Full Moon 21 June 2024 ~ Resilience


The Full Moon 21 June 2024 falls at 1º Capricorn Decan 1. Type: Strawberry Moon. Aspect: Square Neptune. Fixed Star: Spiculum, the nebula in the bow of Sagittarius the Archer. Asteroid: Leto. Tarot Card: 2 Of Pentacles. Healing Crystal: Rhodochrosite

Full Moon in Capricorn: A Time for Unity and Resilience. This full moon on the 21st June 2024 is significant because it coincides with the Summer Solstice when the Sun has just entered Cancer season. During this period, the Sun is at its highest point in the sky, resulting in the longest day and the shortest night of the year. This celestial alignment amplifies the energy and influence of the full moon.

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Moon in Capricorn Decan 1

The moon is positioned in Capricorn decan 1, an area known for the presence of the ruthless fixed star Facies. Like the Spiculum, the star associated with this full moon, it is located near the archer’s bow, suggesting a focused and potentially harsh influence. The name Facies bears a striking resemblance to the term “fascist,” a connection that is hard to ignore given that several prominent and controversial figures were born under this decan. These individuals include Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Marine Le Pen, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (who has faced death threats), Melania Trump, Mark Chapman (the killer of John Lennon), and even the horoscope of John Lennon’s death, pointing to Facies’ association with extreme actions and even assassination.

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