Full Moon November 2022


The Full Moon on November 8 2022 at 16º Taurus Decan 2
Aspect: Conjunct Uranus.

Moon Taurus Decan 2 ~ We can clearly see the exaltation of the Moon in this decan with those who have such a clear connection to the collective unconscious such as Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce who have this in their natal charts.  There is an over-absorption of everything that is out there in the cosmos, seen and unseen and from dimensions that may have a negative agenda. The Moon can be easily manipulated by these forces so at this time we can have difficulty discerning our own emotions from those around us.

This sensitivity, of course, can work in a positive manner too, where an artist can pick up the mood of the audience and modulate its performance to fit. This is a sensuous and empathic placement so a great time for a massage also. Moon Taurus 2 really does have healing hands and green fingers due to the Mercurial influence. This is a very maternal and material decan and the moon here adds yet more nurturing. Moon Taurus 2 makes fantastic hosts that throw lavish parties, but we may pay for it the next day as this energy loves to indulge. Nevertheless, at this time, those touched by this moon can have great business sense and attract pentacles to themselves like bees to honey.

Mostly the Moon tends to be happy in this decan and be able to overcome the negative aspects of the more problematic fixed stars. The fertile well of songwriting (Mercury/Moon rulership) is seen in the Lennon/McCartney Davison, with the exalted Moon making them so popular. In sharp contrast, we have the Fred/Rose West Davison. This murdering couple had their Moon just 16′ from Menkar, it ruled their house of death and opposed a Scorpio stellium in the 12th. With Lennon/McCartney their 1st house ruling Moon was totally un-aspected and unhindered to work its magic in the 11th house.



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