Solar Eclipse April 2023 ~ Clarification


The Solar Eclipse 20 April 2023 falls at 29º Aries Decan 3. Aspect: Square Pluto. Fixed Star: Alrisha in the knot of Pisces the Fishes. Tarot Card: 4 Of Wands. Healing Crystal: Clear Quartz.

Solar Eclipse In Aries Decan 3

The Moon here doesn’t have any astrological power by its placement, and typically, the watery, vulnerable moon is very awkward and even quite powerless in Aries. Anyway this Venus/Jupiter controlled decan still has a specific watery vibe because of all the marine stars that are found here. Feelings directed carefully strategically can still make us effective in our dealings even in the presence of some troublesome fixed stars.

At this solar eclipse we can still find some rhythm and flow while learning to navigate through the bumps on our journey. The Moon feels very comfortable here since the deep lunatic vibes of this decan is something that the creative mind can truly flourish in.

So it is essential that we have some artistic outlet with which to release our creative fire at this Solar eclipse. We will truly have to play out our ever changing moods to spectators. Our volatile feelings at this time can make for an enjoyable drama, even a simple tirade about how horrible the service was in the local shop. Those touched by this solar eclipse can transmute mundane experiences into a high art form. So at this solar eclipse regular daily existence has the potential for heightened psychological understanding and melodrama, like a Mike Leigh film!

Solar Eclipse Tarot Card


The tarot card associated with this decan is the four of wands which is associated with reunions, returning home, community and celebrations. The effect of jovial Jupiter is clearly felt with this card as are the close ties of star Alrisha and the religiosity of Acamar.

So despite the monstrous influence of some of the decan stars, this position is generally a positive one. The fortune could be a reward after a period of dedication and deferred gratification

 “this card heralds the successful achievement or desired outcome of a situation or project due to hard work and determination. The Four of Wands can highlight the ‘settling in’ period after this achievement and the desire to establish roots of some kind. The Four of Wands returns stability, order and security into your life after a period of upheaval, movement and transition. It also highlights a period of contentedness which is a much-needed experience for the frenetic Wands type.” ~ Teachmetarot.

Solar Eclipse Fixed Star


Alrisha is the knot that holds the two fishes of Pisces together. They are swimming in different directions. Bernadette Brady says this star represents “the joining of different ideas to create wisdom and understanding, or the marrying of two concepts to create a greater concept. This is a gentle star that indicates a tendency to seek different connections, to look at things in a different light, to join separate concepts in search of a greater understanding.” [1] So we can see that this taming star is just what we need at the end of a very stormy decan.

What the Solar Eclipse April 2023 means for your sign

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solar eclipse april 2023 astrology

New Moon april 2023

Solar Eclipse April Aspects

Moon Square Pluto

When the moon is square Pluto in the sky there is the urge to probe deeply into unsolved mysteries and a fascination with evil doings. There may be stories in the news of really gruesome crimes or we may meet the dark goddess as an evil, blackmailing temptress also. The collective shadow surfaces and we are faced with a person who embodies all the unaccepted, nasty traits of humanity. We may enjoy making this person the scapegoat, but must also realise that we are only avoiding important deep psychological work on ourselves.

Sun square Pluto

When the Sun is square Pluto in the sky leaders and bosses want to exert more control over their underlings. This can be a time when the public feel they are under more surveillance than usual. However this is a great period for those who work in psychological fields as they will find it easy to go in depth with their patients. So shadow work and getting to the roots of any unresolved trauma is advised at this time. The investigative vibe is just perfect for exploring your authentic self. It is also a good opportunity to detox those dark thoughts and move towards the light of optimism. Self-hypnosis would be beneficial.

Moon Sextile Saturn

Moon sextile Saturn in the sky is a time when public wants to display how respectable, high status and honest they are. This aspect has what the older generation might call ‘airs and graces’. Indeed these two planets paired give off a very nostalgic vibration. The energy is classic and timeless, so traditional values are popular and people will play it safe with their creativity. Lines are elegant, while colours are muted and not ‘in your face’. Everything is effortlessly beautiful and natural, a look that has stood the test of time. There is nothing artificial with about Moon in soft aspect to Saturn, it is mostly organic and down to earth.

Sun sextile Saturn

When the Sun is sextile Saturn in the sky it forms a supportive wall for you to lean on when you are working hard. One feels protected and shielded from the elements. The best qualities of this aspect is its great timekeeping and scheduling abilities. Everything runs smoothly and on time. One feels supported by the universe, secure and safe. The moment is fantastic for demonstrating one’s trustworthiness and authority. This aspect provides stamina and self-discipline to get through tedious tasks.

Solar Eclipse April 2023 Summary

This eclipse has two sides to it. The tarot card for the decan is auspicious, promising reunions and happy times. Yet the moon isn’t happy at the edge of Aries decan 3. The 29th degree of any sign is known as the anaretic degree and its energy is in flux and unstable.

This is an intriguing perspective from Advanced“The 29th degree is said to be malefic. Planets here tend to manifest their lower octave. At the end of a sign, this degree indicates a more mature planet that has little energy left, and it lacks the strength to operate properly.” They point out the planet could act more Neptunian in nature.

The shift from face-paced Aries to careful Taurus could feel like an abrupt slamming down of the breaks. The fixed star is on the knot of Pisces, which further complicates matters. The two fishes are being pulled in two different directions, creating more of a Neptunian hazy influence. So we have the feeling of the Sun running out of steam and then, not having the strength to defend itself.

However, we have Moon sextile Saturn and Sun sextile Saturn for stabilisation, much needed when we have that off-the-rails/confusing eclipse energy going on. It’s a wide sextile, but the north node is at 4º Taurus, part of the eclipse and is exactly sextile Saturn, making it more significant and worth consideration. Saturn and Pluto are both ‘death’ type planets and can also be very controlling.

However, Saturn, in this scenario, is less controlling and provides benign care. Like a wise elder that you can lean on. Pluto is more problematic, so you should question their motives. At this solar eclipse, we need to discern between what is true unconditional love and support as opposed to a kind of narcissistic manipulation in the guise of wanting to help. When one is weak, we are vulnerable to being exploited, so at this solar eclipse, I would get advice from friends or relatives you can trust before making any rash decisions.

Solar Eclipse healing Crystal

The healing crystal I chose is the Clear Quartz because of all the confusing and contradictory elements of this solar eclipse. We will need clarity and focus which this crystal gives in spades. Try and find the most transparent quartz you can find to boost mental clarity. The stone will help you align with your goals. The clear quartz is also a quietly powerful cleanser. 

When programmed for a specific purpose, clear quartz is extremely effective at storing information. It is the perfect crystal for activating and/or cleansing chakras. Clear quartz is ideal for treating fibromyalgia as it heals the pain and soothes nerves.

Crystal balls made of clear quartz have been used to predict the future since the Middle Ages. Its main use was to counter black magic (Moon square Pluto), but also to communicate with spirits and other dimensions. Psychics can use clear quartz to diagnose illness also.

This crystal is famous for decluttering the mind and spirit. It therefore helps channel your thoughts towards focusing on one specific thing. Clear quartz can help organize competing thoughts and clarify the mind. This is the most popular crystal for eliminating trivial distractions which will then allow you to make those important life decisions.

1. Star & planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. Pg 86.