Aquarius New Moon 9 February 2024 ~ Cupido


The New Moon 9 February 2024 is at 20º Aquarius Decan 3. Aspect: Square Uranus. Fixed star: Nashira in the Goat’s Tail. Asteroid: Cupido. Tarot Card: 7 of Swords. Healing Crystal: Blue Lace Agate.

New Moon February in Aquarius Decan 3

The New Moon February 2024 promises to shed light on paradoxes and offer insights on how to resolve them. Take, for instance, the archetype of a humanitarian mother excelling in nurturing others’ youngsters rather than her own.

Princess Diana, embodying this lunar arrangement (She had her moon in this decan), boldly pushed the boundaries of acceptable conduct for a princess in true Aquarian fashion. Her proactive engagement with good causes, such as close contact with AIDS patients during the taboo-laden ’80s, exemplifies the potential of this new moon’s astrology. It sets the stage for manifestation magic, where the clash between the old and the new unfolds within this revolutionary decan.

In Aquarius decan 3, the moon outshines the sun, calmly practising lunar sorcery beneath the moonbeams. Positioned here, it remains steadfast in its soul’s mission, unswayed by the Sun’s egoistic yearning for glory. Those attuned to this new moon feel comfortable with the fact that societal acceptance may forever elude them, recognizing the inherent corruption within the system. The new moon emphasizes the importance of avoiding the trap of service-to-self in favour of serving others.

New Moon February 2023 Astrology

New moon Aspects

The new moon’s aspect with Uranus, a square that may bring volatility and moodiness, inspires innovation and genius. This encourages us to let our ideas flow, even if deemed ‘far out’ and are initially challenged. While rejection may be felt from the mainstream, it’s often the outliers who possess the most original and unusual ideas. Embracing uniqueness then, promises future rewards!

Mercury square Jupiter brings an optimistic and expansive tone, encouraging a positive outlook and the formation of visionary plans. Despite these benefits, the challenge lies in the potential difficulty of narrowing our focus, leading to indecision and procrastination. It’s crucial to pay attention to finer details to avoid errors of judgment. As we navigate this influence, caution is needed to prevent communication pitfalls, such as arrogance or indiscretion. Overly optimistic tendencies or exaggeration may result in embarrassment or disappointment. To mitigate these risks, it’s advised to refrain from making promises beyond our capabilities and resist overstating our prowess when envisioning future plans.

Long-distance relationships are accentuated with Venus trine Uranus. With this soft aspect, there won’t be the gut-wrenching drama of missing each other, however. Instead, the distance will be seen as exciting and the use of technology to connect frequently will make up for the physical remoteness. This aspect also amplifies Cupido the exciting but non-commital love asteroid.

New Moon Tarot, Star & Asteroid

The fixed star Nashira at 21º in the sea goat’s tail suggests overcoming evil for success but warns of potential danger from unknown sources. The star’s influence extends to life changes, legal advisory roles, and the cultivation of integrity and justice. There’s a hint of ancient wisdom, possibly tied to innate abilities to apply natural law fairly.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the Seven of Swords, urging strategic thinking and adaptability. Past lives might have thrust individuals into dire circumstances, leading to law-breaking survival tactics and the development of a charming rogue persona. It aligns with the ‘testing’ tendencies inherent in this decan.

Cupido, the asteroid linked to desire, love, and erotic attraction, fittingly aligns with Valentine’s Day celebrated this month. Depicted as a slender young man or cherubic figure with wings and a bow, Cupido’s symbolism captures the flighty and fickle aspects of love. Its influence sparks both desire and potential fear of commitment.

Healing Crystal Blue Lace Agate


For healing, the suggested crystal is Blue Lace Agate, a calming and cooling stone. With potent throat-healing properties, it facilitates expressive communication. Beyond neutralizing anger, inflammation, infection, and fever, it nurtures and supports, aiding in the release of pent-up frustration and resentment.

This crystal proves valuable for letting go of old emotions, particularly those stemming from childhood trauma, and offers substantial support for public speaking and performance anxiety. Keeping it in your pocket during important events ensures its soothing energy guides you through challenges.

New Moon February 2024 Summary

The energies of the new moon empower individuals to pursue their soul’s mission independently of egoistic desires for social approval. Emphasizing the importance of acknowledging systemic corruption, the advice is to prioritize service to others over self-service. The new moon highlights paradoxes, drawing inspiration from Princess Diana’s proactive stance in challenging societal norms, especially during her engagement with AIDS patients in the ’80s.

This Aquarius decan 3 new moon is conducive to manifestation magic and emphasizing the clash between old and new within this revolutionary decan. The fixed star Nashira at 21º in the tail of the sea goat signifies overcoming evil for success but cautions against potential danger from unknown sources. Its influence is tied to change, legal advisory roles and the cultivation of integrity and justice. The associated tarot card calls for strategic thinking and adaptability.

Cupido’s presence underscores the fickle nature of love, particularly in conjunction with experimental Uranus and his fear of commitment. Yet, it also serves as inspiration for unexpected desires. The square with Uranus may be volatile but encourages innovation and genius. Individuals are urged to embrace their unique and original ideas, even if faced with initial rejection.

Blue Lace Agate is calming and cooling with throat-healing properties. It facilitates verbal expression, neutralizes anxiety, and supports the release of old childhood traumas triggered by Moon square Uranus. Overall, the summary captures the new moon’s encouragement for individual authenticity, acknowledgement of systemic issues, and the potential for transformative and innovative endeavours.

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