Full Moon April 2012 – Resurrection

Full Moon April 2012,The Full Moon on April 6 2012 is at 17º Libra 23’. It is on a minor fixed star Seginus and widely quincunx Jupiter. So this poor moon is a bit of a bystander as the action is really between ubergoddess Venus, her lover mars and a huge bottle of Neptune. Being hopelessly devoted seems to be the theme of this Moon since the one decent conjunction it does make is to Asteroid Isis! So this wall flower of a moon mournfully watches as lovers cavort among the daffodils. Two weeks into the spring equinox and everyone is rooting like crazy it seems.

However the Isis moon is left piecing together Osiris’s bits…. Darn it! The bed flute is missing. The Moon quincunx Jupiter is the sort of aspect that could really help Isis find the important missing phallus. Reasons: 1) Jupiter cannot do without sex. 2) This aspect is constantly yearning for some unrealistic dream, which they assume they will attain without any obstacle. And….. 3) Ain’t no mountain high enough. This aspect idolizes the object of desire like no other. They will travel around the world twice if they have to. Jupiter will do anything for sex.

Isis is another impossibly devoted case. The theme of this moon so far is going that extra mile for someone you love. Isis also used her immense talents and strategic ability not only to track down all the various limbs of her poor husband, but also to magically re-create his manhood. She even managed to get herself pregnant by him. Talk about mission impossible! The point was Isis had faith and Jupiter has faith too, buckets of it.

April 2012 Full Moon Horoscope

April 2012 Full Moon,Isis stands by her man. The T-square is interesting because it is almost like a co-dependent relationship with Venus acting the Isis caught between Mars (Man) and Neptune (His drug). Neptune opposite Mars, its passion is rather dissolved. A case of brewers droop perhaps, which mirrors the Isis “Missing Dick” dilemma.

This Moon man throws the spotlight on sexual relationships that just aren’t performing in the usual way. Has the passion fizzled out? Venus square Neptune can be about love being the drug. If we are using our lover as an orgasmatron, do we go into withdrawal if we don’t get our fix? Mars opposite Neptune can be addictions.

The T-square could also show Venus’s struggle with the two sides of herself. Neptune on the fixed star Fomalhaut, the idealistic, love-sick dreamer who can be too self-sacrificial for her own good and Mars the ambitious, self-preserving and competitive warrior. Mars’s retrograde however, might makes it easier to reconcile and get the best out of the two.

Full Moon Conjunct Asteroid Isis

Jokes about lost willies aside and despite the scary looking T-square, I think this moon could be surprisingly good for us. It’s an opportunity for piecing together something unique and unexpected in love relations. Isis’s faith and devotion, along with enthusiastic Jupiter and the dynamic squares really do force this Moons hand. But what about the fixed star this Full Moon is illuminating?

Seginus is a rather insignificant star in Bootes the Ploughman, it has a protective nature and a good mind, but liable to be shameless. With the Moon there is success in an indirect way, which then unfortunately ends in tears. This probably comes from constellation Bootes “unruly passions”. I think this is someone honest but naïve. Seginus is easily flattered into doing the dirty work for his cunning superiors, but is swiftly disposed of when he gets too cocky.

Full Moon April 6 2012,In the context of this full moon story then, Seginus adds naivety and blind faith to an already devoted Moon. This is risking everything for love, even if you look really stupid! It’s totally without shame. This is the old cuckold who takes back his cheating, gold digging young wife or the devoted doormat who gives her alcoholic husband one more chance to clean up his act. Are they fools?

Some people do change, but usually not until some real tough love is dispensed. The T-square in this moon will be very beneficial for getting doormats to wake up to themselves which in turn will force those they have been propping up to learn to stand on their own two feet for once.

Isis types, men and women, have to question their motives for their apparent devotion to the impossible. Are they secretly afraid of someone who is their own person? Is this why they find it so hard to leave their damaged dolly? This Full Moon should illuminate the area of your life where you can be “hopelessly devoted”. This Moon may then bring the opportunity for all parties to evolve out of co-dependence. Once we move onto the next level then this full moon will highlight those in your life who really are worth going the the moon and back for and here there is a chance of Isis’s gifts of undying love that leads to resurrection.

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