Solar Eclipse October 2022 ~ Insatiable


The New Moon Solar Eclipse on 25 October 2022 at 2º Scorpio. Aspect: Conjunct Venus. Tarot Card: 5 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Larimar

The Moon has the precise degree of its fall in this decan (3º Scorpio) which is supposed to make it extremely unfortunate. We are only one degree away from it! The Solar Eclipse October 2022 is a devouring moon. It resonates with the goddess Kali. The moon in Scorpio 1 has been referred to as a vagina dentata (yes, a lady’s part with teeth!). So the Moon is desperately famished here and can also be sexually insatiable. Therefore the collective either become totally ruthless and Plutonic with their hunger, or they could feel a great fear of starvation.

Moon In Scorpio Decan 1

Those who learn to understand nature’s sometimes cruel cycles of death and rebirth will be less inclined to act in a ‘kill or be killed’ mode. Evolved folk have faith in the power of resurrection! Nature always seeks to correct itself, even if it has to go through a bloody abortive stage first. In this eclipse of extremes, success can only be all-or-nothing. It’s either a blazing hot summer heatwave or a severe frost. Moon Scorpio 1 offers stark contrasts that will require us to adapt quickly.

5 of cups

Those that do not sink develop sharp brains and become wise survivors. The survival of the fittest plays out here or it can also fail spectacularly. But generally, despite being branded ‘unfortunate’ a new moon eclipse here can work to produce unexpected excellence. Interestingly, the Davison chart of King Charles and Camila has its Moon in this decan!

Solar Eclipse Tarot Card

This decan is associated with the tarot card the five of cups: Its divinatory meaning “brings sorrow, loss, grief and suffering. Its very presence indicates that you have suffered a crushing blow on an emotional level… We must all learn to accept loss as part of life yet we flail and rail against it.  We must trust that once we are prepared to let go, the Universe will replace our loss with something of worth and real value.”  ~

Solar Eclipse October Astrology

Solar Eclipse October 2022 Aspects

Moon conjunct Venus

Moon conjunction Venus transit in the sky begs you to indulge yourself. It’s a soft and slushy aspect perfect for a romantic night in. The pampering energy lends itself to spa weekends with the girls or a having ‘Rom Com’ sleepover with your best female friend. Sociable gatherings do well under this aspect as everyone is sensitive to the needs of others and is more likely to co-operate. The only negative is overindulgence and possibly a touch of love addiction. But it’s a great conjunction for first dates, candlelit dinners and kissing under the moonlight. Singles might feel sentimental or nostalgic over a past love affair at this time.

Sun conjunct Venus

Sun conjunction Venus in the sky is usually the perfect seed moment for relationships. The combination is perfect for creating the right ambience for seduction. WARNING. Don’t forget the combustion effect, try to aim as close to the exact conjunction (Under 17″) to seal any (Non-romantic, artistic) deals. I wouldn’t try for the cazimi (Exact conjunction) at this Solar eclipse because it will fall during the dark moon phase. This will emphasise the Kali/Lilith factor even more AND it’s an eclipse. However, if you can handle the drama, and you feel like you want to purge some toxic love demons, go right ahead! 

The Black Moon Lilith Aspect!

I don’t think Black Moon Lilith has much effect as a transit, but in a chart it can act as a kind of omen to interpret. In this case, the eclipse is trine Black Moon Lilith. That means we have a very seductive Lilithy/Venus Solar Eclipse in Scorpio with Sun/Moon/Venus all trine Lilith. So since we have no fixed star to look at I think we can indulge ourselves and look at the Black Moon’s influence on the chart. It’s too seductive to ignore I think!

Moon Trine Lilith

Moon trine Lilith brings an abundance of charm, persuasion and sorcery. This is witchcraft of the highest calibre, but with it, comes the ability to mesmerise and manipulate in the most underhand and unscrupulous fashion if need be. Moon trine Lilith can manifest as a unique talent that stands out from the mediocre. Moon/Lilith soft aspects have a lively sparkle that makes them irresistible and they are masters of seduction. Unfortunately, the ability to hoodwink their prey can be used for nefarious ends. 

Venus trine Lilith

Venus trine Lilith can be particularly susceptible to being led astray by their libido, sometimes falling for the most unlikely and unsuitable partners they can drag out of the gutter. If they are not the villains themselves then they most certainly find themselves being attracted to one. That someone will then play out their suppressed shadow for them. (Madonna has this aspect.)

Scorpio Eclipse Summary

The theme of this eclipse seems to be that of hunger and an insatiable desire that can never be satisfied. God help you if you fall head over heels in love with a dark cupid at this eclipse because I think this affair will leave lasting scars. Be very careful who you sleep with during this eclipse period. If you or the object of your desire has anything conjunct or in hard aspect to 2º Scorpio set very clear boundaries. (Especially if they have their Moon at 3º Scorpio. (It’s fall degree).

Be very suspicious if you feel a great passion out of nowhere and the desire feels super magical. Examine your relationship with this new lover and cross-examine yourself. Sharpen your intuition because you will need to be very discerning over any new love affairs in the next few months. I suggest binge-watching all of RC Blakes’s videos on YouTube, he’ll shake you out of it! lol.

Solar Eclipse Crystal healing ~ Larimar


This crystal is helpful for the tendency to play the martyr in relationships. Therefore it is great for those who suffer from co-dependency issues. Larimar will soothe the broken-hearted, bringing calmness and equilibrium. The stone is especially good for healing trauma from an abusive partner or parent. For those seeking their soulmate, this crystal can help attract the right match, it is also extremely helpful in healing the wounds from old karmic relationships.

Larimar” is a powerful stone that promotes a soothing and relaxing environment. It can be useful for phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, excessive anger and fear. Larimar teaches one to love, nurture and respect one’s self, inspiring confidence whilst healing damaged emotions. It is said to assist in communicating one’s needs and boundaries to others whilst helping to give the strength and emotional stability to speak from the heart. Larimar teaches one to love, nurture and respect one’s self, inspiring confidence whilst healing damaged emotions.” ~ Crystalsonline