Full Moon 26 April 2021 ~ Thorny Crown


Full Moon April 2021 Key Factors

  • Full moon is at 7º Scorpio Decan 1 ~ The Agony & The Ecstasy
  • Full Moon falls in 17th Lunar Mansion ~ The Crown Of Scorpio
  • Full moon will be on fixed star Gacrux in the Crucifix
  • Full Moon is opposite Uranus 
  • Full moon tarot card is the 5 of Cups ~ Disappointment and sorrow.
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Full Moon Scorpio Decan 1 ~ The Moon has the precise degree of its fall in this decan (3º Scorpio) which is suppose to make it extremely unfortunate. This is the devouring moon, the goddess Kali and vagina dentata (yes, a lady’s part with teeth!). The Moon is desperately famished here and can also be sexually insatiable.

The energy either becomes totally ruthless and Plutonic with its hunger, or feels a great fear of it. Those who learn to understand nature’s sometimes cruel cycles of death and rebirth, are less inclined to act in a ‘kill or be killed’ mode because they have faith in the power of resurrection.

Nature always seeks to corrects itself, even if it has to go through a bloody abortive stage first. This is a decan of extremes so it seems that success here can only be all-or-nothing. It’s a blazing hot summer heatwave or a severe frost. Because of the stark contrasts with Moon Scorpio 1, we have to learn to adapt fast. Those that do not sink at this time, develop sharp brains and become wise survivors. The survival of the fittest plays out here and it’s true this decan can fail spectacularly at times. But generally, despite branded ‘unfortunate’ the Moon here can actually work to produce unexpected excellence.

What will this Full Moon April 2021 mean for your starsign (or rising sign)?

The full Moon in Scorpio will be in the solar/horoscopic 1st house for SCORPIO, 2nd house for SAGITTARIUS,  3rd House for CAPRICORN,  4th house for AQUARIUS ,  5th house for PISCES , 6th house for ARIES ,  7th house for TAURUS ,  8th house for GEMINI , 9th house for CANCER, 10th house for LEO , 11th house for VIRGO, 12th house for LIBRA. Click on links for meanings.

Full Moon In 17th Lunar Mansion 

Full Moon April 2021

Al-Iklil ~ The Crown

The covering  was originally located in the head of constellation Scorpio. The indicator star is Acrab. Ptolemy says the stars in the front of Scorpio have the nature of Mars and Saturn.

KEYWORDS:  safeguarding ones capital, security, custodian, curator, protection against predators and supernatural forces. GOOD FOR: stable cash flow, protecting our earnings, solid investments.

Christopher Warnock  says this mansion  “The monkey who appears prominently in the image and talisman of Al-Iklil is a traditional symbol of cleverness and theft. When this mansion appears it is generally a positive indication in financial questions. We may be in fear of loss, but Al-Iklil reassures us that we are in fact in a position of safety and security….  (it) might also alert us to the possibility of impending loss, which can, with prudence be avoided” [1] 

This mansion has a very strong, protective and grounding power. Although the Scorpio influence and the difficulties of the decan might make you think this not such a great time for magic. However the 17th lunar mansion redeems itself just like the fixed star Gacrux. So I would think talismans to resurrect a troubled relationship will be beneficial it this time. The colour associated with the 17th lunar mansion is SEA GREEN-BLUE

Key Words & Image For The 17th Lunar Mansion

Talismanic Image: A monkey with its arms up over its shoulders. Talismanic Properties: Keeping thieves from entering a home, committing deceptions, besieging cities, reinforce buildings, protect travelers, to create lasting love and friendship.~ Medievalastrologyguide.com

The Picatrix’s Talisman Instructions

For entertainment purposes only! ?  “The Picatrix book 4, chapter 9 says” in order that thieves may not enter into the house and plunder it. When the moon has entered this mansion make the image of a monkey in an iron seal, holding his hands above his shoulders. Suffumigate it with the hair of a monkey and a hair of a female mouse. Wrap it in a monkey skin. It should then be buried in your house and say:” You Adrieb, guard what is mine and that which is in this house nor let any thieves enter” When the aforesaid has been completed, no one evil or thieves will enter your house! Rather they will flee from your house.

How to make a Lunar Mansion Talisman

This handy Lunar mansion ephemeris gives you the dates and time of moons entry into the mansions for each month.

The very basic method for making a magical talisman would be to print out a black and white version of the profile picture of this post and colour it in for step 3 listed below. (Or you could draw your own.)

  1. Place the moon in the proper mansion
  2. Make sure moon is in the correct moon phase. (Waxing, so before this full moon) 
  3. Make the talisman when both 1 & 2 are in effect.

You can do this at anytime the moon is in the mansion of your choice not specifically at the new or full moon. There are more advanced ways to make a talisman however and I would highly advise you research further before dabbling in planetary magic. This post is just a starting point. Here is an example of how to make a Talisman for Health using the lunar mansions.

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Full Moon April 2021 Astrology

Full Moon April 2021


Artwork by Marina
1. Christopher Warnock The Mansions Of The Moon p. 91.
*Using tropical positions for the lunar mansions now since they are the positions the medieval astrologers used for making their talismans.