Leo Full Moon 25 January 2024 ~ Academia


The Full Moon on 25 January 2024 falls at 5º Leo decan 1. Aspect: Square Jupiter. Fixed Star: Azmidiske in the stern of Argo the ship. Asteroid: Academia. Tarot Card: 5 Of Wands. Healing Crystal: Red Jasper.

Full Moon In Leo Decan 1

The Leo Full Moon January 2024 lacks special powers in this decan but favours acquiring material wealth, whether through inheritance, inherited traits, or talents. Family values are prominent, emphasizing the passing down of valuable assets to future generations. Vehlow notes that the Chinese termed the stars in this decan as “the asses and the manger,” calling the Aselli and Praesaepe “Spirit Of The Ancestors.” If conjunct the moon, peculiar experiences with the realms of the dead were expected.

A potential challenge in this new moon phase is a strong identification with family, creating a collective mindset among members. The alignment with the fixed star Praesaepe intensifies this connection to the ‘spirit of the ancestors.’

Breaking unwanted immature behaviour patterns proves challenging. The new moon in Leo decan 1 fosters a deep respect for older generations, drawing one closer to spirit guides. The comforting support during this full moon boosts confidence.

Full Moon Tarot, Star & Asteroid

The 5 of Wands, associated with this decan, symbolizes a departure from conventional norms. Its explosive energy breaks traditional rules, with Wands diverging in various directions simultaneously, creating an atmosphere of unpredictability, drama, and chaos.

Fire, representing this card’s energy, seeks unbridled expansion, thriving on momentum and enthusiasm. This mirrors the dynamic and competitive nature of Leo, influenced by the ruling force of Saturn in this decan.

The fixed star Azmidiske in the stern of Argo, is believed to bestow prosperity in trade and voyages, accompanied by enhanced mental and spiritual strength. Puppis, the ship’s stern, is laden with intricate woodwork, symbolizing Leo decan 1’s deep appreciation for beauty and the arts. The term “Puppis,” meaning “a doll or small image,” refers to the sacred idols affixed to the ship’s stern, often depicting lions. This theme resonates strongly with the protective lioness motif, echoing the symbolism of the Great Mother Bear in Ursa Major. The bear embodies quiet, female strength, only turning aggressive when defending her cubs.

The asteroid Academia is conjunct with the Full Moon. There is no Greek goddess named Academia. The word originates from Ancient Greek Akademía, referring to a grove of trees and a gymnasium located outside Athens where Plato served as a teacher. The name is associated with the supposed former owner of the estate, the Attica hero Akademos. His name, Latinized as Academus, apparently means “of a silent district”.

Full Moon January 2024 Astrology

During this Full Moon, the Moon square Jupiter generates an excessively exuberant and carnival-like public mood, leading to potential extremist and bombastic behaviours.

This energy may verge on vulgarity and lewdness, with a tendency for people to engage in gambling and risk-taking. Finding a balance between indulgence and restraint becomes challenging, and there may be protests against spending restrictions.

Additionally, the Mercury conjunction with Mars aspect brings forth an atmosphere of spiteful words and heated arguments. Compromise is elusive, as words become cutting and sharp, potentially leaving lasting scars. While such content may gain attention for entertainment purposes, caution is advised in verbal and written communication to avoid causing unintended and lasting damage.

What the Full Moon January 2024 means for your sign

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Full Moon Healing Crystal ~ Red Jasper

Red Jasper

I selected Red Jasper as a healing crystal due to its reputed ability to safeguard against verbal abuse and bullying, qualities particularly relevant during the exaggerated tendencies of Moon Square Jupiter and the potentially hurtful words of Mercury’s conjunction with Mars. Red Jasper is known for its grounding and stabilizing energy, providing a sense of anchoring that diminishes the impact of negative words and energies.

It is believed to foster inner strength and resilience in the face of verbal attacks, promoting emotional balance and stability. In situations of bullying, Red Jasper may help individuals maintain composure and self-confidence, reducing susceptibility to emotional manipulation. Furthermore, this red stone is thought to create a protective barrier, shielding individuals from negative energies, especially those emanating from abusive sources. Wearing or carrying Red Jasper is believed to enhance self-confidence, proving valuable for those confronted with cruel insults, as it aids in fortifying self-worth and reducing the impact of hurtful words.

Full Moon January 2024 Summary

To use this Moon’s energy in work, consider embracing a sense of enthusiasm and optimism but remain mindful not to go overboard. Be cautious of making impulsive financial decisions or engaging in reckless behaviour. Focus on channelling your energy into constructive endeavours and avoid getting caught up in excessive extravagance. Take time out for quiet contemplation and study inspired by asteroid academia. Maybe enrol in an academy to learn a new skill, it would be a great way to channel Jupiter’s expansive energy and he is the planet of higher education after all.

In your relationships exercise restraint and thoughtfulness in your communication. Avoid engaging in verbal battles or using words as weapons. Instead, seek constructive dialogue and find ways to address conflicts without causing long-term damage. Choose your words carefully to maintain positive and productive at work and play. On the downside, this full moon could bring out family conflicts and long-hidden family issues. On the positive side, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with long-lost family members. Mediums who work with their clients’ ancestors may find this time particularly helpful. It’s also a period to appreciate ancient history and mythology