Solar Eclipse June 2011 – Parallel Lives


The June 1 2011 Solar Eclipse is at 11 degrees Gemini and on the Fixed Star Aldebaran. Its is also trine Saturn. This is a heavy-weight, foundation-building Moon and a very special eclipse because Alderbaran is one of the royal stars.

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The chart picture suggests construction time. The parallel lines look like a rail road track, with the masons set-square lying across it. It could also be two lines of parallel fate because they are both very different destinies. The eclipse trine is the traditional
route, the habits we have built up over generations.

The Moon trine Saturn is the ingrained mindset we inherit. Our internal Mum and Dad. This trine wants to cuddle up on the sofa, munch the harvest and maintain the status quo. It’s a materialist aspect and Saturn is as material as you can get. It is the crystalliser, dense, solid and secure. This side of the Eclipse is like a fortress padded with layers of wadding internally. It’s the perfect protection from the big bad world.

The parallel fate is symbolised by Ceres square the North Node of the Moon, which is conjunct fixed star Ras Alhague in the snake charmer. The square is Martian, dynamic and proactive, Ceres is on Markab in the wing of Pegasus “The constellation gives ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice and bad judgment”. [1] So Ceres is looking rather reckless here. Ceres can be about great loss or great gain, so this is a gambler. Of course the myth of Pegasus was that his rider did reach for the stars, but then fainted at the last hurdle. Pegasus though continued and got there in the end. Now Pegasus was born out of the blood of Medusas head (Algol) and last Moon was opposed Algol, which spoke of deposing heads of state or religion. Pegasus reached the stars without his rider, (his ego or boss). Pegasus inherits the spirit of it’s Lilith Star mother, Algol. So this horse is a renegade and agnostic. All the stars in Pegasus all share a certain amount of hubris. This parallel fate learns to get to Heaven without the aid of a priest.

North Node in Ophuichius

We have also had a spate of Saturnian moons, which have been all about authority figures and how we relate to them. The way we relate to our society (Saturn/MC) stems from how we see Mum. Interestingly the Hubers count Saturn as a feminine planet and this actually makes sense since the Saturn ruled 10th house is also the house of the Mother. The mother is usually the child’s first experience of discipline.

So Ceres is like the alternative mother, the angry wounded mother who has lost her precious daughter. She is the woman scorned. The square here brings out this side of her and so does the North Node since it is on Ras Alhague the snake charmer in our rejected 13th sign, the constellation Ophuichus. So This side of the track is essentially, the wrong side of the tracks. That Ceres square North Node here is the disenfranchised, the exiled, it is the angry mob.

So back to the other side of the tracks. We have the elite, the royal star Aldebaran born with a silver spoon in its mouth. Is the fat cow going to fiddle while Rome burns or will it get off its lazy arse and invest that trine into something worthy? How those bulls like to hoard and procrastinate… According to Robson Aldebaran give great riches and honor, good fortune and all the nice Venusian treats, but danger of disgrace and ruin. Bernadette Brady says all Royal Stars have this risk of falling from a great height if their power is used for selfish motives. For Alderbaran this means its imperative to act with integrity.

So he we have things being spelt out incredible clearly at this eclipse. The rich and poor divide. Are the elite going to help those less fortunate? Of course this can also be East and West, Muslims and Christians, left-wing and right-wing, Male and female… The theme is polarites.

The last solar eclipse on Aldebaran was May 31 2003, 9.20 Gemini. If this eclipse is hitting you strongly then it might be useful to find out if anything significant happened back then. So far the theme seems to be that of building foundations for the future, but in a way that incorporates all castes and creeds of people. In our personal life this means an all embracing lifestyle that does not ghetto-ize. Not locking ourselves away in our ivory towers, and being brave enough to cross the tracks and mix with other cultures and religions. Maybe the last time it hit you were on the wrong side of the tracks and this time you are in a better position to help those less fortunate.


Jamie quoted in his Jupiter Yod 2012 Nick at The Lunar Planner Forum, “Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, specifically for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change.”

This fits very well with what I was talking about earlier. The rebuilding. And what happens at this Moon may give clues to what the Jupiter Yod 2012 means for humanity since that Jupiter will also be on Aldebaran. I note that in that Yod Lilith is also conjunct Lilith. I think these two charts are linked somehow. The card I picked for the Eclipse is “The High Priestess” which is also very apt as this is the number II card, is ruled by the Moon and she is often depicted infront of two pillars. Two parallel lines!

“The High Priestess” urges us to be aware of symbols, dreams, the aches and pains of our bodies and our instincts and gut reactions. This also relates back to taking the parallel fate road. It is the road less traveled ad we do have to feel our way using senses that might feel alien to us. We have to see with a different sort of vision as we have no guidelines. Taurus is a very sensual archetype, it feels good in nature and takes strength from the earth.

Both these parallel paths are the same but different. The key is to realizing they have more in common than they realize. Sensual, Taurean, Alderbaran Moon listens to authoritative Saturn. While running along side them is a voluptuous, Virgoan, Ceres being guided by the hubris of Pegasus on the North Node.

This looks like fertile ground from which to grow. Both sides want to lay down foundations and build on them. So there are a few options:
1) Build two separate structures and maintain the polarity.
2) Build one massive structure, which then gets torn apart by the polarity.
3) Build two separate structures with a corridor linking the two. Accepting and incorporating the polarity.
It worked for Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera!

1. Fixed stars and Constellations in astrology. Robson p.56