Asteroid Lilith


Asteroid 1181 Lilith in astrology resonates with the Crescent moon, the maiden. She is brimming with youthful vigor. So she is the eternal teenager, the rebel. She fights for freedom and justice. She is the earthly bridge to Eris, reflecting her trouble-making, apple-throwing side. She is the shadow of Uranus. Shocking, eccentric, stirring things up.

Asteroid Lilith is not the same as Black Moon Lilith which is the lunar apogee and NOT an Asteroid. Asteroid Lilith was named after Lili Boulanger a french classical composer. She was a child prodigy, her gift becoming apparent at the age of 2 years old. Her life was blighted by ill health from an early chest infection and she died at 24.

So then it is very apt that Asteroid Lilith is named after this eternal youth, frozen in time, a woman who never became a mother. Asteroid Lilith is the only Lilith that exists in a physical form.  Therefore it is the only one with an actual discovery chart.

Asteroid Lilith was discovered in Paris on February 11, 1927 by Benjamin Jekhowsky. To get a better feel for Asteroid Lilith we need to look at her natal chart. As we can see it’s a very dynamic, energetic chart. It has mostly red aspects, two T squares and one big fat learning triangle.

Asteroid Lilith Discovery Chart

Her Sun is on an Aquarian star Sadalsuud, it is known as the “luckiest of the lucky”, On the one hand Robson says “It is said to cause trouble and disgrace.” [1]  But it fairs better with the Sun as it gives” Occult interests, psychic, wealth through opposite sex involving litigation, domestic harmony.”  [1]. Sun is square a Mars on Algol, the “evil” head of Medusa. In this case is shows her castrating stare and rage at having her own power being amputated from her body.

Asteroid Lilith,

It seems the lucky Sun position however gives Asteroid Lilith the ability to bounce back from disgraceful behaviour. I think she would get away with it because of the charming childlike quality.

The Sun opposite Neptune gives an ethereal, other worldly aura which attracts people to project their dreams onto them. They wear it well and make good clothes-horses for partners to wrap their fantasies around.

Asteroid Lilith subjects are a prime candidate for projection. They seem to attract wounded and troubled partners who seek in them salvation. Of course Sun/Neptune can give a delicate disposition as well and that reflects Asteroids namesake Lily also.

Maybe this could be more to do with psychosomatic illness or highly strung nerves, because this girl is certainly a fighter with Moon square a Eris/Uranus conjunction. I mean wow you really can’t get more electrifying than that. This is also certainly the activist and agitating energy I mentioned at the start. Jupiter conjunct Mercury too is a big voice!

Saturn the patriarch is tied into the Nodes, conjunct another parental planet Ceres, and they are both on the very extremist star Antares. Ceres is of course Persephone’s smothering mother. So this does seem to be spelling out even more this rebellion theme. That of the errant teen acting up against her stuffy, traditional parents.

Asteroid lilith itself in this chart is at 7 degs 18’ Leo. If she was discovered around 11pm it would put’ her high up on the MC, in the parental house, but we can only speculate. In any case the Asteroid would still certainly trine her parents Saturn and Ceres which is interesting.

Mercury is on another Aquarian star Sadalmelik ” Occult interests and research, criticized, favorable for friendship, success in large companies”[2]  and also even closer to Fomahaut, the royal star of the southern fish, just under Aquarius’s foot. Mercury here, not so good “Many losses and disappointments, unlucky in business, writes or receives secret letters, worry through slander, imprisonment or damaged reputation, domestic difficulties.” [3 ] Well, yes I can see this lady could easily get in to bad company with this chart and the charm could start to wear a little thin after a while.

