Full Moon July 2023 ~ Adventure


The Full Moon 3 July 2023 at 11º Capricorn Decan 2. Aspect: Opposite Mercury & Trine Jupiter. Fixed Star: Nunki in the vane of the archers hand in Sagittarius. Tarot Card: 3 Of Pentacles. Healing Crystal: Green Aventurine

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Full Moon in Capricorn decan 2

This is a tough place for the sensitive moon. Instead of home comforts we are expected to live in a fairly spartan manner at this time. The land in Capricorn Decan 2 is hard and dry to the moon, so it will take some toil to make it fertile. Much depends on carefully organising structures in order to yield the best results. There will be a deferring of gratification here too.

At this time we will grow up and evolve after a series of hard knocks. Therefore we might find it hard to be empathetic to anyone who sees themselves as a victim. Those touched by this full moon will have the ‘pull themselves up by their bootstraps’. Those who are successful at this time may not be granted the best looks, background, or any other material advantages. So this full moon in Capricorn 2 will teach us to make the best of what we have got. Sometimes success at this time is helped by pairing up with a richer, popular or influential partner.

Full Moon Tarot Card

3 Of pentacles

The tarot card associated with this decan is the Three Of Pentacles. This card depicts the architect and specialised tradesmen. It is about learning practical skills and putting long-term commitment into building something that will last. Churches are both something useful, lasting and sacred.

In this incarnation, you are ” being rewarded at long last for all the effort you have been putting in for so many years (Lifetimes). Others are prepared to back you now and offer support where in the past you struggled alone with your ideas and plans for the future.” ~ teachmetarot.

These folk can be elitists, but the material gain that comes with this decan is usually well earned and deserved. The evolved native does not become complacent, nor expect rewards to be handed to them on a plate. Everything is worked hard for and material gains are valued and reinvested for future generations.

Full Moon Fixed Star


Nunki is found in the vane of the archers hand: “is an indicator of one who may be expected to be an authoritative orator on Sagittarius and Capricorn topics on business, state or foreign affairs, religion. Interest in long-distance travel and in ships and aeroplanes.” [2] Nunki has the nature of Jupiter and Mercury and brings truthfulness, optimism and a religious mind.

What the Full Moon July 2023 means for your sign

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Full Moon July 2023 Astrology

Full Moon July 2023

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