Full Moon 3 August 2020 ~ Icy Splendour

The full Moon on August 3, 2020 at 11º Aquarius

The Full Moon August 2020 is best for: Recovering from illness, finding a safe harbour, meme makers, quicksilver minds, mad professors and ice queens.

The Full Moon August 2020 is worst for: Nags, turbulance, slaughterers, trying for a baby, weddings, sailing.

Full Moon August 2020 Astrology ~ 6 Important Factors:

1 It will take place in the Aquarius Decan 2. Stately ducks & professional cranes.
2 The full moon will be on Albani in the left hand of the water bearer
3 The full moon will be square Uranus
4 Mercury opposite Saturn at 27º Cancer/Capricorn
5 The moon takes place in the 22nd lunar mansion ~ Sa’d al-Dhabih. The Lucky One Of The Slaughterers
6 The full moon tarot card is the 6 Of Swords.

2nd face of Aquarius ~ Picatrix

“A man who looks like a king, who permits much to himself and abhors what he sees. This is a face of beauty and position, having what is desired, completion, detriment, and debility”  

Full Moon August 2020 In The 22nd Lunar Mansion

“The moon in Sa’d al-Dhabih takes on a great burst of speed and energy. The image of his mansion is reminiscent of the Greek Hermes and the Roman Mercury the swift messenger of the gods with his helmet and winged feet. 

This is a mansion of speed but also a mansion of escape when it appears it means that we may soon receive a message for the answer to our queries and also signifies the end of an illness (CV?) and the onset of recovery or may indicate that we are escaping from an undesirable situation.

It also warns that it may be necessary to emulate the image of this mansion and act quickly in order to escape or that we are in need of liberation of an intolerable situation. Often we become too set in our ways and willing to put up with all sorts of pressures rather than make necessary changes.” [1]

1. The Lunar Mansions. Christopher Warnock. p. 107
2. The New Crystal Bible. Cassandra Eason. p. 200
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Full Moon August 2020 Astrology

Full Moon August 2020

August 2020 Full Moon Healing Crystal

Full Moon Crystal Nuumite


I chose Nuummite because it is great for magic against the sorcerers while keeping grounded and protected.

” Its wild-nature energies gives fiercely protective powers…a great antidote to urban & over-reliance on technology…  Hold in the center of your forehead to send a blast of nature energy down towards your feet, and it will bounce up again” [2]

“Nuummite, the Sorcerer’s Stone. Black as midnight shadows on moonlit water… lifting the murky to see what lies beneath.” ~ crystalvaults.com

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2 thoughts on “Full Moon 3 August 2020 ~ Icy Splendour”

  1. Thuis Full Moon happens in my birthday ,,,I’ve been through difficult time in my personal relationship for 2years,,,I hope I will close that chapter ?

  2. This full Moon happens on my solar return, so I’ll be living with this energy for a whole year.
    Additionally, Venus and the North Node are conjunct my natal Moon / Venus cnj.


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