Asteroid Lilith Rebels

Sun/Ascendant & Asteroid Lilith

Margaret Thatcher the 1980s was probably the most powerful women on the planet. She has Asteroid Lilith trine the Sun. Quentin Crisp  the self confessed Mother superior of homosexuality was routinely ridiculed and beaten up by 1930’s London roughs for his radical blue hair and vermilion lips. Asteroid Lilith is conjunct his AC by only 12 minutes. Janis Joplin also has Asteroid Lilith conjunct the AC. Eddie Izzards cross-dressing taboo sexuality could be ascribed to his Asteroid Lilith /Pluto conjunct his AC. Angela Davis, American political activist and black Panther had Asteroid Lilith trine the Sun and conjunct Uranus. She is the third women to appear on the FBI’s most wanted list. Soap Opera Queen Joan Collins’ scary shoulder-pads epitomized Lilith power dressing with  the Asteroid opposite her AC and quincunx the Sun.

Inner Planets & Asteroid Lilith

Ex-playboy bunny and feminist Gloria Steinem had Asteroid Lilith semi-sextile a Sun/Eris conjunction. High flying Amelia Earhart, had Asteroid Lilith sextile her Sun and quincunx her AC. The famous spy Mata Hari had Asteroid Lilith rising square her Sun/Mars /Mercury stellium and also in a grand trine with Venus and Eris. Radical feminist Andrea Dworkin and ex-prostitute, suffered beatings and torture in marriage, became a lesbian and then called for the assassination of male pedophiles. Her Asteroid Lilith is sextile her AC, sextile Moon and opposite Uranus.

Brigitte Bardot had Asteroid Lilith on her IC. Quite apt for an animal rights activist with an wild untamed sexuality. Women were known to spit on her image, I guess because of her marital infidelities and the abandonment of her baby. This Asteroid Lilith is also quincunx glamorous Neptune (Film). Mouthy actress turned Labour politician Glenda Jackson has Asteroid Lilith square Mercury. Madonna has a feisty Asteroid Lilith quincunx Mars. Straight talking Aussie feminist and self professed anarchist Germaine Greer has Asteroid Lilith square Venus. Bolshy Bette Midler has it conjunct her Venus and trine Saturn.

Moon & Asteroid Lilith

Asteroid Lilith with the Moon gives a maternal, protective strength. Jodie foster has the sextile. As does Bob Geldof and Vanessa Redgrave. Phoolan Devi the notorious female bandit of India later became a politician. She had Asteroid Lilith rising quincunx the Moon. Vilma Espin Cuban revolutionary and feminist had Asteroid Lilith trine Moon and conjunct Eris.

Outer Planets & Asteroid Lilith

The revolutionary outers yield some interesting folk. Kooky Jo Pesci has Asteroid Lilith square Uranus, Susan Saradon famed for her eccentric female roles and mature sexuality has Asteroid Lilith opposed Uranus. Julie Walters who also tends to play batty older women has it quincunx Uranus and sextile Venus. Anita Byrant anti-gay campaigner had Asteroid Lilith conjunct Pluto and square Saturn. Emmeline Pankhurst British suffragette has Asteroid Lilith quincunx a 1st house Pluto. Tatum O’Neal famed for her tempestuous relationships has hers square Pluto. PM Golda Mier the Iron lady of Isreali politics had Asteroid Lilith opposed Pluto and conjunct Saturn.

Asteroid Lilith is not noted for her maternal qualities, though she will come across as mothering a cause or most likely take in other peoples waifs and strays. Like Uranus she might feel more comfortable playing out the mothering role from a distance, adopting children in a foreign country or treating their pets like babies.

Asteroid Lilith is too busy saving the world to be changing nappies. She may have a lot to say about discrimination against mothers, but the last thing she wants is to be chained down by her biology. If she does have children she will most likely make sure she can afford a nanny.

Asteroid Lilith & Sex Workers

Asteroid Lilith is a fervent womens libber and also a gay activist, in fact she is a campaigner for the right to express sexuality in whatever form it takes, whether it be complete celibacy or all-out promiscuity. In some ways she has a lot in common with the asteroid Vesta. Asteroid Lilith is a true Virgin in the sense she is beholden to no man, or no SINGLE man. I wanted to see if sex workers had Asteroid Lilith strong in their chart. All the results below use an orb of 2.30 degrees.

