New Moon December 2015 ~ ‘Privates’

The New Moon on December 11 2015 is at 19º of Sagittarius Decan 1
Aspect: Square Jupiter. Fixed Star: Sabik in Ophuichus. Dignity: Face.

Shamans & ‘Privates’ Investigators.This Moon seems to be about hidden knowledge and the importance of using it with integrity. It is vital during this New Moon period, that we keep in contact with nature.

New moons tend to make us want to plant new seeds and start afresh. But we are essentially working blind however, without the illumination of the Sun’s wisdom. With a New Moon we are working 100% on our instincts so any decisions made at this time will be from habitual drives and infantile cravings which may not be in our best interests. Yes we should listen to our body, because the more we tune into it, the more we can tell the difference between a wounded Full Moon December 2015ancestor who is crying out for attention and a genuine gut-feeling that is ones trusted intuition. Otherwise discernment is needed, because the guidance of the Sun (the light of truth) is missing at the New Moon and one may easily be hoodwinked.

New Moon December Meaning

A New Moon can work powerful manifestation magic because the Moon is furthest from the earth and this frees the imagination from material limits. Magic should only be performed if you have truly deprogrammed yourself from mass media influence and have healed all your ancestral wounds. Otherwise, thought-seeds planted at the New Moon will grow, so be careful what you wish for!

This is why I no longer write in detail about rituals one should conduct at the lunations, because it is like dabbling with a Ouija board. Read this post to see why I have changed my mind about the Moons influence. Are We Moon food? Please regard the New Moon Horoscope as a map of the terrane and use it as an alert to Lunar hazards! Moon conjunct True Lilith corresponds to the Lunar Apogee when the Moon is furthest from the earth.

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