good for those who can make a career out of doom and gloom! But others could find the pain that comes with such a sensitive moon intolerable.

The temptation to self-medicate with drugs (Especially alcohol) can be high at this time and depression could be a problem too. There is a tendency to self-destruction and those touched by this moon might feel their lives are fated, even cursed for the next month.

However, at the end of this period, you might realize that if fate hasn’t killed you then it has actually made you stronger! Generally, the Moon in Taurus 3 supports those who are life’s troopers! Bruised and sometimes battered, they will get back up to proudly show off their battle scars.

Around this May new moon 2021, there can be night terrors, dreams will be extremely vivid and can sometimes be prophetic.  On the positive side, dreams can also be uplifting and inspiring if we switch off the news for long enough. A ritual to banish phobias and paranoia would be good at this time.

I picked Emerald as this new moon 11 May’s healing crystal. Emerald is the stone for Taurus and amplifies its core traits of infinite patience and loyalty. It promises success in love and and integrity to all relationships. The effects of the May 11 new moon will last for a month until the solar eclipse on 11 June 2021 


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What will this New Moon May 2021 mean for your starsign (or rising sign)?

The May 2021 New Moon in Taurus will be in the solar/horoscopic 1st house for  TAURUS, 2nd house for ARIES,  3rd House for PISCES,  4th house for AQUARIUS ,  5th house for CAPRICORN , 6th house for SAGITTARIUS ,  7th house for SCORPIO  ,  8th house for LIBRA , 9th house for VIRGO, 10th house for LEO , 11th house for CANCER, 12th house for GEMINI. Click on links for meanings.

New Moon In 4th Lunar Mansion  

Al-Dabaran ~ The Follower (8º 21′ to 21º 25′ Taurus)

New Moon May 2021

The 2021 New Moon May 11 falls just within the borders of the 4th lunar mansion which ends at 21º 25′. This mansion was named as such because it follows the very important constellation of the Pleiades

KEYWORDS:  primal, strife, disunity, chaos, bad blood, feuds, spite and obstruction.

GOOD FOR: eradicating pests (humans also!) and venomous animals,  employing staff, investments, destroying cities, splitting up couples, finding offices, playing sports and any strenuous physical activity.

TALISMAN IMAGE: A knight riding a horse and holding a serpent in his right hand.
~ Medievalastrologyguide.comn

Christopher Warnock  says this mansion  “It can be an indication of strength.. the situation requires restraint lest we succumb to violence either physical or emotional.. It also reminds us however, that without risk there is no gain. To achieve our goals it is sometimes necessary to put forth furious effort. The treasure cannot be seized by the slow, the fearful or the lazy. Al-Dabaran exalt us to seize the day to apply our greatest effort in order to reap rewards.” [1] 

This mansion seems to be about having the strength to surmount obstacles. The fixed star Aldebaran generally is supposed to be very powerful, giving riches and honor. This could them be about the abuse of power. Ptolemy says this mansion has the nature of Mars and that is quite obvious in its keywords. Blend that with stubborn and fixed Taurus and you get a steamroller.

The energy of this new moon May 2021 then is paradoxical as the moon is exalted in Taurus yet this mansion is difficult. So I would use this energy for hard, physical work. Not the best time for love spells, but the root chakra will be enhanced with the libido greatly stimulated by the Mars rulership. Make love not war then! The colour associated with the 4th lunar mansion is RUSSET RED

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The Picatrix’s Talisman Instructions

For entertainment purposes only! “The Picatrix book 4, chapter 9 suggests the May New Moon 2021 talisman for Al-Dabaran would be ‘best’ used “For obtaining hostility, take red wax and when the moon has passed into this mansion make the image of a knight riding on a horse with a serpent in his right hand. Suffumigate with red Myrrh and storax. And say “You, Assarez, make it so and fulfill my request” and ask for things pertaining to hatred, separation and evil purpose. And it will be completely done as you have requested ” 

How To Make a Lunar Mansion Talisman

This handy Lunar mansion ephemeris gives you the dates and time of moons entry into the mansions for each month.

The very basic method for making a magical talisman would be to be to draw out the  imagery for this mansion and follow the steps listed below. 

  1. Place the moon in the proper mansion
  2. Make sure moon is in the correct moon phase. (Waxing, so before this full moon) 
  3. Make the talisman when both 1 & 2 are in effect.

You can do this at anytime the moon is in the mansion of your choice not specifically at the new or full moon. There are more advanced ways to make a talisman however and I would highly advise you research further before dabbling in heavy duty planetary magic. This post is just a starting point. Here is an example of how to make a Talisman for Health using the lunar mansions.

Personally I like to use these mansions as a rough guide to connect with the energy of the current moon and season. I would create a new moon ritual using correspondences that resonate with this new moon 11 May 2021’s energy. For example: bring together emerald, a serpent, myrrh and foxgloves. Light a russet red candle and plant some Taurus related seed intentions. 

New Moon May 2021 Astrology

New Moon May 2021
New Moon May 11, 2021 Astrology


Artwork by Marina
1. Christopher Warnock The Mansions Of The Moon p. 52.
*Using tropical positions for the lunar mansions now since they are the positions the medieval astrologers used for making their talismans.