Full Moon August 2023 ~ Flamboyant


The Full Moon 1 August 2023 at 9º Aquarius Decan 1. Aspect: Square Jupiter & Moon Trine Ceres. Fixed Star: Alpha Tucana in the Toucan. Tarot Card: 5 Of Swords. Healing Crystal: Fluorite.

Full Moon In Aquarius decan 1

Moon isn’t comfortable in a decan that emphasises cutting the umbilical cord to freedom. Those touched by this full moon will rebel and feel at odds with common people. Despite its constant search, at this time we migh find it hard to find a sanctuary.

Due to its utopian nature, this full moon Aquarius 1 has difficulty reconciling its high expectations with the reality of earthly domestic life. As the month progresses, any feeling of alienation matures into a great sense of self-sufficiency.

This full moon then gives orphans and wanderers the capability to look after themselves, put down roots and find security. For others this could be a period of time, when we may have to provide temporary accommodation for those experiencing difficult life transitions. For those of us who are more Aquarian or Uranian we will find a cosmic home amongst other outsiders.

Full Moon Tarot Card


The tarot card associated with this decan is the five of swords. Its Tarot meaning is not that pleasant, and it is seen as being self-serving or as someone who profits from the anguish of others. Karmically we have to look at this card as this decan having suffered abuse from ruthless actions or even of having been the perpetrator of harsh behaviour. Altair’s Eagle in this decan is a predator so it is not surprising there can be a sharp edge to this decan.

“The Five of Swords can sometimes symbolise the overcoming of inner demons and negative mindsets.  The battle fought for personal freedom would not have come quickly or easily….This battle may have been a personal challenge for you and one that others believed you could not succeed in.” ~ teachmetarot.com. Being born into this decan gives you the tools to fight deftly with intellect. Swords generally represent swift and decisive thinking.

Full Moon Fixed Star

Alpha Tucana is found in the Toucan constellation. The comical looking bird can give some Aquarius decan 1s a kooky and sometimes garish appearance. Toucans toss objects such as berries in the air and jest around with each other playing “catch”. It’s a behaviour that earned them the title of the joker of the forest. Toucans can actually pitch and are said to never miss their target.

This behaviour takes us back to the focused aim of Sagitta the arrow again. Toucans use their long sharp beaks to duel with each other much like a fencer. The word bicker comes from the word ‘beak’. Aquarius decan 1 does enjoy a good verbal fencing match, their political rants can be entertaining but they sometimes go too far with the vitriol. Toucans are known to be one of the noisiest birds in the forest.

Full Moon August 2023 Astrology

Full Moon August 2023

Full Moon Aspects

Moon square Jupiter

Moon square Jupiter is a time when the public mood is over-the-top and exuberant. This is an unstoppable, carnival-type energy. There can be extremist and bombastic behaviour which can sometimes turn vulgar and lewd. People will want to gamble and take risks. It is hard to find a happy medium between feasting and fasting. There could be protests on restrictions in spending.

Moon Trine Ceres

Moon trine Ceres supports charity work and feeding the vulnerable. It is also a time when the collective feels nostalgia for what seems like a golden past. Ancient times and traditional values are glorified while antiques are more appealing. The wisdom and experience of older people are respected and honoured. Taking stock of the past and preserving items of value is fulfilling at this time. So affirm your ancestral connections and make strawberry jam with granny!

Full Moon August 2023 Aspects

This is an eccentric full moon. It is great for carnivals and festival season with the Toucan star being activated and the flamboyant Jupiter aspect in operation. Mars trine Jupiter is also brave and exuberant. There are some contradictions with Moon square Jupiter wanting to gamble and take risks while Moon trine Ceres is more conservative.

But we have a learning triangle here too where we have to cultivate balance between feasting and preserving food for the future. Get jam making then! Mercury opposite Saturn can think negatively but also have practical solutions to any upsets caused by extravagance. This opposition is a good aspect for balance and caution when the wild summer parties get out of hand.

Full Moon Healing Crystal

I picked Fluorite for this full moon as the turquoise and purple versions vibe so well with Aquarian energy. This stone functions as a great protector from EMFs and perfect for grounding when you feel spaced-out from computer overload. Fluorite is perfect for anyone experiencing spiritual burnout. It is able to absorb negative vibes and transmute them into positive ones. It is also great if you have been burning the candle at both ends too which is likely during festival season.

This crystal can help raise your vibration if you keep it in your environment. The purple version of fluorite brings peace and calm, promotes spiritual awakening and connects with the crown chakra. Purple Fluorite gives general protection and brings unconditional love in your life.

The blue bands help with releasing a blocked throat chakra and facilitate emotional honesty. Lastly, Fluorite is associated with innovation and genius. It is able to unravel profound thoughts of great complexity. Use this stone to unify both sides of your mind when your feel chaotic. Fluorite helps your brain work at 100% capacity and in perfect harmony.