Lunar Eclipse August 2017 ~ The Watchers


The full moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7 falls at 15º Aquarius decan 2. The Lunar Eclipse August 2017 is a part geek, part charging knight. In modern times this is the archetype of the video gamer or cyber warrior. This lunar eclipse brings up themes of being brave, but in hidden or alternative realms. The internet allows people to speak out anonymously, so it gives courage that one may not have in the real world. Feelings are able to be expressed straight away published through this new technology. During this Lunar Eclipse expressing ourselves online becomes a sort of therapy.

Lunar Eclipse August 2017 ~ Aspects & Star

Moon opposition Mars  at this Lunar Eclipse August 2017 creates a dynamo of energy that needs expression in some physical action. The frustration can become dangerous or self-destructive if not used productively. At its worst, the rage with the opposition can turn very bitter and vindictive. Moon opposition Mars is less tempestuous if it is allowed freedom as it cannot bear to be hemmed in. Independent thinking and self-sufficiency is the number one priority at this time. There are some good points to this Lunar eclipse as the Moon opposite Mars can be an extremely courageous combination. You will want those who plug into this opposition fighting on your side rather than opposing you. At least this Lunar eclipse will facilitate honest and direct dealings; with reactions that are fast and instinctive. This aspect is fantastic in an emergency, sensing danger way before anyone else. Patience is not a strong point at this time though!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 2017

Moon Trine Jupiter. Thank goodness we have a luscious trine to the Moon from Jupiter as this brings out the very best of the warmth, charisma and entertaining potential from the two planets. It attracts followers as this energy takes to the role of an idol like a duck to water. The Lunar eclipse can make some people popular and give them high status. It makes us   expect success since Jupiter is lucky and with the Moon and has the knack of attracting fortune. Moon trine Jupiter at this Lunar Eclipse can put people just at the right place at the right time. Jupiter is publishing, so those people can find themselves continually in the news or have works that are always in demand in print or media.

Jupiter Square Pluto

Unfortunately Jupiter during the Lunar Eclipse August 2017 is still in a battle with Pluto, so he might not be able to give his full attention into peacemaking that angry Lunar Eclipse Mars opposition. Jupiter square Pluto is an important aspect in this Lunar eclipse and it is one of the big aspects of 2017. We have already had this once in February and now it is being re-activated by the Lunar eclipse. (Exact Aug 4.) In the Jupiter square Pluto post I wrote “Jupiter square or opposite Pluto can be a zealous preacher, obsessive predator or magician. Sometimes all at the same time! At its very worst, this archetype is one of a cult leader who abuses his power in order to have sex with his disciples.

Jupiter is religion/law and Pluto is politics. As a transit, this can be a period where one can feel witch-hunted and persecuted or worried about rubbing authorities up the wrong way. This does not mean bowing down to these ‘masters’, it just means one has to be careful with tactics. Going down the most direct, activist route only gives the elite an excuse to censor and crank down even harder on the dissent. The freedom is fought for however, but underground…. Jupiter was a greedy nymph chaser who loved and left them, while Pluto stalked exclusively his child bride Persephone whom he wanted to keep captive for all of time. You can see this Jupiter/Pluto can easily bring about an obsessive pursuit of a love object.”

Fixed Star Alnair

After all that, it’s nice we have a more mellow energy with Alnair in the crane  “A retiring, active, proud, watchful, kind, idealistic and devoted nature, with a liking for astronomy.”  There are many other stars in the crane in this decan and also one in the microscope, which brings out the inquiring mind expect of this decan. This star gives the ability to look at a flammable situation with a cool, detached head. Hopefully it will also help Jupiter keep its balance, and this planet is now direct also.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2017 ~ Summary

Lunar Eclipse August 2017

Even though Jupiter square Pluto do not directly aspect the Moon part of this Lunar Eclipse, Jupiter does sextile the Sun. With this being a full Moon and an eclipse, one cannot ignore the very strong influence of the Sun in this configuration. At this Lunar Eclipse August 2017 Sun is also heavily aspected as you can see by the chart, with karmic adjustment, quincunx aspects from both Neptune and Pluto. Mars is the focus of an ‘eye’ aspect pattern from Mercury and Ceres. (The tiny blue/green triangle). Jupiter square Pluto zig zags its way into this Lunar Eclipse then. The action is not direct, but strategic.This year the themes of pedophilia among the elite, spirit-cooking (Marina Abramovic has this aspect in her natal chart.) and of course religious martyrdom have really come up in the collective.

Back in March when Jupiter square Pluto was exact, the so called Pizzagate shooter (he shot Comet Ping Pong’s floor…) pleaded guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon after which “Alex Jones apologised to (restaurant owner) Alefantis for promulgating the conspiracy theory, saying “To my knowledge today, neither Mr. Alefantis, nor his restaurant Comet Ping Pong, were involved in any human trafficking as was part of the theories about Pizzagate” However, Pizzagate has not gone away, despite claims from the MSM that it is fake news and has been debunked (according to Wikipedia.)  Maybe this topic will be back in the news during the three months effect of this Lunar eclipse. Unfortunately the alleged perpetrators of these crimes have their Pluto tentacles in all the powerful media and law positions (Jupiter square Pluto), so what chance is there of justice for those children who have been abused? Still, Jupiter is in the balancer in Libra so we shall have to wait and see.

On a personal level during this Lunar Eclipse August 2017, we shall be seeking justice in our one to one relationships. The cool headed detachment of Aquarius decan 2 will enable us to look at any perceived victimization from a partner from an elevated perspective. How much of ones feelings are being conditioned by what other people would say or from cultural pressures to conform? At this Lunar Eclipse, there is a good blend of passion and courage with which to look at problems openly and honestly. But at the same time there needs to be some anonymity during the confessional, some might find themselves opening up to perfect strangers online much more than face to face with someone they know well. Expressing feelings to a sweetheart in the form of a poem or piece of art is also another way to communicate an important message if one feels uncomfortable doing it in person.

Lunar Eclipse August 2017 Info

ECLIPSE DATES & TIMES: PDT Aug 7 – 11.10am EDT Aug 7 – 2.10am BST Aug 7 – 7.10pm AEST Aug 8 – 4.10am