Solar Eclipse September 1 ~ Fire & Ice


Annular* Solar Eclipse September 1 2016 is at 9º Virgo Decan 1. Aspects: Square Saturn & Opposition Neptune. Fixed Star: Alioth in Ursa Major

The main worry about the September Solar eclipse is the fact that it activates Saturn Square Neptune. This has proved to have been an extremely treacherous cosmic force. You can try to ‘rise above the 3D’ and take a spiritual stance. But since we are stuck on this planet, boundaries are an issue and war is being fought on a physical level as well as the mental. It is very tempting to spiritually-bypass our current reality, but if we believe we are on this planet for a purpose, we will have to get our hands dirty! Saturn square Neptune then, is a perfect symbol of the conflict between Neptunian idealistic empathy on the one hand and the despised Saturnian ‘hate speaking’ realists on the other.

Spiritual Bypassing

The terrorism in the last two weeks in Europe (From Nice on July 14 onwards) has been unprecedented! During this period we must also consider Saturn’s current alignment with fixed star Antares. Saturn station directs on this subversive, war star on August 13.

Robson says of Saturn on Antares “Materialistic, dishonest through circumstances created by environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and legal affairs, trouble through enemies, many failures” My Antares interpretation is “An internal conflict between good and evil. Interested in playing the sinner or saint. Swinging between polarities. Black & White. Often demonised or sanctified without any good reason. Easy to typecast.”. It seems the NWO are trying to stir up a race war, and this is very descriptive of Saturn on Antares.

Solar Eclipse September 2016 ~ Astrology

The Moon here although modest in power, is pretty good at manifestation and is very dexterous. The manifestation ability with the waxing Moon could leave those touched by this Eclipse feeling that they have some kind of magical powers. Maybe this can also translate as feeling like they have the power of healing hands. These light-fingers could even work miracles.

If we are not particularly drawn to healing or nursing, then the manual dexterity of this position can work ‘miracles’ in other ways. There is a cathartic angst in strumming or scribbling. However we use our hands at this time, we could have the ability to bring toxins to the surface and allow the pollution exposure for healing. Sometimes this does not look pretty and those folk who do attempt to show up the toxins will be demonised for bringing the unacceptable or ugly reality into view.

Fixed Star Alioth

Alioth in the great bear is the brightest star in Virgo decan 1 “it is Mars like and of a destructive kind. Joined with the Moon, it will be an indication of possible danger during pregnancy and delivery.” The Ebertins advise not to include these interpretations as they say they have not found this in their own research. I include it here because they fit with the darker side of Virgo and the fact that it is supposed to be a  ‘barren sign’ according to traditional astrologers. I have also found a self-destructive element in the sense of that if Virgo decan 1 can’t be perfect then they go the totally opposite. The quest for perfection can be very punishing on the individual.

Solar Eclipse September 2016

Madonna has Alioth rising by just 05’ and you can just see the punishing self-discipline in her physique. Maybe one has to destroy to resurrect, she is the queen of re-invention after all.

Camila Paglia (who also has Alioth Moon) has “celebrated Madonna and taken radical libertarian positions on controversial social issues such as abortion, homosexuality, and drug use.” [1] Betty Ford has Alioth rising and is famous for her rehab clinics. Betty had her own battle with alcohol and opiate addiction, proving that the self-destruction can turn itself around.

Solar Eclipse September 2016 ~ Aspects

Saturn Aspects ~ Moon

Moon square Saturn may experience the mother or motherland as being quite critical, so this stops them from expressing their more needy emotions. Generally this contributes to a collective sense of guilt over past generations actions to others. This aspect shows the dynamic of a responsible partner attracting wayward, immature partners that they have to parent. Otherwise, Moon square Saturn may play the rebellious child to a very responsible mate. The main issue with Moon square Saturn is the premature requirement to be self-sufficient.

As this aspect grows up, it may replace the parent it never had with an over-reliance on the state. Issues concerning welfare and benefits might be brought up in the mundane world. There could be conflict about how much so called ‘benefits’ might keep you in a poverty trap. Moon square Saturn certainly has a ‘tough love’ approach to shaking people out of stagnation. Of course this aspect can be associated with depression also.


New Moon September 2016

Sun square Saturn is commonly associated with cold, strict fathers, having an inferiority complex and being fearful of authority. It can be all those things but Saturn is only a “bad thing” because Patriarchy tends to be experienced as oppression rather than support.

Those of us who feel we have no sovereignty will find ourselves enslaved by Saturnian traits of authority, fear mongering and control. Therefore we will project these attributes onto how we experience Saturn in our natal chart or by transit. There are many factors that determine whether you will see Saturn as Satan himself or whether you will see him as a wise old druid and a rock to lean on.