Asteroid Lilith With Luminaries

Sex Worker:
Positive career choice and feels empowered – Asteroid Lilith conjunct Sun and trine Uranus.
Lauren Chapin: Child star turned heroin addict and prostitute, reformed to become born-again Christian and then eventually a minister – Trine Sun and conjunct Neptune.
Andrea Dworkin: Radical feminist anti-porn campaigner – Sextile Moon and opposite Uranus.
Amy Fisher: Shot wife of her lover, served prison then become a porn star –Square Moon and Uranus.
Linda Lovelace: Famous “Deep Throat” porn actress later to campaign against pornography claiming she had been forced into it by sadistic husband –Trine Sun.
Dolly Neimans: High-class and extremely wealthy call girl found strangled–Conjunct Sun and opposed Uranus/Eris
Pebbles Santiago: Missing prostitute from age 11 –Trine Moon and sextile Saturn
Annie Sprinkle: “Prostitute and porn star turned sex educator and artist.”[1] – Square Sun and conjunct Saturn.
Marguerite Steinheil: 19th C French mistress to the famous and suspected of murdering her stepmother and husband- Semi-sextile a Sun /Jupiter conjunction.
Barbara Villiers: Notorious courtesan of Charles II –Conjunct Moon and quincunx Sun/Pluto.
Phil Andros: Gay porn star and erotic S & M artist–Conjunct Sun and trine Mars.
Arth Michel: Rapist, child abuser and pimp –Trine Sun and conjunct Neptune.
Giuseppe Pelosi: Italian prostitute and hustler – Square Sun and trine Venus
John Rechy: Gay author by day, Hustler by night – T square with Sun and Moon.
Tom Shay: Drug addict and prostitute, later attempted to kill his abusive father with help of lover – Conjunct Sun and quincunx Eris.

Asteroid Lilith & Angles

Debra Greenlaw: Prostitute – Sextile AC.
Margot St James: Sex-positive feminist campaigner for the decriminalization of prostitution – Square AC.
Arth Michel:Conjunct MC. John Recky: Trine AC. Phil Andros:Square AC.

Asteroid Lilith & Sexual Planets

Billy (Madame) – Sextile Pluto
Lucky Luciano (Pimp) – Conjunct Venus quincunx Pluto
Cynthia Payne (Madame) – Conjunct Venus sextile Saturn
Barbara Plekker (Prostitute & murder victim) – Square Venus, square Uranus and quincunx AC.
Margot St James (COYOTE campaigner) – Trine Pluto and trine Saturn.


I was amazed that I would say 80% of my list had Asteroid Lilith in tight aspect to the luminaries. I notice with the Pimps and Madames that Venus and the power planets (Saturn & Pluto) figure strongly, which shows the exploiting or procuring (Pluto) of sexy girls (Venus) for money (Venus again) and Saturn (business and bosses).

While Black Moon Lilith, the lunar apogee can be associated with the sacred prostitute, tantric sex and the Kundalini, I would say that Asteroid Lilith is more specific to sex as a trade. Asteroid Lilith can be involved with prostitution in a sex-positive way, when the woman is in control of it and making money to support herself independently of a man. But other astrological factors are probably at play if she or indeed he, becomes a victim of it. Hard aspects from Asteroid Lilith to Uranus, Neptune or Eris seems to bring out the seedy side more strongly.

1 , 2, 3.Fixed Stars & Their Constellations. Robson. p.202. p 201, p.166.
4. Blurb on the cover to her DVD, Fire in the Valley – Female Genital Massage.

Finding Asteroid Lilith in Your Chart

  • Create your chart HERE
  • Choose “Extended Chart Selection
  • In “additional asteroids or “hypothetical” planets” add 1181. This will show asteroid Lilith.