Solar Eclipse 10 June 2021 ~ Rollercoaster OF LIES


The New Moon Solar Eclipse June 2021 Key Factors

  • Solar Eclipse at 19º Gemini Decan 2 ~ Rollar Coasters & Strategists
  • Solar Eclipse falls in the 7th Lunar Mansion
  • Solar Eclipse is conjunct fixed stars Bellatrix & Hoedus II
  • Solar Eclipse aspect is conjunct Mercury Retrograde
  • Saturn square Uranus is activated
  • Decan tarot card is the 9 of swords
  • Solar Eclipse is conjunct Asteroid Eugenia & Asteroid Bohemia
  • Solar Eclipse healing crystal is the Fluorite

SOLAR ECLIPSE Gemini decan 2

The June solar eclipse falls in the constellation of Orion which means the collective has a mind to be provocative and will enjoy living on the edge. Orion is the lustiest and phallic constellation in the sky, rivalling only Aries and Taurus in virility. He also has quite a Jupiter quality. But where the Ram and the Bull are fuelled by procreation and biology, Orion loves the conquest and courtship of sex. The chase is the best bit, lots of twists and turns, intrigue, titillation and teasing.

At this Gemini solar eclipse we are extra inquisitive, intellectually daring, and our mind is as agile as our bodies. We will need to have this acrobatic ability if this eclipse drives a propensity for living on the edge. We might have to make some very narrow escapes! Watch out for interesting mental manipulations and intellectual gymnastics in the media at this time.

The truth, like Gemini, will be very, very flexible. On a personal level, those touched by this solar eclipse may find themselves torn between parental duties and their passions. The passion could be their career, life-calling or just wild and uncontrollable pleasure-seeking.

There will be the problem of wanting to be everything to everyone and spreading ourselves too thin. The most negative manifestation of this position could be a managerial or parental style that is controlling but disguised as nurturing. At this new moon solar eclipse, speed can become a drug. we get an adrenaline buzz from riding the roller-coaster between work and home.

What Will The June 10 Solar Eclipse 2021 Mean For YOU?

The June 2021 Solar Eclipse in Gemini season will fall in the solar/horoscopic: 1st house for  GEMINI, 2nd house for TAURUS,  3rd House for ARIES,  4th house for PISCES,  5th house for AQUARIUS, 6th house for CAPRICORN,  7th house for SAGITTARIUS,  8th house for SCORPIO, 9th house for LIBRA, 10th house for VIRGO, 11th house for LEO and 12th house for CANCER

Solar Eclipse In 7th Lunar Mansion

” This Mansion signifies success, particularly in business and trade. It is a Mansion of abundance and wealth, indicating that our prayers for good things will be answered, and foretelling success in endeavours. ” ~ Christopher Warnock

“Its influence is opposed to worldly life and inclines the native to a life more or less retired from the world. Very often it is the work and the occupation of the native that force him to lead such a retired life.” ~ Volguine [1]

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1. Alexandre Volguine, Lunar Astrology, ASI Publishers Inc., 1974.