Full Moon 23 August 2021 ~ Make A Wish


The Full Moon August 2021 falls at 29º Aquarius decan 3. It is the second Aquarian Full Moon this year which makes it a blue moon. The Full Moon astrology features a stunning grand air trine with Venus, Saturn, Ceres and the North Node. The Full Moon is conjunct the elegant fixed star Geniah in the Swan while the Sun is on tremendous royal star Regulus. Woo, some beautiful astrology here.

The Full moon aspect is Moon conjunct Jupiter which adds to the joyful vibe. In contrast the tarot card for Aquarius decan 3 is the sneaky 7 of swords which can be about breaking the law to survive. The crystal I have chosen for the Full Moon has to be blue! So I’m going for Lapis Lazuli.

Blue Moon Meaning

A Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons within a solar month. The phenomena can only happen when the first Moon is in the very first degree of a sign. What is the meaning of the Blue Moon? Full Moons are always a time of culmination, climax and carry great emotional power. But I’m not sure a Blue moon is any more magical than a standard moon. Even if it is in the same sign, it still falls in a different decan with another meaning.

The chart of this Aquarius Full moon is very different too; the last Aquarius Full Moon was hedonistic and edgy. This one is sweeter and makes peace. However, it is all about cycles and you will get two consecutive moons in the same house (If you use whole sign houses). So this full Moon might be about having a second chance. If you messed up with the last Aquarius Moon, reconciliation is possible, especially with that gorgeous Air trine. The last Full Moon had an irritation triangle and a tense T-square. What a contrast!

What Will The Full Moon August 2021 Mean For YOU?

The August 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius will fall in the solar/horoscopic: 1st house for AQUARIUS, 2nd house for CAPRICORN, 3rd House for SAGITTARIUS, 4th house for SCORPIO, 5th house for LIBRA, 6th house for VIRGO,  7th house for LEO,  8th house for CANCER, 9th house for GEMINI, 10th house for TAURUS , 11th house for ARIES and 12th house for PISCES

Full Moon In Aquarius Decan 3

The Moon fairs far better than the Sun in Aquarius decan 3 because it works its lunar sorcery calmly under the moonbeams. In this position, it isn’t enticed away from its souls’ mission by the Sun’s egoistic yearning for glory. Those who feel a connection to this Full Moon are cool with the fact that they will never really be accepted by society. They know how corrupt the system is! This full Moon conveys how important it is to avoid the trap of service-to-self as opposed to serving others.

Blue Moon Designs On Red Bubble

The Full Moon August 2021 will highlight paradoxes and how we can fix them. For instance, it can describe the humanitarian mother who may be better at nurturing others’ youngsters rather than her own.

Princess Diana (who had this moon arrangement) pushed to the limit in true Aquarian fashion what was acceptable conduct for a princess. Her pro-active way of dealing with good causes saw her in very close contact with AIDS patients, which was still taboo back in the ’80s.

This Full Moon astrology is just perfect for manifestation magic where old confronts the new within this revolutionary decan.

The grand trine comprises Saturn in Aquarius trine a glorious Venus in Libra trine North Node conjunct an abundant Ceres, both in Gemini. Saturn will crystallise the artistic dreams of Venus in Libra. The North Node falls in the stormy Hyades, which can be positive use the right way. That Hyades wind can encourage new projects to take off and enable them to soar. 

Full Moon August 2021 Astrology

Full Moon August 2021

Full Moon Fixed Star

The fixed star Geniah resides in the Swan’s wing. According to Vivian Robson: “Cygnus gives a contemplative, dreamy, cultured and adaptable nature. The affections are ill-regulated and unsteady; the talents develop late. There is some love of water and swimming and the arts.” 

The Swan is yet another bird associated with Jupiter, and this time it is one of his animal disguises. Jupiter took the form of a swan to seduce Leda, Queen of Sparta. Leda gave birth to two eggs.

The egg sired by Jupiter contained Pollux, the dark twin, while the other egg fathered by Leda’s husband, contained Castor the mortal twin. This twin influence of human imagination combined with divine inspiration fuels excellence in the arts 

Full Moon Crystal

I picked Lapis Lazuli because it offers you protection while allowing you to see through scoundrels, thieves and liars! This stone also supports discernment and wisdom when it comes to choosing a mate. It is also both mysterious and lucky due to the shimmering gold flashes that permeate the crystal.

Lapis Lazuli helps with shyness and gives you the confidence to pursue your dreams in love and creativity. This crystal is known as the stone of truth, which will help counter the tricky side of Aquarius decan 3. (Seen in the 7 of swords tarot card meaning.)

Full Moon August 2021 Summary

The August Aquarian Blue Moon is fantastic for healing rifts and inspiring art. Hopefully, this lunation will NOT leave you standing alone like the famous song! Venus trine Saturn will add some commitment in relationships that flower during this period. Go buy some rare blue roses and treat yourself to a Lapis Lazuli crystal.

Air signs will love the inspiring grand trine energy, especially if they have any personal planets or angles plugged into it. (5º-9º Air). Fire signs with planets at 5º- 9º fire will get the Kite effect. It will help soothe any fiery conflicts and free them from stagnation. So fly and glide like a Swan at this romantic Full Moon! Summing up, this is a highly positive, creative and healing lunation and not ‘blue’ in the metaphorical sense at all.

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