New Moon 4 November 2021 ~ Sexy Sirens


The New Moon November 2021 falls at 12º Scorpio. Aspect: Opposite Uranus. Fixed Star: Alphecca. Tarot Card: 6 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Larimar

This Moon is a significant one for lovers, especially those in clandestine relationships. Will they be found out? Is it make or break? Will some flirtations tip over into a full-blown affair? This New Moon may ignite some forbidden passions.

At the same time, there is a real sweetness to this New Moon, as you will see from the tarot card and the fixed star. The opposite to Uranus brings the unexpected and scandal. Uranus will therefore also amp up fixed star Alphecca’s adulterous, naughty side.

New Moon November 2021 Astrology

New Moon November 2021

There is a childlike curiosity to the Moon in Scorpio 2, and it is also incredibly tender and affectionate. The Moon is in its fall here, however. The energies evoked at this time are lustful and desirous, with much focus on seduction. The new Moon, November 2021, triggers the need for sexual relationships and adores the courtship process. Prepare for dark cupid ex-lovers coming back into your life.

Those touched by this New Moon on November 4 might be lucky enough to find they can pull in anyone they want into their labyrinth of love. It’s easy for this new Moon in Scorpio 2 to put you under a spell. This is the Moon of sirens, the song that hypnotizes sailors. Edward Snowden, who has this moon position natally, is an excellent example of the covert side of this decan in his leaking of classified information about various global surveillance systems.

So Snowdon was spying on the spying! The fixed stars found in this decan indicate scandalous love relationships because it wells up such intense romantic needs that we will do anything to fulfil them.

What will this New Moon November 2021 mean for your star sign (or rising sign)?

The New Moon in Scorpio will be in the solar/horoscopic 1st house for SCORPIO, 2nd house for SAGITTARIUS,  3rd House for CAPRICORN,  4th house for AQUARIUS,  5th house for PISCES, 6th house for ARIES,  7th house for TAURUS,  8th house for GEMINI, 9th house for CANCER, 10th house for LEO, 11th house for VIRGO, 12th house for LIBRA. Click on links for meanings.

New Moon Tarot Card ~ 6 Of Cups

The Tarot card associated with this decan is surprisingly a pretty light-hearted and affectionate one, the six of cups. The imagery in the Rider-Waite card is that of children, a boy offering a gift to a girl. It is an image of childhood memories. This optimistic card is supported by the Sun and Jupiter rulership of this decan. “After times of loss, sadness or despair we often take comfort and solace from familiar places and those we have known the longest, such as old friends and family. We crave what is secure and steady as we have coped with enough change for the moment.”

New Moon Fixed Star ~ Alphecca

Moon on Alphecca can be pretty troublesome, and you can see love affairs can be problematic too. 

Alphecca 12º  is noted for conveying honor, dignity and artistic ability. But like all Venusian stars, it can also have its undesirable effects. Medieval astrologers, who tended to emphasize the more perverse side of astrology, asserted that Alphecca rising indicates a life spent in a variety of pleasurable pursuits by an individual who decked his body with adornments, secretly engaged in love affairs or adultery and who “bedded boys and girls” according to Firmicus Maternus.” [1]

Although Scorpio is ruled by Mars and is famous for being a sexual predator, it is also a feminine/water sign. Therefore their emotions run very deep, which is why they have such great sensitivity in the bedroom. A moon in Scorpio decan 2 has a lovely balance of tenderness and utter raunchy-ness, an unbeatably sexy combo.

Not only that, those born with this energy strong in their chart dress so well! “His heart is set upon elegance, fashion, and the art of adornment, upon gracious living and the pleasure of the hour. Such is the endowment prescribed by the years of the Maid and the flowers of the Crown” [2]


Healing Crystal ~ The Larimar

Larimaris a powerful stone that promotes a soothing and relaxing environment. It can be useful for phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, excessive anger and fear. Larimar teaches one to love, nurture, and respect oneself, inspiring confidence whilst healing damaged emotions.

It is said to assist in communicating one’s needs and boundaries to others whilst helping to give the strength and emotional stability to speak from the heart. Larimar teaches one to love, nurture and respect oneself, inspiring confidence whilst healing damaged emotions.” ~ Crystalsonline

This crystal is helpful for the tendency to play the martyr in relationships. Larimar is therefore great for those who suffer from co-dependency issues. It will also soothe the broken-hearted. This stone brings calmness and equilibrium. It especially is good for healing trauma from an abusive partner or parent. This crystal can help attract the right match; it is also conducive to healing wounds from old karmic relationships.

New Moon November 2021 Summary

So this Moon in Scorpio definitely lives up to the intrigue and forbidden love energy it promises. All the elements together make for a very seductive new moon. Some affairs will start, and some finish in the shadow of this dark Moon. That is why I chose Larimar to help mend any broken hearts that fall at the mercy of Uranus’sUranus’s shock and awe approach.

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If you are in the midst of a secret affair, I would be extra careful at this time and cover your tracks VERY WELL. Not that I’m encouraging infidelity and debauchery! After all, there are some cultures where marriage is less to do with love and more of a family contract. In those cases, some Romeo & Juliet scenarios could be played out. The need to protect a family’s reputation might mean that some couples will have to conduct their affairs in hiding. (Until they can find the right moment to ‘come out.’ )

So under this New Moon, there could be many reasons for secrecy in love. Sometimes the whole truth is better left unsaid. When the fireworks fizzle out, you could find the Venus/Alphecca dalliance was not worth the breaking up of a family.

Uranus is known as the planet of divorce because it craves freedom and can suddenly snap under the strain of a repressive marriage. So this can be a good thing if one always felt they were living a lie. Moon opposite Uranus is revelatory and finds it hard to keep secrets.

So at this New Moon, November 2021, there is an odd mix of keeping things hidden but then suddenly wanting to flash the truth to the world. We feel we are on the verge of a shocking reveal, like someone walking around in a black velvet cap, mask and gloves, while underneath, they are butt naked!

1. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p 10. 2. Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.321. 3. The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse, p.76-77.

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