Solar Eclipse November 2013 ~ Visionary Blueprints

Solar Eclipse November 2013

The solar eclipse on November 3 2013 is at 11º Scorpio decan 2 between fixed star Mimosa and the brightest star of the Crucifix, fixed star Acrux. Both these stars give “Inventive mind, intuition and wisdom, a grasp for the inner nature of one’s fellow man. The gift of successful investigation of the hidden side of things. A deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests.” The April lunar eclipse at 5º Scorpio decan 1 was also in Crux. So that Lunar eclipse and this Solar Eclipse are connected. They also both have powerful geometry. In April we had a Grand Trine Kite and now we have a searingly powerful Eclipse/Mars/Uranus Yod.

Both eclipses conjunct Saturn, only now the Timelord is direct. This Eclipse will trigger the ongoing revolutionary Uranus square Pluto two days after it is exact. I wrote in the 2013 Forecast that the Yod points to Uranus “on the fixed star Algenib which makes one a “reformer or agitator”. But the revolutions should be constructive rather than destructive with the influence of the minor grand trine.” This minor grand trine is what transforms this potentially destructive laser Yod into a grand plan, for it actually makes what the Huber’s call a “Model” aspect pattern. [1].

Solar Eclipse November 2013 Aspects

Moon conjunct Saturn relates to our responsibilities and our duties. But it is also about taking responsibility for our lives and what goes on in it. That includes all the unpleasant things that we like to blame others for. Like blaming our parents for not doing enough for us, blaming our partner for holding our career path back, blaming kids for not leaving us in peace when we haven’t set them strong enough boundaries. These are all very Moon/Saturn themes. So on this eclipse we are organising the domestic front. That massive stellium includes Mercury Rx (The child) on the north node. In order to evolve we really need to cut the umbilical while at the same time accept our adult responsibilities with grace. Mercury retrograde gives us the opportunity to look at what maybe retarding our mental development and preventing us from moving forwards on our North Node path. At this eclipse we will be forced to grow up big time.

So the Yod and the minor grand trine bonded together by a square make “The Model” mentioned earlier. The Moon sextile Mars forms the base of this hot Yod that points to Uranus riding the flying horse. This makes our planet of enlightenment and vision even more of a dare devil than usual. I love Robson’s interpretation of Uranus on Algenib in Pegasus; “Active and eccentric mind, reformer or agitator, great influence over the minds of others necessitating journeys, peculiar ideas in advance of the time, mystic and fond of mysteries though frank and open, domestic troubles especially in a woman’s map.”

Visionary Blueprints

Solar Eclipse November 2013

I should think there would be domestic troubles if uppity, Pegasus starts kicking up against their controlling Moon conjunct Saturn spouse. And this is square Pluto too. Wow… with Moon sextile Mars, spicy! Moon/Mars really does need to express its energy physically or sexually, otherwise anger-management can become a big problem. Mood can change very quickly, but the frantic tide can be very creative. Mars is on Zosma, in the Lions back. This star in Virgo decan 2 is melancholic and shameless enough without it being on a malefic. This means it will highlight the fear of poison and mental illness aspect of the star. Looks like great paranoia here. This is difficult to interpret because the Yod can be useful for breaking through oppression, but could also show a vicious backlash from Mars. The eclipse on a religious star sextile a paranoid terrorist on a malefic could spell trouble, unless the Pluto trine to Mars can actually help.

Pluto is on Facies in constellation Sagittarius, which can be a lethal weapon. It’s like a double whammy of ruthlessness. But I firmly believe there is a good side to each star though. In fact the deeply probing “penetrating stare of the archer” could be just what we need to transform Zosma’s tendency to become a feeble victim, into that of being a powerful saviour. Mars trine Pluto is activating a star of a Mars Pluto nature. So is “likely to manifest as an extremely driven and hardworking person who never gives up, works till they drop. They do seem to relate, or delve deeply to question and understand, the darker nature of humanity.”

Minor Grand Saviour Trine

Solar Eclipse November 2013

Mars trine Pluto forms the basis of the minor grand trine. The apex is the powerful stellium of the Eclipse/Saturn/Mercury/North Node. This eclipse is important because it is a catalyst for a larger background process which began way back in November 2012. This is when Saturn first crossed these eclipse degrees during its Saturn Retrograde 2013. Saturn is now direct, but it only emerged out of the Saturn retrograde shadow on October 13. “Whatever was seeded between mid November 2012 and mid February is about to slowly bloom between now and October. The full consequences of our actions should be apparent by the November 3 Solar Eclipse.”

I suggest you re-read the post on Saturn retrograde if you want to understand the journey that culminates at this eclipse. The Model aspect pattern mentioned earlier is a prototype of things to come. In that post I mentioned that “From 1 – 3 November, Saturn shows us a glimpse of something much larger brewing in the collective. This Model aspect will give us a greater understanding of the finished product when it does arrive.” So now we are here at the point of the grand unveiling. This is what has been cooking in the oven for a whole year. This is only just the plan however, we have to remember this is not the actual product. At least now we have a much clearer idea of how to follow our North Node destiny. Where this eclipse falls in your chart will show where something new enters your life that is fated but will also shake you up. But it is also important to consider where the Yod is pointing to in your chart also. Here will be the person, place or thing that needs to be struck by that Uranian lightening bolt of change in order to make way for the new fate to enter.

Solar Eclipse Key Words

Solar Eclipse November 3 2013
Eclipse Path by Fred Espenak, NASA’s GSFC

Taking responsibility, growing up (if immature), rebellious teen behaviour (if one has been overly burdened), “as above, so below”, bolts out of the blue, penetrating stares, ruthless archers, religious zealots, paranoid terrorists, religious activists, spiritual warriors, psychic soldiers, domestic organisation, prototypes, models, unveiling the grand plan, blue-prints, flying high, visionaries, the Fool card in the tarot, lethal weapons, victims & saviours, catalysts, laser beams, spirit matters, Maat, Mater & Pater, parental duty, setting a good example to the next generation.

Solar Eclipse November 2013 Times

Los Angeles 4.49am
New York 7.49am
London 12.49pm
Delhi 6.19pm
Sydney 11.49pm

1. Aspect pattern Astrology. Bruno and Louise Huber. Pg 241