Full Moon 24 June 2021 ~ Lucky SHOT?


The Full Moon June 2021 Key Factors

  • Full Moon at 3º Capricorn Decan 1 ~ Venerating Loved Ones
  • Full Moon falls in the 22nd Lunar Mansion ~ The Fortunate Assassin
  • Full Moon is conjunct fixed star Polis In the Archer
  • Full Moon aspect is sextile Jupiter
  • Venus opposite Pluto is activated
  • Decan tarot card is the 2 of Pentacles
  • Full Moon is conjunct Asteroid Gisela
  • Full Moon healing crystal is Moss Agate
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FULL MOON capricorn decan 1

This decan is the home of the ruthless fixed star Facies. The similarity with the name Facies and Fascist is too uncanny to ignore when you have some prime fascistic types born within this decan, Moon in Capricorn 1 natives include; Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and Marine Le Pen…

Still, its bad-ass reputation fits splendidly, since Capricorn 1 is used to being the black sheep of the family. The Moon here often has to dish out tough love, and for this, it is never thanked until far into the future. By this time the goat has moved many mountains away, but it does not care much for fawning appreciation anyhow.


Fascism arises out of a national emergency, where things have got so bad that a strongly authoritarian leader is necessary to rein in the chaos. It is interesting that Brady says that Facies can be both humanitarian OR the sadist.

Moon Capricorn 1 is the perfect ‘parent’ for the job when the ‘children’ of the State are causing anarchy. “Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature, and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation.” .

The Full Moon June 2021 will fortify the family unit and a strong family is also hard for the state to dominate. Family loyalty is then of utmost importance and by extension, so is tribal loyalty, whether it be to the nation or group that wants to promote its self-interest.

Moon Capricorn 1 has a sense of working together for a long-term goal. Harsh Northern winters breed those of tough stock and who know that a solo man will surely starve. Family unity is a strength, just like the bundle of rods.

What Will The Full Moon June 2021 Mean For YOU?

The June 2021 Full Moon in Capricorn will fall in the solar/horoscopic: 1st house for  CAPRICORN, 2nd house for SAGITTARIUS,  3rd House for SCORPIO,  4th house for LIBRA,  5th house for VIRGO, 6th house for LEO,  7th house for CANCER,  8th house for GEMINI, 9th house for TAURUS, 10th house for ARIES , 11th house for PISCES and 12th house for AQUARIUS

Full Moon In 22nd Lunar Mansion

” This is a Mansion of speed, but also a Mansion of escape. When it appears, it means that we may soon receive a message or the answer to our queries. It also signifies the end of an illness and the onset of recovery. Or it may indicate that we are escaping from an undesirable situation. ” ~ Christopher Warnock

“Expresses creative power, a strong will and a sense of justice. It allows advancement in life through the native’s own efforts, but exposes him to wounds in wars or riots, and threatens loss of a position attained with difficulty.” ~ Volguine [1]


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Full Moon June 2021
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Full Moon Healing Crystal ~ Moss Agate

Moss Agate is the stone of gardeners and agriculture so it promotes the growth of new crops. It is a wealth attracting stone associated with abundance in all forms. It also helps new businesses grow and inspires confidence in the self-employed.

Health wise, Moss Agate is beneficial as a body strengthener in times of stress. It helps with addictions, mental concentration and endurance.

It is the stone of bodybuilding and is a strengthener. Moss Agate resonates well with the full moon vibes and is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and mental energy.

Moss Agate’s anti-inflammatory properties means it is fantastic for treating infections, colds and flu. It lowers fever and rehydrates. This crystal works well with fungal and skin irritations.

Moss Agate brings peace and harmony to the emotional body, so it is great for mood swings and people who are addicted to drama. Moss Agate helps release phobias and deep-seated fears. Because it is green, it is used to take away blockages and rebalances the heart chakra.

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1. Alexandre Volguine, Lunar Astrology, ASI Publishers Inc., 1974.

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