Lunar Eclipse 23 March 2016 ~ Tipping Point


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23 2016 is at 3º Libra Decan 1. This Moon brings with it the potential for great illumination since it is ruled by Venus/Lucifer the bringer of light (Despite the temporary blood earth shadow.) The intuitive sense is also very sharp in Libra decan 1. Interestingly both Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, who were highly influential in the so called “New Age” movement were born with their Moon here.

New Moon March 2016

Generally the lunar Eclipse in this decan should bring out diplomats and peacemakers rather than war-mongers. There is a strong connection with night sky and the ability to prophecy. The Moon actually rules this decan also, so it is very strong and generally fortunate here.

Tipping Point

This lunar eclipse could bring an aura of peace and tranquility, even if external appearances are spiky or dishevelled. It is able to neutralise a fiery environment. The eclipse in Libra 1 carries a very potent balancing energy. But strangely, if the situation is one of too much acquiescence, then this lunar eclipse could actually shift the scales towards taking a more defensive stance.

This lunar eclipse could then, surprisingly, even flip over to being more of a shadow goddess. This is rare though and generally Moon Libra 1 is soothing and harmonious. Those touched by this eclipse could might realise that they have been too naive and ignorant of malice.

The Lunar eclipse is aligned with Nodus I in the body of Draco the Dragon. This is the dragon that guards the golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides. “Draco gives an artistic and emotional but somber nature, a penetrating and analytical mind, much travel and many friends but danger of robbery and of accidental poisoning.” It also said to be the point where two meteor showers radiate from in January and March every year.

Constellation Draco

Bernadette Brady says this constellation actively guards and protects. We also find Draco in Virgo decan 1 where it is more conservative. I think the dragon has a different flavour here in cardinal Libra. It is like it’s fiercely defending treasure from being raped and pillaged, working to preserve sacred wisdom, like a Libra-rian. The apples are a symbol of Eris and her occult knowledge. There might be a deliberate holding back of these mysteries because of the power they confer. Draco ensures the recipient must be sufficiently evolved before handling such a potent weapon.

 Mercury Aspects ~ Media Clowns

Moon opposite Mercury creates a synergy or conflict between the rational mind and gut instincts. The restlessness creates an environment in a state of flux like the tides washing in and out. This can make for a very creative, self-purifying Lunar eclipse with a huge need to communicate ones fluctuating moods to the collective. This is an ntellectual lunar eclipse where heated debates will be encouraged. Artistically this eclipses pays close attention to small details of their creations whether it be clothing, architecture, visual appearance or behaviour.

But those touched by this eclipse might also become overly pedantic, picky or fussy. Moon opposition Mercury knows its own neighbourhood inside out, and is wary of travel further afield. This is a very nervous lunar eclipse, so there is a danger of needing to self-medicate in order to calm down. For survival those touched by this eclipse must adapt chameleon-like to their environment, but the experience they gain from the constant change feeds their creative products also.

At the lunar eclipse the Sun is combust Mercury which is not considered fortunate for Mercurial matters. This could be secret writing and hidden history. Those touched by this eclipse might have had a hard time getting heard or being taken seriously by authority figures. To gain attention they may have to play the clown or fall into thinking that if what they say is “silly” then they might as well take that silliness to the extreme. This Eclipse actually favours alternative movements and conspiracy.

The collective could become quite aggressive or zealous in their protests against “fathers” in the wider world. This lunar eclipse brings a sharp, quicksilver mind and tongue. One can live by their wits and have the ability to shine with words. Health could be an issue due to highly-strung nerves. It may be hard to separate their ego from thinking. This Lunar Eclipse could show up some masters of spin. Mercury could bring androgyny and trans gender issues into the headlines

 Mars Aspects ~ Creative Rivalry

Moon sextile Mars makes for a passionate lunar eclipse, but it really does need to express this energy physically or sexually otherwise anger-management can become a big problem. The public mood could change very quickly, but the frantic tide can be very creative.

This is a vigorous and ardent lunar eclipse which could ignite very successful projects. Moon/Mars can be a very hot blooded and excitable, so it is somewhat temperamental and volatile to work with. The sextile though, may help to bring some harmony to the aspect. At this lunar eclipse we learn to compromise because we actually need to bounce ideas off others since the sextile is a connective, pollinating aspect.

Sun trine Mars pumps up physical prowess and warrior traits. This eclipse makes us very physical and self motivated. Physical exercise and/or sex is needed to channel the aggressive Martian force, otherwise we can become irritable and aggressive. The anger can turn inward and cause depression, so it is vital we are kept busy so that the constructive force doesn’t become self-destructive.

This energy inspires great political leaders or activists. At this time we are not the best team players as impatience means we want to step out of a slower-paced production line. However those touched by this lunar eclipse will excel in leading the charge. Ambition is high and the collective will not want to stand on the sidelines for long. This lunar eclipse fairs best when fighting for a cause. Creative rivalry with others sparks excellence.


This is actually quite a benign Lunar Eclipse all things considered. Yes the Lunar Eclipse chart itself is quite complex with the telemicroscope in effect, but I think the very tight Jupiter square Saturn will help balance things out. I get the feeling of justice being done. The scales of Libra and the Goddess Maat’s feather are good symbols to meditate on at this time. Ma’at was the Egyptian goddess of virtue, truth and justice.

The purging that occurs at Full Moon will only serve to redress the balance of the heart that has gotten too heavy. I feel like we are currently at a tipping point. “The Feather of Maat was involved in the Weighing of the Heart, which, according to the prevailing religious myths of Ancient Egypt, was an essential stage of the journey into the afterlife. The heart of the deceased was placed on the scales and weighed against the Feather as a test of purity.” ~ The haunted shoreline 


ECLIPSE DATES & TIMES: PDT Mar 23rd 5.01am, EST Mar 23rd 8.01 am, GMT Mar 23rd 12.01pm, AEST Mar 23rd 11.01pm.