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New Moon Sept 2010 – Mystic Relief!

The New Moon on the 8th September at 15 degs 40′ Virgo. What a relief! No Racks, Yods or Fists. But we get a treat of a ultra-Mystic Rectangle with Mercury, Lilith and The lunar Nodes. The Moon itself makes no aspects to any major planets except for a contra-parallel to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.

The Moon is conjunct the double star Mizar and Alcor on the tail of the Great Bear. They are only 11′ apart, so therefore only those with excellent vision can see Alcor as a separate star. So they were known as a “test” or “riddle” by the ancients. This makes the Mercury theme rather strong, the focusing and the fine-tuning which happens when Mercury is in retrograde.

The Arabic story of this pair is that Mizar is the “Mourner” holding Alcor her new born infant after the death of her father. In Syria these stars are still called the “Bier”, or “Great Coffinn”, solemnly moving around the pole in a funeral procession. [1] Mizar and her accompanying stars in the tail have a “quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, patient nature, but an uneasy spirit and great anger and revengefulness when roused” [2] Describing the feelings of someone who has recently had a loved one cruelly taken away.


When we are in mourning we wear black, we don’t want people to see us, we cloak our sadness from prying eyes. This also reflects the hidden side of Mercury the messenger as Hermes, wearing his invisible helmet opposing Black Moon Lilith who is not averse to secreting herself and going into her dark cave. The whole theme so far seems to be self reflection, internal examination and quiet time away from the circus. The image is of an alchemist working quietly into night and focusing on what is left after something has been taken away, reassembling the parts and experimenting with the new formula. Painstaking, exacting work until they get it so it is working EVEN better than it was before part of it was ripped away.

Mercury with Lilith makes potions, and they are both trining and sextiling the Moons nodes to make a mystic rectangle even though they are in opposition. This makes a synergistic brew. They are concocting a plan, but in secret.

At the same time the closest aspect in the sky is Venus quincunx the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. The “Quickening”. This also is about experiments. Adjustments in love and relating. The whole theme seems to be one of fermentation. The Moon does link to this “Quickening” by contraparallel which pulls everything together quite magically.

Thia & Desdemona

The Moon is conjunct Asteroid Thia(23′), one of the Titans, also known as the mother of the Sun (Helois) and the Moon (Selene). She is the glittering one, wide-shining, golden and glorious. To me she represents the assimilation of the Sun and Moon rather like Lilith, the two polarities and the magnetic energy that creates. Again makes me think of the concocting of a brew that fuses the two together without diluting them. Like a salad dressing? Oil and vinegar. It’s the action of shaking that brings them together.

The other Asteroid is Desdemona (25′) and she certainly shook things up in Shakesphere’s play Othello by eloping with a “Moor”. She ended up being killed in a jealous rage by her husband Othelo despite her innocence and devotion to him. Desdemona in Greek means “Ill-fated” and of course contains the word Demon, which reflects Othelos demonizing of her by calling her an “Ill starred wench”.

“Heraklitos, writing at the dawn of Western philosophy, held that a person’s ‘ethos’ is their daimon, or fate. “Ethos Anthropos Daimon”, A man’s character is his fate.”[3]

So this New Moon is all about refining our destiny through the alchemy of soul cleansing. Give ourselves quiet time after the succession of gut-wrenching and character building lunations we have gone through over the Summer. This is a time where Mercury guides us into our secret cave, to meditate and rest our spiritual muscles that have been pulled apart by relationships. This is a time of planning and experimenting, but not revealing. A time to rest on the mystic rectangle” and mull things over.

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