Solar Eclipse 8 April 2024 ~ Pass The Baton


The New Moon Solar Eclipse on 8th April 2024 is at 19º Aries Decan 2Aspect: Square Ceres. Fixed Star: Epsilon Reticulum. Asteroid: Chiron. Tarot Card: 3 of Batons. Healing Crystal: Carnelian

Moon In aries decan 2

The solar eclipse April 2024 has no unique dignity in Aries decan 2. This Moon tends to act in opposition to popular culture. It acts as a protector and warrior rather than a nurturer. It does not want its children to be too dependent, so it teaches them to be strong and independent.

So, this new Moon will teach us to be sovereign and self-reliant. Those touched by this eclipse may perceive the family as a shackle. They want to be able to keep active and travel light. We may need help putting down roots at this time. We will feel like the proverbial rolling stone that gathers no moss. 

For the collective, this solar eclipse teaches us that we cannot rely on the government and will need to find other ways to support ourselves. We will realise that clinging to the apron strings of the nanny state comes with a considerable price these days.

What the Solar Eclipse April 2024 means for your sign

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Eclipse Tarot Card

The Tarot card associated with Aries decan 2 is the three of wands. Karmically, this card’s primary meaning is travel and liberating yourself from a painful situation in a past life. “Whatever you have been working on has taken off, and the results are beginning to show. The future looks bright and rosy from where you are standing. 

The Three of Wands brings with it a sense of personal power and becoming aware of your place in the world. It is a time of tremendous growth and personal development. You are ready to spread your wings and take on the world.” ~ Teachmetarot. You can see that the season has established itself. Aries 2 is secure in itself and ready to shine.

Eclipse Fixed Star 

The Fixed star Epsilon Reticulum is in the constellation of the star measurer. “Reticulum means a netlike formation or structure, a network. A reticle was a scientific instrument used to measure star positions, a grid of fine lines in the focus of an optical instrument used for determining the scale or position of what is being looked at. The grid lines of meridians and parallels lines on a map is sometimes referred to as a net.” ~ Anne Wright.

We can use a net to catch prey, adding another instrument of capture to this decan with the Chained Princess. Again, we have to make sure that we use these tools judiciously. Anne Wright goes on to make an interesting observation of the nature of the net. She refers to the mythology of Hephaestus and Aphrodite. Hephaestus, the unfortunate consort of the most desired Goddess, used a fine bronze net to trap Aphrodite‘s many lovers, the ultimate humiliation for the captured suitor.

Eclipse Asteroid

The solar eclipse is conjunct Chiron at 19º Aries. Technically Chiron is a comet, but the themes of healing from childhood wounds gets further fuel from the involvement of this planet. In health, Chiron unites the mind with the body. Alternative healing techniques recognise that disease starts in the mind. Chiron is about holistic healing, making whole, mixing old methods with new. The other Centaurs had no self-control, which is why they are sometimes associated with addiction. Chiron used drugs rather than abuse them. Another drug reference is the poison arrows. Poisons can be medicine or deadly, depending on the amount taken. It is Chiron who controls the dose, which is why we find it strong in the medical profession. Chiron is the wounded healer, so at this time we realise our wounds could be our greatest gifts since having suffering the pain of those we want to heal ourselves we have greater empathy and sensitivity.

Solar Eclipse april 2024 Astrology

A solar eclipse is a turbo-charged new moon, and the Sun and the Moon are both square Ceres. Additionally, both this new Moon and the following full Moon have Ceres trine the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.

So this vital conjunction that happens every 12 years is incredibly rebellious and forceful; they can bring remarkable success, especially for those involved with spiritual or social reformation. This seed moment can create exciting new utopias and visions for the future that inspire people to follow their path to illumination.

Moon square Ceres in the sky could bring grief to the collective. A beloved public figure may pass away, or there could be upsetting news about children. Sometimes, there is a heroic rescue connected with environmental issues. This aspect could highlight ancestral trauma or the need to address any unrecognised childhood wounds one may have. It would be a good day for a counselling session as the square does not sugar-coat and will get to the root of any problems.

