Full Moon May 2022


The Full Moon on May 16 2022 at 25º  Scorpio Decan 3

Agrippa says Scorpio decan 3 signifies “drunkenness, fornication, wrath, violence and strife”. This is supported by my research which found traumatic events and killers amongst the natives. So that’s the bad news then.. The mysterious and sometimes eerie full moon is bound to emphasise the occult potential of this decan. The good news is that there is also an inordinate amount of talented singers with this placement. For the most part, they are extremely slinky souls, using their serpentine attributes in the most erotic manner possible.

Full moon sensitive Scorpio females might find that they cannot help but become the ultimate femme fatale. On the other hand, males touched by this full moon could play the typical Don Juan. Both sexes need to watch they don’t become too ruthless in the quest of bedding the object of their desire. This Full Moon position can almost be too cartoon-like in its potential to produce scoundrels. Yet the copious amount of artistry also stirred up by this bitter-sweet luna cannot be ignored.

Austin Coppock says those with their moon in Scorpio decan 3 “feel much of that what others refuse to and are open to states which most repress. As a result, they have an emotional range that many lack and are often quite sensitive, with many evidencing intuitive and psychic ability” [1]. We could find ourselves looking at the dark side of excess, with prominent people in the news behaving in quite a lewd manner.

This full moon in Scorpio 3 will open our eyes further to the degeneracy in the world (If they weren’t open enough already.) It is only after the stench of purification is revealed, that a new dawn is possible. It is interesting that director Stanley Kubrick had his Moon in Scorpio 3. His prophetic films show only too well what happens when people wilfully keep their ‘eyes wide shut!’