Full Moon January 2015


The Full Moon January 4/5 at 14º Cancer falls in Cancer decan 2. Devoted Wolves & Hermit Crabs.
Rulers ~ Mercury & Mars. God/Spirit ~ Heracles (Hercules. God of Strenght.) Tarot Card ~ 3 Cups

Full moon January 2015

“There is a feel of being a guide here, a light in the inky black night. Dogs can guide the blind just as the stars guided the ships. There can be a distrust of this decan, possibly because it takes these people a little time to shake off the coal dust from the underworld. They can seem a little scary in the bright sunlight, their “black looks” showing up the wisdom lines in their faces”..

The Full Moon falls on fixed star Sirius. It is brilliant white and yellow with a stunning magnitude of –1.46. It is the brightest star in the sky. Sirius with the Moon Vivian Robson says it brings “ Success in business, influential friends of opposite sex, favorable for the father, good health, beneficial changes in home or business.”

It is interesting that this Full Moon is known as a Wolf Moon in pagan circles, since Sirius is the dogstar in the nose of constellation Canis Major. (The grand dog). The first Full Moon of 2015 is pretty spectacular indeed, just look at the grand cross in the chart below. The Full Moon activates Uranus square Pluto and the Nodes so strongly. This is a big deal as I mentioned in the 2015 forecast. “The nodal axis represents the collective’s soul evolution, but I think it also could also indicate the merging of timelines. Nodes are what make’s eclipses possible, so they are like a cosmic crossroads, maybe even a star-gate. Nodes are where the suns path and the moons path intersect. Right and left-brain unite for that “Aha” moment. But if we can’t handle the information, it can blow our minds.”

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