Lunar Eclipse April 2014 ~ Cunning Wolves


The Lunar eclipse on April 15 2014 is at 25º Libra and on Spica. It is also conjunct Ceres. This is a double whammy in terms of the Virgo/Persephone archetype. Spica is the star on the sprig of wheat held by the Virgin. Lunar eclipses are extra emotional full Moons and this one is extra pregnant with promise too. Usually events come to completion at a lunar eclipse and they are often a resolution of a triangular situation. With Ceres active there are a variety of possibilities: 1) A triangular love relationship where mother-in-law comes between husband and wife. 2) A mother/whore complex so we have a married man caught between mother of his kids and a tempting mistress. 3) An ex-wife and biological mother of children coming between a couple.


Stepfamilies and triangular relationships are a very strong theme here, but if we look at it in terms of work the triangle could also be between the bread-and-butter office job (Ceres/Moon) versus the risk of going self-employed and living your dream (Eris/Sun). This Lunar eclipse is the start of what will become Persephone’s Wand on July 15 when Mars (direct again) will join Ceres on the North Node. “One could channel it into defending the weak and innocent, as this aspect is fiercely protective. But negatively this aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure. Put this together with the Nodes would mean that one would utterly need to become autonomous (or one is fated to help others become autonomous) in order to get back on track with their life.”

Lunar Eclipse Aspects

Moon conjunct Ceres: “is super-mum, the ultimate in matriarchs, the Queen of Pentacles and the Empress archetype. This does not necessarily mean he or she is particularly maternal however…Their parenting style is that of practical, material care that demands respect. They rule their house very much like the Queen Bee and expect their children to defer to their authority.” 

Sun opposite Ceres:“A life of triumph over adversity. There can be an over-idealisation of the mothering role, in extreme cases this can lead to misogyny. Ceres opposite the sun can be ripe for exhibiting the virgin/whore syndrome in certain men. In the case of women, the whore is projected onto another woman.”


Although the Lunar eclipse is not activating the Cardinal cross directly, it is still a little too close for comfort with so many planets in opposition on the Aries/ Libra axis.  Pluto (opposite judge Jupiter) is stationing, wondering to give power to. The energy is teetering on a knife edge where it appears the Aries/solar side of this eclipse has it in the bag until the 11th hour. This lunar eclipse is a kind of cosmic snooker game where the black is potted the winner is declared, but then quite unexpectedly, the luck of Spica/Arcturus nudges the outcome the other way.

It seems an angels breathe causes the white ball to follow the black ball into the pocket, allowing the ‘loser’ to win. But the nodes are the key and it looks like the past will catch up with Aries. The South Node in Aries (The past) is on fixed star Alrisha, the knot that binds together the constellation of Pisces. These are stale, old karmic ties, patterns of behaviour that have lasted over centuries and many life times. Over on the other side however, the North Node is in Libra decan 3, giving a tough edge to Spica’s usual benign garden of delights. By 28º Libra “the more reckless and passionate side of the Herdsman (Bootes) takes over. When the Libran scales get the balance right it brings great success. How can one fail with Spica’s genius and talent blended with cocksure Arcturus’s great good luck?”

The eclipse chart is certainly striking with all those red squares, but there is healing hope in the fact that an exalted Venus on humanitarian Skat is casting a loving trine towards Jupiter. Love heals all in the end. A pure heart can renew our faith (Jupiter) in human nature and hopefully the positive energy generated will ensure justice will be done. In the end, the fertile earth mothers and fathers have the upper hand because they want to create a safe future for their children. This doesn’t mean that we are all going to play it safe, stay domesticated and keep our heads down like good little serfs. It might look that way on the outside, for a while…That is until a direct Mars joins Persephone’s wand in July! Remember this lunar eclipse stays in effect for at least three months, just long enough to for the wand to reactivate this eclipse for one more spurt of magic. Early July we may get a bit of a “mop-up” effect as this eclipse goes into its death throws. If this eclipse shows a teetering situation, by July 15 it should be pretty clear which way the scales will fall and Alrisha’s loose ends should be well and truly tied up by August.


The lunar eclipse is conjunct Asteroids Hekate and Leto. Both very relevant to this eclipse since Hekate is about standing at the cross-roads and Leto is a mother goddess caught in a triangular relationship with Hera and her husband Zeus. (Leto is actually Hekate’s Auntie also) Leto’s story is that she was pregnant with twins Apollo and Artemis representing the Sun and the Moon. (Just perfect for this Lunar eclipse.) Only Leto was banned from giving birth to them on anything classed as “land” due to Hera’s jealousy. Eventually Leto found the island of Delos, which is supposed to be a floating island. Leto is also associated with wolves, which she befriended while on her search for a den for her impending babies.

Wolves are traditionally supposed to have difficulties in birthing their young, but they also seem to turn up in many of the twin myths (Romulus and Remus for example). What this shows to me is some cunning is needed to be able to birth something of value to us. We have to find some loophole in the law perhaps to get our plans off the ground. (A floating island!) The house this eclipse falls in your chart will show where you have to outwit a third person who is sticking a spanner in your great work. You might need to gather strength in numbers by linking with close family. In the end blood ties will show themselves to be thicker than water.

Eclipse Key Words

Duty to family, blood is thicker than water, cunning wolves, sticking with your “pack”, strength in numbers, teetering on the edge, standing at the crossroads, triangular relationships, fertility, creativity, brilliance, the herd that turns, getting ideas off the ground, pregnant with possibilities, Virgin/Whore syndrome, the “loser” wins, change at the 11th hour.