New Moon November 2023 ~ Debaucery


The New Moon 13 November 2023 is at 20º Scorpio Decan 3.  Aspect: Opposite Uranus & Conjunction Mars. Fixed Star: Alpha Musca in Musca the Fly. Tarot Card: 7 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Almandine Garnet.

New Moon in Scorpio Decan 3

This decan is generally regarded as being one of debauchery! Agrippa says Scorpio decan 3 signifies “drunkenness, fornication, wrath, violence and strife”. This is supported by my research which found traumatic events and killers amongst the natives. So that’s the bad news then..


The mysterious and sometimes eerie new moon is bound to emphasise the occult potential of this decan. The good news is that there is also an inordinate amount of talented singers with this placement. For the most part, they are extremely slinky souls, using their serpentine attributes in the most erotic manner possible.

New moon sensitive Scorpio females might find that they cannot help but become the ultimate femme fatale. On the other hand, males touched by this new moon could play the typical Don Juan. Both sexes need to watch they don’t become too ruthless in the quest of bedding the object of their desire. This new moon position can almost be too cartoon-like in its potential to produce scoundrels. Yet the copious amount of artistry also stirred up by this bitter-sweet luna cannot be ignored.

Austin Coppock says those with their moon in Scorpio decan 3 “feel much of that what others refuse to and are open to states which most repress. As a result, they have an emotional range that many lack and are often quite sensitive, with many evidencing intuitive and psychic ability” [1]. We could find ourselves looking at the dark side of excess, with prominent people in the news behaving in quite a lewd manner.

This new moon in Scorpio 3 will open our eyes further to the degeneracy in the world (If they weren’t open enough already.) It is only after the stench of purification is revealed, that a new dawn is possible. It is interesting that director Stanley Kubrick had his Moon in Scorpio 3. His prophetic films show only too well what happens when people wilfully keep their ‘eyes wide shut!’

New Moon Fixed Star

Alpha Musca is found in the constellation of the housefly. Musca is related to Muscarine found in deadly mushrooms. It is a trace element in the Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria). Muscarine is also found in decaying animal tissue. Flies hover around the dead carcass of sacrifices and food left out to for the gods.  “Beelzebub…the word is translated as ‘man of flies,’ for a fly is called zebub.” [1].

Zebul means “to raise or exalt” and connected to Je-zebel in the bible. She was accused of having sexual relations in a church and then feasting on the sacred food offerings left there. What this connects for me is sex, sacredness and death. Out of decay comes exaltation, like if one was to take an entheogen. Musca can be musk the perfume. It’s not the freshest of smells, but it is sexy because there is a slight hint of animal sweat about it. Sweat is the aroma of decomposition. Peat, which is made from partially decayed vegetation, also has that woody, male fragrance smell.

New Moon tarot Card

7 of cups

The tarot card associated with Scorpio decan 3 is the seven of cups. Both Venus and the Moon as rulers are reflective and passive planets. This resonates well with the cards divinatory meanings which are;

“As he stands mesmerized in front of the Seven Cups, he realizes he has much to contemplate and reflect on…. You could be attending counseling or psychotherapy sessions to help expose hidden motives and overcome childhood conditioning to expose your true personality.  Then again, you may be using meditation or reading Self-Help books in an attempt to find your True Self.” ~

New Moon november 2023 Astrology

New Moon November 2023

New Moon Aspects

Moon Opposite Uranus

Moon opposite Uranus can be volatile and moody. However, its electrical sparks inspire innovation and genius. This is an ideal time to let the sky-god channel through you. You might be surprised at your inventions as the moon rules the imagination. Your ideas might seem ‘Far out’, and they will be challenged. However, in time they will be accepted, so don’t give up! You might feel rejected by the common people, but it’s the outliers that usually have the most original and unusual ideas. So dare to be different and reap the rewards in the future.

Moon Conjunction Mars

Moon conjunction Mars can indicate a time when people are fierce about protecting their family or homeland. It is an energy of defence, but also one when the collective’s feelings erupt easily into rage. Violence is possible so it is not a great energy for domestic bliss. I would also avoid having an operation unless it was an absolute emergency. However this conjunction is great for firefighters as they will react speedily and instinctively.

Mars opposite Uranus

When Mars is opposite Uranus expect fireworks! This is a time when people are roused into revolutionary actions. It could be a flash-in-the-pan however as this erupts quickly but is never lasting. Passionate one night stands and holiday romances happen out-of-the-blue with this. Again exciting, but likely to ghost you afterwards. Sex gadgets are possible too for this is a kinky one!

New Moon November 2023 Summary

This new moon has all the makings of a dangerous liaison. We have the sexual intrigue of Scorpio Decan 3, the musky fly star and fireworks from Mars opposite Uranus. This new moon could bring heartbreak with it however if you mistake a one night stand for a long-lasting, soulmate connection. Mars trine Neptune adds to more of the fantasy element.

Established couples will however really enjoy the romantic spark that this new moon could bring them. It’s a perfect time to go for a second honeymoon. Moon conjunct Mars really needs to be channeled into sex so you can avoid the domestic aggro potential. No doubt this is probably one of the sexiest moon of the year. But if a romantic interlude is not available to you at the moment, this kundalini-raising energy can be channeled into art or music instead. Abstract expressionism would be perfect!

New Moon healing Crystal

I chose Almandine Garnet for this new moon because it is the stone of physical love between long term partners. In addition to being supportive of each other’s needs and desires, Garnet also protects against fake love. 


The stone offers fantastic protection against emotional vampires, manipulators and evil spirits. It should be worn by anyone involved in spirit rescue. Almandine is a stone of psychic protection. Its dense energies keep one strongly connected to the body, so it is more difficult for negative energies or entities to attach themselves. 

Almandine Garnet is a strengthener crystal that enhances resistance. Insight is gained and goals are accomplished. Its healing energy cultivates a sense of security, stability, and abundance. 

This deep red crystal helps in bereavement and letting go of failed love affairs. In addition, it invites deep love and aids in integrating truth with the self. It opens the higher mind and initiates charity and compassion.

Almandine Garnet helps gently rouse the energies of the kundalini which could get electrified by those powerful Mars and Uranus aspects. If you find yourself overstimulated, ground yourself with Almandine’s steady, slow vibrations. 

1. The Etymologies of Isidore of Seville, 6th century A.D., p.185.