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Jupiter square Pluto

Jupiter Square Pluto ~ Cults

AUG 4: Jupiter square or opposite Pluto can be a zealous preacher, obsessive predator or magician. Sometimes all at the same time! At the...
Mars opposite square Uranus

Mars Square Uranus ~ Risk Taker

JUL 18 Mars opposition or square Uranus is a risk-taker and racer. It feeds off adrenaline and has very little patience. Mars/Uranus hard aspects seem...
moon conjunct quincunx pluto

Sun (In*)Conjunct Pluto ~ Best Villain

Sun conjunct or quincunx Pluto is the black Sun shining. The Darth Vader of all Sun aspects, it is high contrast and stark lighting....
Mars square opposite Saturn

Mars Opposite Saturn ~ Execution

MAY 29: Mars Square or opposite Saturn is most commonly associated with violence mainly because of the combination of the two malefics with the...
Mars square opposition Neptune

Mars Square Neptune ~ Admiration

SEP 24. Mars square or opposite Neptune bring fantasy and sport together. This is very much a chivalrous aspect and carries with it the...