Full Moon 23 April 2024 ~ Resurrection


The Full Moon 23 April 2024 falls at 4º Scorpio Decan 1. Type: Pink Moon Aspect: Square Pluto. Fixed Star: Gacrux in the Southern Cross. Asteroid: Hebe Tarot Card: 5 Of Swords. Healing Crystal: Rhodonite

full Moon in Scorpio decan 1

The Moon has the precise degree of its fall in this decan (3º Scorpio), which is supposed to make it extremely unfortunate. We are only one degree away from it! This position is the devouring Moon, the goddess Kali and the vagina dentata (yes, a lady’s part with teeth!). The Moon is desperately famished here and can also be sexually insatiable. Therefore, the collective either becomes ruthless and Plutonic with their hunger or they fear starvation. Those who learn to understand nature’s sometimes cruel cycles of death and rebirth will be less inclined to act in a ‘kill or be killed’ mode. Evolved folk have faith in the power of resurrection!

Nature always seeks to correct itself, even if it has to go through a bloody abortive stage first. In this eclipse of extremes, success can only be all-or-nothing. It’s a blazing hot summer heatwave or a severe frost. Moon Scorpio 1 offers stark contrasts that will require us to adapt quickly. Those who do not sink develop sharp brains and become wise survivors. The survival of the fittest plays out here, or it can also fail spectacularly. But generally, despite being branded ‘unfortunate’, a new moon eclipse here can work to produce unexpected excellence. Interestingly, the Davison chart of King Charles and Camila has its Moon in this decan!

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