New Moon January 2015


The New Moon on January 20/21 is at 0º Aquarius and falls in Aquarius Decan 1
Mad Professors & Visionary Upgraders. Decan rulers: Venus & Saturn. Deity: Dike.

“ A visionary Moon intent on chasing new horizons. As we hover above the clouds, our mind is free to catch an innovative idea from the ether. Capricorn’s horns work like antennae, picking up insights brewing in the collective consciousness. This is a futuristic decan at the cutting edge of change yet still has a foot in the past”

New Moon JanuaryThe New Moon falls on fixed star Altair in the constellation Aquila. “Interest in a strange or ancient discovery, disappointment and loss over property and gain, some profit and preferment, friends become enemies, trouble through companies or public affairs, difficulties through or misfortune to children.” [1] The New Moon here is about cutting the umbilical cord to freedom. It may make us rebel against our mother country and feel at odds in whatever home we find ourselves. This Moon spurs us to search for the illusive Promised Land. This is only possible if we are realistic with our ideals. This moon brings a crisis with squaring high expectations with our earthly domestic reality. With this moon the collective learns that any alienation experienced at this time develops into great self-sufficiency if we are willing to find a greater connection to the whole from a higher perspective.

Moon sextile Saturn Despite the harmonious quality of the sextile, Saturn is still Saturn and it can be melancholic. Not only that, but it doesn’t get on so well with the Moon either. Therefore the connection is always a tad sweet and sour. Creatively it is quite an interesting mix for the collective because Saturn adds dynamic edges to the sticky and clingy blancmange-ness of the Moon. We can also use this Moon to sugar-coat any bitterness from a bleak and withholding Saturn.

New Moon January 2015 Meaning

New Moon JanuaryThis Moon has quite a nostalgic flavour in contrast with this decans thrust into the future. At this New Moon we could be drawn to ancient artefacts and antiques. Uranus square Pluto is making a T-square with the modes, so it’s like we are at a crossroads, looking back at the past before we boldly step into the future. This is a New Moon for time travellers! We may have to go backwards before we go forwards because this New moon takes place just a day before Mercury stations retrograde. This is an ideal time to start a revival, renovate old things and resurrect ancient wisdom. You might find a new way to look at an old problem and be able to revitalise a relationship that was on its last legs. Black Moon Lilith opposite Neptune is even tighter than at the last full moon and joined by Mars. Intuition and magic are extra potent yet again, but make sure your boundaries are strong, you don’t want to let the wrong one in!

Suggested items for your altar:

The tarot card 5 of swords, the feather of an Eagle, some copper or lead, sweet and sour prawn balls, an antique ring, a framed portrait of an ancestor, something wrinkly, an old bat, a photo of a rather grand, yet modern duchess (Eg Wallis Simpson.), a violet heart, some coral, Patchouli or Sandalwood incense, the bark of a silver birch, rose quartz, jet, a goats horn, some ivy.

Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p.135

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