New Moon 13 March 2021 ~ Prize Catch


New Moon March 2021 Key Factors

  • New moon is at 23º Pisces Decan 3 ~ Daring Visionaries & Star Measurers
  • New Moon falls in 28th Lunar Mansion ~ Belly Of The Fish
  • New moon will be on fixed star Markab in the wing of the flying horse.
  • New Moon is conjunct Venus conjunct Neptune
  • New moon tarot card is the 10 of cups ~ Emotional Fulfilment.
  • The healing crystal is the Blue Topaz
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The wild mood-changes in this decan are bound to keep us on our toes. Because of fluctuating emotions, we might well find it hard to keep hold of relationships at this time or stick to any project. We are apt to lash out for no apparent reason, so this decan is typical of the temperament that is often described being “artistic ” Interestingly in my research, I actually found very few actual artists with their Moon in this decan, but there are certainly those who have a finger on the pulse of what is popular in the collective.

This decan is very sensitive to what its peers (or the public) perceive them to be. If they can’t be loved then Pisces decan 3 might go out of their way to be unpopular and delight in being controversial. Moon in Pisces 3 loves being the subject of gossip, and they seem to lap-up any attention, even if it is negative. Bad press doesn’t exist as long as this person is being talked about; So at this time, we will see many prominent people feeding off drama in the collective. The Moon here can be quite “bratty” also. Infantile rages can emerge due to unresolved childhood trauma.

What will this New Moon March 2021 mean for your starsign or rising sign?

The new Moon in Pisces will be in the solar/horoscopic 1st house for PISCES, 2nd house for ARIES, 3rd House for TAURUS, 4th house for GEMINI, 5th house for CANCER, 6th house for LEO, 7th house for VIRGO, 8th house for LIBRA, 9th house for SCORPIO, 10th house for SAGITTARIUS, 11th house for CAPRICORN, 12th house for AQUARIUS. Click on links for meanings.

Healing Crystal ~ Blue Topaz

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New Moon Crystal

I have chosen the blue Topaz because it is the most valuable and sought after colour of Topaz. It is said to bring joyousness and prosperity, particularly riches acquired as a result of inspired art, design and music. Blue Topaz complements this lunar mansion. fantastically.  Pisces is a sign of imagination, intuition and creativity which can only be amplified by this beautiful blue crystal. It reminds us of bright blue skies and Cerulean seas.

In the gallery I have raw pale blue Topaz rings from HAWKHOUSE, round blue Topaz rings from BLACKBIRD & SAGE, and blue Topaz pendant from KARIN’S FORGOTTEN TREASURES. Click images for details.

New Moon Crystal

NEW MOON MARCH 2021 CRYSTAL ~ BLUE TOPAZ  The gemstone of opportunity. “Blue Topaz is associated with wisdom, communication, and finding the perfect pathways to success and sweet opportunity. It’s a stone that alleviates fear and worries and invites you to embrace your noble self, trust your power, and find your own kind of good fortune… In the middle ages, people also thought that Topaz had the power to break curses or unravel spell work, meaning that this stone was believed to be stronger than magic.” ~ Tiny Rituals

New Moon In 28th Lunar Mansion 

Batn al-Hut ~ Belly Of The Fish

This is the very final mansion in the series. The indicator star is Mirach in the consolation of Andromeda. Ptolemy says the stars in this constellation have the nature of Venus.

New Moon March 2021

KEYWORDS: Solidarity, continuity, connection,  interrelatedness, a high point, consummation, conclusion, peak, crowning moment, reaping, collecting, accomplishment, triumph, joyousness, elation, achievement. GOOD FOR: Relationships, selling and commerce, gardening, travel.

Agrippa say: It increases harvests and merchandise, it secures travellers through dangerous places, it makes for the joy of married couples, but it strengthens prisons, and causes loss of treasures. Christopher Warnock says this mansion “symbolises culmination and completion when it appears it indicates that we too are in a state of completion. We are ready to reap the harvest of our efforts yet we must not be passive. Like the fisherman we must cast our net into the waters as the fish will not simply jump into the boat.” [1]

This mansion is about being active in our pursuit of a goal. In order to pass through dangers and obstacles on our journey we must be receptive to divine guidance and have faith in our intuition. All will be well if we pay attention to synchronicity and omens while we are traveling. The colour associated with the 13th lunar mansion is TYRIAN PURPLE

Key words & image for the 28th Lunar Mansion

Talismanic Image: A fish with a colored spine. Talismanic Properties: Bringing fish together in one place, inflict damage on sailors at sea, increase merchandise, besiege cities, increase harvests, cause things to become lost, destroy areas, bring safety to travelers, increase love between spouses, and keep captives imprisoned.~

How to make a Lunar Mansion Talisman

This handy Lunar mansion ephemeris gives you the dates and time of moons entry into the mansions for each month.

The very basic method for making a magical talisman would be to print out a black and white version of the profile picture of this post and colour it in for step 3 listed below. (Or you could draw your own.)

  1. Place the moon in the proper mansion
  2. Make sure moon is in the correct moon phase. (Usually waxing for gain.)
  3. Make the talisman when both 1 & 2 are in effect.

You can do this at anytime the moon is in the mansion of your choice. Traditionally it is best to wait 12 hours after a new moon so that the moon is not combust the sun.  There are more advanced ways to make a talisman, this post is just a starting point. Here is an example of how to make a Talisman for Health using the lunar mansions.

My 28th Lunar Mansion Talisman Instructions

At the appointed time, get hold of a blue Topaz cabochon ( A crystal with a flat back). Roll up the mansion image like a scroll. Flatten it and seal it by gluing the cabochon onto the fold. Drip white wax and a Venus essential oil around the cabachon like a frame. (Venus oils are floral like Ylang Ylang, Rose or Magnolia.) Inscribe into the wax the glyph for Venus. (Ruler of this mansion.) You can substitute the Blue Topaz with an print-out of it, however the more durable the materials you use the more potent the effects will be. Members will have access to my election chart for timing the inscription of your talisman.

Become a member for the indepth report of the New Moon March 2021 astrology and the best time and date to create your lunar talisman. (Revealed below.)

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The Picatrix’s Talisman Instructions

For entertainment purposes only, here is the stinky hardcore medieval version! (Don’t try this at home..) “The Picatrix book 4, chapter 9 says that the talisman of Al Batn Al Hut is for congregating fish in one place. When the moon is in this mansion make a brass (also perhaps copper or bronze) seal and engrave in it the image of a fish having a colored spine (perhaps dorsal fin) and write on it in the name of the Lord of this mansion (Amnixiel) Sufummigate it with the skin of a sea fish after this tie a string around it and throw it in the water namely in the place where you wish the fish to congregate. All of the fish in the area come together about it and you can seize them as you wish.”

In modern days perhaps we could substitute fish for followers on social media (ie potential clients) and the fishing net could literally be the Internet!

New Moon March 2021 Astrology

new moon march 2021


Artwork by Marina
1. Christopher Warnock The Mansions Of The Moon p. 125.
*Using tropical positions for the lunar mansions now since they are the positions the medieval astrologers used for making their talismans.