New Moon February 2015

The New Moon February 18 is at 29º Aquarius and falls in Aquarius Decan 3
Horny Pan Pipers & Judge Mental. Rulers: Moon & Venus. Deity: Osiris.

“The New Moon brings the confrontation of the old with the new and is revolutionary and edgy. A moon like this is an innovator, the breaker of moulds and can be the collectives catalyst for change. A restless, experimental, inventive mind will bring success, but our personal life can suffer as we find it hard to get excited about mundane, domestic matters. We will get bored very easily and need constant novelty. This is a new, and re-new Moon in a constant state of flux.”

New Moon februaryThe New Moon falls on Delta Hydrus in Hydrus the male water snake. It’s not a particularly bright or notable star. This little known constellation slithers quietly near the South Pole. The hydros is a serpent who lives by water, if one is struck by its venom they swell up and this is only remedied by the application of cow dung! To me this myth speaks of a negative Jupiters tendency to swelling and excess. This can be tempered by Saturnian manure… Saturn is good at stripping down and decomposing. Is the shit going to hit the fan?

This is a bit of a dull Moon aspect wise, with just a semi-sextile to Mars. But the fact that it is the second New Moon in Aquarius gives us something to get excited about. This is unusual and was because the first New Moon in January was at 0º Aquarius while this one is at 29º 59’ Aquarius. So this is about as on the tipping point to Pisces as you can get! This Moon really is on the cutting edge of change here and is quite apt for a New Moon in the decan that is about the confrontation of the old and the new. The collective is on the threshold, we are so, so, nearly there… but frustrating not quite, by just ONE minute. So if you really want to make a radical change, then this is this moon to start something really innovative. You could go for a shocking new make-over or start a creative project that will be really controversial. Dare to be different, experiment and don’t be afraid of being wrong. Even if you get “in the shit” for it! Manure will always de-compose to fuel another day.

New Moon February 2015 Meaning

Talking about manure… I think the Ceres conjunct Pluto square the nodes has a very “de-composing” feel about it. Pluto rules the evacuation process and Ceres is the food we eat before it goes into our digestion system. The themes of ecology, what fuel we put into our body and how it is processed comes to mind. Many of us are poisoning ourselves through our diet and there has been a lot of discussion recently on the net about how addicted (Pluto) we are to grains (Ceres).

New Moon February
New Moon Chart

Many people are suffering from leaky gut syndrome as a result of too much bread consumption. And then there is the whole GMO issue too. There are some foods which actually have so many preservatives in them that they take an extremely long time to de-compose. Think what that could do inside you? The stomach is our brain too. They don’t say trust your gut for nothing!

Suggested Items For Your Altar:

The tarot card 7 Swords, some pan pipes, a judges wig, the feather of a swan, a fish tail, some compost, seeds, serpent symbol, a cutting edge, an icon of Osiris, lavender, a quartz crystal, almonds, water lily, black onyx, sandalwood incense, malachite, something old and something new, the very 1st Doctor Who!


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