Solar Eclipse May 2013 ~ Nouveau Riche


The solar eclipse May 10 2013 is at 19º Taurus on on fixed star Rucha on the knee of haughty Queen Cassiopeia. The chart is heavily weighted to the South Node which, depending on what astrological system you use, can be  good karmic debt or plain bad shit. It is you see, the dragons arse. We also have Ceres opposite Pluto the god of dark tunnels. It’s all looking a bit colonic. At the Ceres/Pluto conjunction in 2010 we had the Icelandic Volcanic Eruption and the Chile Mine Collapse.

The volcano (Ceres) blocked business (Pluto) in Europe through flight cancellations and in Chile the 33 miners were buried 2 months underground! The theme was separation from families for the acquisition of wealth. Taurus decan 2 has strong family pride, sometimes so extreme that elevating the status of the clan can override the individual happiness of its members. With the volcanic eruption European airlines were accused of putting profits before peoples safety.

The Solar Eclipse May 2013 chart is very spartan. No ease of trine, but a very emphatic crossing of batons, as if to say, “No entry, you’re not in the elite club, so push off!” This of course only makes us want to join it even more. Moon conjunct Mercury  “Can be very naughty or very nice. At best, the combination of logic and intuition gives great common sense…. Thoughts are things and this person could conjure themselves up a beautiful Solar Eclipse May 2013domestic arrangement if they can focus on their dreams for long enough.” Focus is the key, for the stressful oppositions may prove too much of a barrier to push through if we continually get side-tracked by household dramas. Ceres opposite Pluto is about mining for gold, and is asking us to find the stamina to go down deep. The problem with the Moon conjunct Mercury is that is just wants to stay on the surface where all the twinkly things are.

Solar Eclipse In Your Chart

Solar Eclipse May 2013The dilemma of this May Solar Eclipse is that it is easily seduced by finery and status. Saturn Rx all on it’s own in Scorpio, is still on the last eclipse star Gacrux. Saturn assists in making sure this eclipse does the right and decent thing rather than becoming self-righteous, snobbish and fixated on achieving high status just to “keep up with the Jones’s.” So the gold at the bottom of the mine could be spiritual gold. Ceres is within 2 degrees of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. A huge treasure potentially, but it can mean success that burns. Coming into a massive amount of money all at once can cause a surprising amount of trouble those who are not accustomed to handling wealth.

I think it is also interesting that using universal 0º Aries houses that the 2nd/8th polarity is so much emphasised. This is our possessions, our values and personal finances V inheritance, other people’s money and their values. In the 8th house, money is tied to suffering and death, therefore it’s all the nasty things we don’t want to address like taxes, debts, mort-gages. (It’s not in the house of death for nothing.) The 2nd/8th axis has a certain resonance with Pluto opposite Ceres. To me this only emphasises the theme of this solar eclipse all the more. Fixed signs in decan 2 will experience this sudden change in their financial situation most strongly. It could be great gains or losses depending on what this triggers in ones chart.

The gains at this eclipse may come with some catch or even sorrow IE: A fabulous job which takes you away from your family or an inheritance through the death of a loved one. There are tough decisions between what looks immediately glamorous versus something shabby, but genuine. The former may be too good to be true the latter may have greater long term potential but needs work, like an old Victorian house. So this eclipse continues the theme of the last one where Asteroid Vanadis cried “tears of red gold for her missing husband.” Since this is a solar eclipse however, we are looking at what will enter our lives to replace what went missing at the Lunar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Conjunct Asteroid Lilith & Pallas Athena

At the Solar Elipse May 2013 we have both these asteroids conjunct the moon to add to the already packed stellium in Taurus. Asteroid Lilith is not the same as Black Moon Lilith (The lunar apogee), she represents the maiden aspect of the triple goddess Lilith story. Asteroid Lilith shares with Pallas Athena the virgin/crescent quality, quite asexual and that they are both beholden to no partner. They do not conform to the stereotypical Taurus decan 2 breed mare, the perfect wife who will provide male heirs to the family fortune. Our two grungy punk goddesses do not meet the expectations of our Taurean stage mother at all.Asteroid Lilith and Pallas Athena are the very antithesis of the preened and puffed out Ceres debutantes. Pallas is a great strategist and Lilith is so outside the box. Having these two alongside Mercury gathered at the South Nodes back passage should be fun.

Solar Eclipse May 2013Lilith and Pallas are the sort who will set fire to the karmic dragons farts… This is sure to offend Lady Cassiopeia’s giant silk bonnet. At this eclipse, those who try to ponce themselves up as something they are not, may get pie in their face. Those who make grand claims about their abilities may have to eat humble pie and those who simply eat too much pie may find their overblown physique will not make it through the door of that exclusive club they aspired too. Shame! This eclipse, more than most, promises a sudden escalation in status for the quietly talented, but equally a drop from a great height for the bragging charlatans. It looks like a dramatic shift of power, but also a certain amount of “What the hell do I do with all this new power/money/cake?” The challenge for the newly promoted is to not let the sudden success go to their heads.

Solar Eclipse May 2013 Keywords

Sudden promotion, nouveau riche, lottery winners, charlatans, debutantes, prom queens, punk princesses, anarchists, rebels, revolutionaries, class warfare, turning the tables, beholden to one’s self, back passages, embarrassing teenagers, inheritance, mortgages, taxes, humble pie, too much pie, the “in” crowd, exclusivity, pushing through barriers, colonic irrigation, in through the back door, dress codes, shabby chic V sharp suits, two tribes, investing in the family, family businesses, hereditary,  integrity, showing up charlatans, fake V genuine, buried treasure.