Unfortunately many children in recent generations have grown up without a benign father figure and therefore only see the negative traits from patriarchy in the media. Another possibility is the witnessing of transient males who come and go from their mothers lives and who made display the most negative of male traits. At this eclipse we may see how having an inferiority complex and the lack of positive male role models has had really negative effects on society as a whole.

Neptune Aspects ~ Moon

Moon opposition Neptune can fall victim to negative Neptune because of its tendency to do things unconsciously. Neptune’s promise of salvation can easily hypnotise the public. Moon opposition Neptune is not out to deliberately deceive, though it can seem that way. The native can turn 180 degrees rapidly because they absorb opposing thoughts around them. Those in positions of power can easily use the Moons popularity and Neptune’s mystique as a smokescreen to cover up corruption.

Those who work in the very Neptunian spiritual arena can also be tempted to abuse their care-taking guru position. Neptune can rule deception, lies and delusion. Therefore Moon opposition Neptune can have criminal tendencies in its very lowest vibration. Addictions, especially alcoholism are a very obvious danger with this aspect. Being sensitive to an incompatible environment means that self-medication can be the only way to numb the pain. Moon opposition Neptune can end up being demonised as someone who is poisonous to the environment also.


Sun opposite Neptune creates a dynamic and creative push-pull which drives us to achieve imaginative excellence. It has an ethereal, other-worldly aura which effortlessly attracts people to come together for mystical or artistic connection. It this time we are very susceptible to projection. This eclipse creates good clothes-horses for partners to wrap their fantasies around. It attracts wounded and troubled partners who seek in them salvation.

This eclipse can make us supremely idealistic about our love life, constantly searching for that perfect Soulmate to make us feel whole. Putting partners on pedestals can place too much pressure on a relationship. Mere mortals feel they cannot possibly live up that ideal. Those afraid of not measuring up to the god or goddess role projected onto them may turn to drug and alcohol abuse.

Saturn Square Neptune

Solar Eclipse September 2016

Saturn is harsh reality and intolerance. Altruistic rescuers need to activate their boundary setting when they get involved with vampiric adult babies with ‘problems’…. You can’t save every single lost soul in the underworld!

Neptune has a problem setting boundaries both literally and psychically. But being careful what you invite in, doesn’t make you a bad person. Saturn square Neptune is about addressing where you draw the line and so called ‘enlightened’ people can be the worst at this.

A ‘New Age’ mentality is a gift for the NWO/Globalists!  The ‘order’ (Saturn.) part is much easier to implement when we are ‘all one.’ (Neptune.). “Either we believe a lie and become easily led into the murky water of our demise or we utilize these influences to truly enlighten ourselves so we can break the spell holding us hostage in an artificial world. The time for new ideology is here but what way will it go?” ~ Lana Lokteff 

Solar Eclipse September 2016 ~ Summary

This is one of the most important eclipse of the last few years. And its influence will span the period of the US Presidential Election. The symbolism of this square is so apparent with slippery Hilary Clinton (Neptune) square Donald ‘Build-A-Wall’ Trump (Saturn.) We will really have to use our intuition and think outside the box when regarding this spectacle. Of course by now we cannot trust the mainstream media and will have to do our own research. This eclipse urges us to take a collage of the information that is out there and create our own reality with it.

Despite the serious deception aspects, we must not loose sight of the great manifestation option of this Solar Eclipse. Rampant negativity abounds on the news and social networks so we have to be careful not to get too sucked in no matter how dire it looks. The number one destroyer of ones ability to assert boundaries is guilt!!! So many tweets and FB status’s are pure virtue-signalling. It’s too easy to post sympathy memes for the latest fashionable victims (Neptune). But what are we doing practically (Saturn) for our loved ones in real life?

Solar Eclipse Keywords

Guilt, guilt and yet more guilt! Revenge, Betrayal, Saying ‘No’ without elaborate explanation, Elf sabotage, Self-destruction, Suicide, Genocide, Virtue-signalling, Cyber-bullying, Victims & saviours, Nationalists V globalists, Black & white thinking, Disease & sanitation, Perfection, Spiritual by-passing, Head-in-sand, Down the rabbit hole, Drugs, Wonderland, Manifestation, Fantasia, Falling in love, Working miracles.

Eclipse Info

ECLIPSE DATES & TIMES: PDT Sep 1  2.03am, EDT Sep 1 5.03am, GMT Sep 1 10.03am, AEST Sep 1  7.03pm,

*The solar eclipse is visible in most of Africa, Madagascar, Yemen, west Australia and southern Saudi Arabia. An annular Eclipse is a total one, and shows as a ring of fire around the moon’s shadow because the Moon is at its apogee. (Ie: Peak distance from the earth and therefore appears smaller in respect to the Sun. It is known as a micro-moon.)