Full Moon June 2023 ~ Monomania


The Full Moon 3 June 2023 at 13º Sagittarius Decan 2. Aspect: Trine Mars. Fixed Star: Sarin in Hercules the Kneeling Man. Tarot Card: 9 Of Wands. Healing Crystal: Coral.

Full moon In Sagittarius Decan 2

The Moon in Sagittarius decan 2 is a natural healer, especially when it comes to women’s health, genetics and midwifery. Breeding and DNA are a theme here as the serpents symbol so closely resembles the double helix and the caduceus of Mercury is also highlighted. A certain amount of deception lurks here. There are conspiracy theories about many of Moon Sagittarius 2 natives being frauds!

True or not, the forked tongue of the snake makes itself felt in the form of jealousy or spiteful rumours. The lunar energy makes it hard for us to clarify truth from fiction. What is certain though at this time though, is the ability to conjure up fanciful stories! These tales are so dramatic and entertaining, that in the end, no one cares if they are actually factual or not.

Maybe the fiction will contain an element of truth that is eternal, like a myth. The Moon has some dignity in Sagittarius 2. One of its unique abilities in this position is to unify disparate elements together in order to fulfil a specific goal. Moon in Sagittarius 2 is like a blinkered horse. That way it won’t be tempted or detracted by the forbidden fruit of temptation.

Austin Coppock warns of this Moons “greater powers of concentration and focus.” as it also carries with it “the potential for monomania, and its gift of perseverance will fortify the fools quest as well as the sages errand.” [1] At the same time I do think this decan’s healing energy is best channelled into a single goal. Otherwise, the Moon’s power here can sour Sagittarius 2’s healing medicine, if it is allowed to run amok and not funnelled positively.

Full Moon June Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with this decan is the nine of Wands.“you are committed to a cause and prepared to do anything for it. You are going to take this all the way and nothing or no one is going stop you.  You are determined to be the last man standing, the lone soldier, and know that you have the stamina it requires to resist and overcome all opposition.  Stoic and enduring, your strength and beliefs are admirable indeed.” ~ teachmetarot.

This card describes the feeling of being willing to stand alone and be exiled if the cause is a righteous one. It shows the positive side of Sagittarius decan 2 in that it would rather be ethical and honest, than popular…

Full Moon June Fixed Star

Sarin is found in the constellation of Hercules. Hercules is the standout constellation for this decan since it houses three good sized stars including the brilliant main star Ras Algethi located in the head while Sarin is in the chest. Robson says the constellation as a whole gives “strength of character, tenacity and fixity of purpose, an ardent nature and dangerous passions.” Manilius associates Hercules with tightrope walking, but also says it makes one crafty, deceitful and a thug who terrorises cities!

But if one uses this energy towards a profession it “will inspire him with enthusiasm for risky callings, with danger the price, for which he will sell his talents: daring narrow steps on a path without thickness..he will keep a multitude in suspense upon himself” [2] So quite the daredevil then. Of course, Hercules is another solar hero, so it is often associated with courage and the desire for fame.

Full Moon June 2023 Astrology

Full Moon June 2023

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Full Moon Healing Crystal

The energy for this full moon is passionate and gets the blood racing so I thought I would go with a crystal that fortifies the blood and supports its flow and circulation. After any previous failures, red coral restores confidence and joy. Coral turns pale when you are stressed and exhausted, or when someone harms you. So heed its warning! 

aries crystal

When making an important decision, hold onto Coral to help you decide. The Greeks believed coral came from the severed head of Medusa. So it has been associated with protection against manipulators and deceivers. (Useful for those ‘marrieds’ I mentioned!) Many cultures give coral teething rings to babies to protect them.

In love and relationships coral helps you control your emotions and avoid obsessions. It will help you overcome your relationship challenges and always stay one step ahead of people with less than honourable intentions. Get over your obstacles and face your rivals with courage!

You can also dispel lethargy in your relationship supporting the spicy Moon trine Mars aspect. With coral, you are able to keep your promises and come through for your loved ones when they need you. (Instead of being distracted by fantasists and frauds .)

Red coral is also associated with Mars (Trine this Moon). Although Coral is a red colour, its fleshy peachy undertones are still soothing. The crystal has the perfect balance of invigorating, warming heat with protection from its fiery red hue.

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Image ref: KarinsForgottenTreasures