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The Solar Eclipse on May 20-21, 2012 is at 0°20′ Gemini on the fixed star Alcyone in the notorious Pleiades. This star cluster is also known as the “Seven Sisters” and is located on the shoulder of constellation Taurus the Bull. The Pleiades are the source of great magic and wisdom, but they also have a quite unwarranted, evil, wanton and turbulent reputation. This is probably because the Pleiades were said to bring floods. On the positive side the Pleiades were also associated with fertile crops and green meadows since they were “Rainy Stars”. The Pleiades constellation has sometimes been associated with tears and sorrow, but the seven sisters also liked their wine and ecstacy. Alcyone’s themes fit well with other aspects of this important eclipse as you will see.

Solar Eclipse Horoscope

The closest aspect to the moon is a square from Neptune. We know Neptune’s waters can be holy uplifting water or vile septic poison depending on the intention and vibration of the individual. Neptune is on Archangel star Fomalhaut, which can also go either way, sinner or saint. With Neptune Fomalhaut is “Sharp, shrewd, self-seeking, analytical, detective ability, many secret enemies, connected with secret affairs or government work.” This Neptune is squaring the eclipse Nodes and it is also most fitting that this solar eclipse is conjunct Egeria, Roman goddess of the healing spring, sacred wisdom and childbirth.

There is certainly a watery theme then. This eclipse contains the potential of deep cleansing hydrotherapy of the soul or for those stubborn demonic stains comes complete with added hydroblast water jet! I say this because of the amount of potent stars and a super-conjunction that are adding juice to this eclipse. We have a tight Venus trine Saturn which I think is beautifully healing and powerful for lovers to affirm their commitment to one another no matter how treacherous the icky Neptunian sea gets.

Solar Eclipse May 2012 Horoscope

Venus is in the busiest part of the sky as far as lucky and brave stars go, she is within orb of Phact in the dove, Capella in the charioteer, El Nath in the horns of Taurus and closest of all to Alnilam in Orions belt. Robson see’s Venus with Alnilam as “Trouble through love affairs and scandal”. This is possible if we go down the low vibration route, but considering the optimistic stars I’ll go with Brady’s “A good negotiator or mediator. To understand the creative nature of connections between different ideas or groups of people” [1] I see the positive side, since Venus does love a good trine with Saturn, especially when Mr commitment is on the brilliant fixed star Spica. This combination makes it popular and good for gain. I think business and striking deals are favoured and as this is the last time a direct Saturn passes over Spica (Exact August 4) I think we should get some lasting resolution from this final meeting.

Another element of this Venusian water jet is a Mercury/Jupiter/Sedna super-conjunction and they are all on Capulus, in the exorcising arm of Perseus the gorgon slayer. Jupiter is within orb of Medusa – Algol  itself. If Sedna is the Goddess of the sea and Jupiter is large, then are we in danger of an epic flood? It may just be that this is symbolic flooding, perhaps a mass release of emotion and tears which serves as a collective cleansing. Sometimes sorrow is necessary to break open heart-chakras that have hardened and petrified themselves. A broken heart is at least is an open empathic heart and this may be the great gift the Pleiades have for us.

Gemini Solar Eclipse Aspects

Moon square Neptune I found to be incredibly sensitive and compassionate, even if it is sometimes aimed at the totally wrong subject. In the right setting however, this otherwise dreamy, druggy and escapist aspect could even achieve something quite miraculous. As always we must look at the whole chart. Moon square Neptune on its own could point to addictions and misplaced martyrdom. Since the rest of this eclipse chart has the sensible Saturn/Venus trine and also a feisty Pluto/Mars trine, I think the redemptive quality of this square would be the most likely manifestation of what is potentially quite a poisonous and deceptive aspect.

The asteroid that the moon falls on has a miraculous feel about it too since Egeria is associated with holy water that has healing and medicinal properties. Egeria was an oracle and counsellor to King Numa, together they wrote twelve books. Interestingly the theme of mourning comes up again. Legend has it that when Numa died, Egeria was so distraught that the goddess Diana turned her into a curative spring. Numa was buried with their sacred literature. 500 years later a heavy rainfall washed away the earth above the coffins and the books were rediscovered. Unfortunately the Romans found the books at odds with their religious practices so they burned them.

Solar Eclipse Astrological Meaning

Solar Eclipse May 2012 Astrology

The Neptunian theme of deception and occult buried wisdom is interesting in combination with the cleansing water V liquid poison elements. This solar eclipse is also about sorrow, tears, broken hearts, open hearts, empathy, compassion and eventual redemption. There could be a collective tragedy, maybe a flood, which galvanises charities and politicians around the world to do something large scale. This mass empathy could be enough to melt those hearts that have been encased in ice for too long.

The concept of Neptune moving into Pisces has been one that I have heard mentioned by various occult  commentators and of course tropical astrologers. Although we are Darkstar prefer to follow the movements of the planets against the sidereal fixed stars, I can definitely see tropical themes being reflected in my own work despite using a slightly different system. Neptune on Fomalhaut and this eclipse in the weeping Pleiades definitely shows humanity in some sort of healing crisis while the energy is shifting all around us. As Neptune moves on through the mystical stars of sidereal Aquarius and Pegasus we should see some interesting marriages between science and spirituality. Many of these stars give psychic ability as Jamie found if you look at this list: Prophetic Stars. Pisces tops the chart containing 15 stars.

So the planet of mystic awareness, Neptune, moving through the most magical part of space must mean something for the collective. I think this eclipse with its very psychic Moon square Neptune must foretell something of what we can expect.

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May 2012 Solar Eclipse Visibility and Times

Solar Eclipse May 2012 Path Vsibility
Solar Eclipse Times

20 May 4:47 pm in Los Angeles

20 May 7:47 pm in New York

21 May 0:47 am in London

21 May 5:17 am in Delhi

21 May 9:47 am in Sydney

1. Star & Planets combinations. Bernadette Brady p107.