Full Moon September 2013The New Moon on March 30 2014 at 9º Aries falls on Algenib in Pegasus. It is just what we need to launch ourselves into spring. Algenib is a sparkling white star in the wing of the flying house. Pegasus was born out of the blood of Medusa slayed by our spring hero Perseus. So this is a fitting theme for the rebirth of the Sun in the north. I see Pegasus as a very Uranian constellation, as this star is notorious for scandal, accidents, and mental disturbances (Probably because Aries rules the head). Algenib with the Moon “Dishonor, loss by scandal, exiled or forced to flee, ill health, trouble through writings.” Well Aries decan 1 is visionary and intellectually daring with red hot ambition. To add to this, the Moon is actually conjunct Uranus too. This of course means that this New Moon is triggering Uranus square Pluto and the current T-square build up to the Cardinal Cross.


We should really feel the power of the cardinal cross start to build up with this New Moon. For both the Sun and Moon are activating all those juicy squares. The closest aspect this New Moon makes is to the free-spirited “Fool” Jupiter square Uranus which “is controversial, volatile, spirited but always unique and inventive. They come up with the most eccentric ideas, which tend to be rejected at first, until the world catches up with them.” The Moon square Jupiter  “knows no restraint and can over-react, over-reach and promise the world when it has no idea if it can deliver. It is a gambler and risk taker, 90% of the time luck does swing their way, but when they do fail, they fail spectacularly.”

New moon March 2014Well that is also a very Pegasus type of energy too and also very judgemental. We can see this coming up with the “Day Of Judgement” cardinal square, but there are also a number of interesting trails in the news right now Oscar Pistorius as I write this and the News Of The World phone hacking trail (“trouble through writings”. See Algenib above). The New Moon conjunct Uranus is the decisive factor here though as the Sun conjunct Uranus gives a “primal need to overthrow tradition, to shock and awe and to break through barriers. They are sky gods and enlighteners.” There certainly have been odd things occurring in the skies with the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Very Pegasus! Moon conjunct Uranus is “exciting, electric and quite chaotic … Both the Moon and Uranus are fluctuating and changeable, emotions often change in a flash.” So it will bring out the kooky, crazed lunatics and the unconventional rebels.

This is a very dare-devilish start to the astrological year. The New Moon every year will signify new beginnings and the sap rising within us, but it won’t always have such a strong Uranian signature. This New Moon definitely feels like a prelude to the Cardinal Grand cross which is in turn sits right in between two eclipses. For me this New Moon is the starter to the main course that will be dished up on April 23. On the solar eclipse that follows we will be served our “just deserts” as they say! Watch what themes are unfolding in your life as these energies start to coagulate. The type of “plant” (And this can be a person or a project) that materialises at this New Moon may show you what you need to seed in a big way at the Solar Eclipse. And if that crazy grand cross rather over-zealously weeds your garden bare, don’t mope over it for too long. This is prime planting season, so get out your shovels and prepare for a new shrubbery.

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