Sun Square Ceres has a great deal to prove. Hence, this combination often yields super-successful workaholics. Of course, some may choose tranquil, traditional lives and live simply with the earth, but others will aim to rise from rags to riches spurred by painful or deprived childhoods. Themes here can be of loss, abuse and pain, which fuels an extreme desire to rise from the ghetto.

If we lose our spiritual connection with the earth, then there is a danger that we will instead become overly obsessed with money and power. Greediness is over-compensation due to childhood abandonment and being raised by a narcissistic parent. Eating disorders are seen with this tricky aspect, too. The worst cases will show as bulimia since Ceres can veer from feast to famine. Over-idealisation of the mothering role is common, which, in extreme cases, can lead to misogyny in men.

A Critical Eclipse For The Monarchy

I’ve seen Jupiter as the liberator when someone is dying of a painful cancer. Plus, Jupiter is also a growth. Put all this with the grieving Ceres, I thought of King Charles III. Then I looked at his chart to see the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction falls on his Mars 20º/Vertex 22º Pisces conjunction in his house of children. (William taking the reins?) The Solar Eclipse is in close conjunction with Charles’s MC at 13º Aries. As for the UK, checking the nation’s chart is always important when considering the transition from one monarch to another. 

The ruler of the 10th house (Head of state) is the Moon. (All our Queens have been major players in British history.) The Moon is at, guess what? 19º Cancer. So this April solar Eclipse at 19º Aries is square the UK’s national chart Moon. I’m never one to predict death with regular folk, but I am saying this eclipse is crucial for the royal family. The critical time is between the 8th and the 20th of April when the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction perfects. Usually, a faster-moving inner planet or an eclipse will trigger that outer-planet conjunction to ignite something significant. But it may simply be that Charles officially retires from public service to focus on his health and lets William take over around this time.

Katherine, Princess Of Wales ~ Eclipse Crucial For her

UPDATE: I wrote this article and “prediction” before the sad news of Princess Katherine’s cancer diagnoses, so of course this eclipse only amplifies the tragic circumstances of the royal household at this time. I took a look at Katherine’s natal chart and the eclipse will be stunning for her. Katherine has a natal cardinal T-square to Saturn at 21º Libra from her Sun opposite Moon. Her Sun is at 19º Capricorn, her Moon is at 18º Cancer and she was born on an eclipse. This current Solar eclipse will fill the empty leg of her T-square at 19º Aries turning it into a grand cross. Extremely karmic. Let’s hope and pray she can resurrect from this one! But it does look like a very tough six months ahead for the Princess.

Solar Eclipse Summary

This April Solar Eclipse is excellent for growing up and healing from childhood wounds. Sometimes, this can be because a family has to pull together due to the kingpin or matriarch having been diagnosed with a severe illness. The family or tribe must work together to heal rifts so that the transference of responsibility to the new head is smooth and without trauma.

Aries decan 2 encourages self-reliance and independence; however, taking the lead to form a supportive network is also crucial at this time. Aries make outstanding leaders, especially in an emergency, so Sun, rising, or MC decan 2 Rams may get an unexpected sudden promotion. Be prepared to jump into the saddle at a moment’s notice. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction heralds an awakening and a thunderbolt of truth to the collective. For us as individuals, check out my Jupiter in Taurus post to get an idea of what this liberating conjunction means for you personally.

Solar Eclipse Healing Crystal

I chose Carnelian because it is fantastic for healing conflict between family members. It is also an excellent earthy stone in the face of all this exceedingly wired Jupiter/Uranian energy. Carnelian is a superb crystal for grounding oneself in the present moment.

Beyond its capacity to replenish lost vitality and motivation, it fosters creativity for those fresh Jupiter/Uranus undertakings. The levelling action of the Carnelian enhances concentration and dispels irrelevant thoughts. This crystal acts as a shield against envy, rage, and resentment while fostering a sense of joy.

Moreover, Carnelian is highly effective in overcoming abuse, fostering self-trust and sharpening perceptual abilities. It aids in clarifying thoughts and refining analytical skills. In addition to soothing anger, you can use a pale Carnelian to dispel all negative emotions, ushering in a profound sense of peace.