New Moon December 2023 ~ Slinky


The New Moon 12 December 2023 is at 20º Sagittarius Decan 3. Aspect: Quincunx Uranus. Fixed Star: Ras Alhague in the head of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer. Tarot Card: 10 Of Wands. Healing Crystal: Snowflake Obsidian

New Moon in Sagittarius Decan 3


Sagittarius decan 3 is an extremely sensitive zone of the zodiac for at night it teems with slithering serpents, dragons and scorpions stingers. The new Moon here will make it quite a treacherous labyrinth to navigate, and one where you will have to be good at feeling your way through the dark! 

What it really comes down to is being able to trust the universe enough to hope it takes you to where you need to be. In some ways, it can actually be an advantage not to be able to see the scary creatures dangling between the dimensions. So this zone carries two extremes. Some folks born with the Moon here can see too much and are driven mad by the true nature of reality (Van Gogh.) while others find the unknown fascinating and enjoy the challenge (Shelley). What that means for this new moon is that it will either turn us howling mad or help us build very strong psychic shields. (Like building immunity)

In the midst of all this peak lunacy we will need to have the sense to pause in our journey. The successful ones will develop enough patience to wait until they feel more in tune with their path. Another possibility is the habit of summoning up the monsters that no one wants to face (Trump & Farage have their moon here natally!) Those born with their moon here will have evilness projected onto, them especially at this new moon!

However at the same time a combination of naïveté and idealism will help some of us sail through anything. The lurking demons will then lose their power over us. Saturn ruling this decan can make us addicted to a kind of “I’ll prove the public (Moon) wrong” attitude. Each challenge we are faced with and supersede, will only make us crave yet another one. But equally we can easily burn themselves out if they we not careful. Try to keep your feet on the ground!

Full Moon Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with this decan is the ten of wands “The Ten of Wands can suggest that someone has put a saddle on your back and will ride you to hell if they want.  They may see you as a workhorse and take advantage of your good nature and willingness to help.

You may be given the hardest and messiest tasks to carry out, and because you are obliging and successfully complete them, more and more is then asked of you.” ~ Teachmetarot. This being the tropical sign of the archer, the work-horse metaphor is quite appropriate. The trusting nature too is shown and the Saturn rulership of this decan gives us a strong work ethic also. At this time we could work extremely hard or zone out altogether.

Full Moon Fixed Star

Ras Alhague is the brightest star in the snake charmer, sparkling sapphire falls around the area of what would be the medicine man’s third eye. I have written about this star in detail in the Ophiuchus post. I see this constellation resonating very strongly with Eris. “When Ophiuchus, encircled by the serpent’s great coils, rises he renders the forms of snakes innocuous to those born under him. They will receive snakes into the folds of their flowing robes, and will exchange kisses with these poisonous monsters and suffer no harm” [1] While Robson says “It gives misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity.”

As with all stars and constellations related to occult wisdom, this one has got an extremely bad rap. But the Ebertins give us a clue to its higher vibrations ” Connected with these are Neptunian tendencies, making the native especially prone to infectious contamination caused by toxins. People thus influenced are easy going in the use of medical drugs, hallucinatory drugs stimulating foodstuffs, too much good living and overindulgence in tobacco and alcohol. …Besides the lower emanations, there are supposedly higher influences attributed to this star, ‘though only very few people are able to attune themselves to these influences”.

new Moon December 2023 Astrology

New Moon December 2023

New Moon Aspects

Moon quincunx Uranus

When the Moon is quincunx Uranus the public mood is in flux and extremely changeable. The situation can shockingly shift in an instant so it very hard to plan an event for this day. However the vibe is that anything is possible, so if you hope for the best you may be very pleasantly surprised. Go for your dreams, but be prepared to adjust them slightly to suit the audience. The secret is compromise, but if you also deliver something unexpected on the side the public will lap that up too!

Venus opposite Jupiter

Venus opposition Jupiter can cause people to act self-indulgently. The conjunction can be lucky and attract big money, but with the danger of entitlement. The spoilt diva attitude can cause envy and resentment. Use this energy to pamper yourself but go easy on the expense as you could get quite carried away and regret it later. The aspect is a gambler too, can overstep its boundaries and often cause offence.

New Moon December 2023 Summary

This slinky December new moon in Sagittarius might seem quite dark and dangerous but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is a very healing moon since it occurs on the very powerful star Ras Alhague in Ophiuchus the medicine man after all! We can develop our intuition at this time and tap into the collective for artistic inspiration.

This new moon’s aspects can make us quite indulgent, especially as we are coming up to Christmas and we will want to treat ourselves and others. Instead the treat should be as healthy as possible; For example Epsom salts (to heal those aching muscles) or raw, organic dark chocolate. Both these treats are rich in magnesium which helps us sleep deeply. Did you know dark chocolate is a prebiotic? So it also helps feed the good bacteria in your gut.

At this December 12 new moon we need to get the work/life balance right and not take on too many burdens suggested by the ten of wands tarot card. Too many of us work extremely hard before the holidays so we can have a good rest for two weeks. Plus for anyone in sales this time is often their busiest time of the year. So do make sure you balance out your timetable well before this new moon so that you can make the most of Ophiuchus’ healing energy.

New Moon December Healing Crystal

I chose Snowflake obsidian because, hey it’s snowflake season and Obsidian is often used for healing and releasing energy blockages. So truths are brought to the surface quickly with its help. Crystals like Obsidian provide grounding and protection and are used to cleanse a negative work environment. It is a great emotional healer that can purge negative emotions like anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, etc. 

Snowflake obsidian

“The healing energies of this stone will help you achieve a balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Whatever is causing you fear, pain or worry will be removed. It will calm and soothe you. It will reassure you that there’s no need to feel afraid when you know that you will always get the support that you need.

It’s also a stone that is associated with divine guides and guardian spirits. The Snowflake Obsidian is a reminder that they are just watching over you and pulling you close in a warm and protective embrace.” ~ crystals&

Soothing and calming, Snowflake Obsidian is known for its balancing properties. It teaches you to value your failures just as well as your victories. Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity that unites mind, body, and spirit. It helps block negative thought spirals and promotes inner centring. Snowflake Obsidian transmutes isolation and loneliness turning it into healing ‘me time’.