Full Moon December 2021 ~ Christmas Ghosts


The Full Moon 18 December 2021 falls at 27º Gemini Decan 3. Aspect: Trine Jupiter. Fixed Star: Betelgeuse in Orion. Tarot Card: 10 Of Swords. Healing Crystal: Rhodochrosite

The big theme for this December full moon is nostalgia and looking to the karmic past. This period gives us a chance to let go of past hurts. Gemini Decan 3 is a busy decan with many possibilities. You could get poked by the bull’s horn (some of the constellation of Taurus straddles this decan), but don’t worry, the rest of the stars will probably protect you if you let them!

The imagination is very active here. Those touched by the full Moon December 2021 will have a great sense of what is trending. At the same time, the Moon is not particularly strong by dignity, so it has to cope with many different strategies. This Full Moon could bring out some two-faced and untrustworthy behaviour. Maybe some of the conduct is not intentionally duplicitous; it simply ebbs and flows along with the pervading mood.

Gemini, the sign flip-flops between positions and the Moon is very changeable emotionally anyway. The theme then in Gemini 3 will be that of dancing around different subjects and moods. This position, though, is very psychic as it is so well attuned to the collective consciousness and is quick to adapt to the changes in the atmosphere.

FULL MOON December 2021 Astrology

Full Moon December 2021

Full Moon Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with this decan is the ten of swords. Unfortunately, the air signs are stuck with the swords suit as representing them, so the imagery will not be as optimistic as the other elements.

We must remember that these cards must be read slightly differently when associated with the decans as they will show the lessons learned in other lifetimes and karma that may have already been paid back. With the 10, we have come to the end of a cycle, so it is associated with old souls. “Peace is on the way and an end to suffering.” 

This card is the end of the line and the darkest hour before dawn, which goes very well with its Saturn rulership. Karmically this life is about releasing. “However, you cannot just lie there and expect it all to be done for you and to you. Recovery depends on your letting go of and saying goodbye to the way you have been living and coping with things. Change is needed on every level for you, as what you have been doing up until now has not been working. “Teachmetarot

What will this Full Moon December 2021 mean for your star sign (or rising sign)?

The Full Moon on 18 December will be in the solar/horoscopic 1st house for GEMINI, 2nd house for TAURUS, 3rd House for ARIES, 4th house for PISCES, 5th house for AQUARIUS, 6th house for CAPRICORN, 7th house for SAGITTARIUS, 8th house for SCORPIO, 9th house for LIBRA, 10th house for VIRGO, 11th house for LEO, 12th house for CANCER. Click on links for meanings.

Full Moon Fixed Star Betelgeuse

Onto the mighty red giant now. Because Betelgeuse 28º is so extreme, its beneficial effects depend on its charts placement. Betelgeuse on the Moon has its own specific meaning. It gives an:

 “Active mind, strong will, turbulent, rebellious under restraint, military success but suffering through quarrels with superiors, likelihood of great power, honour and wealth….With Moon, (As lunar mansion) here at birth native will be insincere, proud, ungrateful, cruel, sinful, deceitful and wicked.” [1]

The use of power to improve the quality of life of ordinary people. Concern for one’s immediate environment and domain. In extreme cases, members of one’s tribe are sacrificed to ensure the continued dominance of one’s genetic family. Survival of the fittest!

9/11 & Betelgeuse Moon

The Moon also happened to be on Betelgeuse when the 1st tower was struck on 9/11. I would’ve thought that this warmongering star would have the qualities of Mars with Jupiter.

Instead, Ptolemy gives Mars and Mercury to Betelgeuse. Mercury and Mars together are info wars and propaganda and we know 9/11 is a hot topic within the truth community.

Betelgeuse may be more about mind control rather than physical control. It is the battle for our minds. Betelgeuse is found in the constellation of Orion.

In esoteric circles, the Orion group are a warmongering bunch of souls who have come to enslave the human race. “their objective is to locate certain mind/body/spirit complexes which vibrate in resonance with their own vibrational complex, then to enslave the un-elite” ~ Law Of One Society. 

The Orion Group & Slavery

I conducted my research on Betelgeuse and Orion way before I knew of this ‘Orion’ group, so I thought this was fascinating and fits very well with the meaning of the constellation of Orion (The hunter.) If you google ‘Orion Group’, you get this company.  They are a recruitment company. “People are our business worldwide,” it says on their website.

They use the word ‘manpower’ ( I got a ‘non-inclusive’ word warning by Grammarly.?. ) But Orion group is mainly heavy industry. Oil and Gas, IT, telecoms, rail construction, mining, power and utilities, so it probably is mainly MANpower. Slavery? (Slaves in the old times were mainly men, after all.) Ok, maybe I’m going overboard here. But I thought it was interesting. I mean, it could’ve accountants or a hotel chain, but it’s a manpower company. Just a coincidence then..

Full Moon Aspect Pattern ~ Megaphone

Back to astrology! The chart for this Full Moon contains an exciting configuration since the spine of the full Moon is trine Jupiter, and the quincunx to Venus/Pluto makes an eye! (Oh god, not more eyes, please!) The ‘eye’ is like a micro grand trine focusing on the Persephone love bite of Venus conjunct Pluto.

The Hubers call this aspect pattern a megaphone. We speak quietly into the moon end, and the voice then booms out through Sun sextile Jupiter and Venus conjunct Pluto. Maybe Sun/Jupiter filter what comes out while Venus/Pluto amplify.  The Hubers say that it could also work as a catchment tank to keep the words secret.

If you are born with a megaphone, it means you are “a thinker who extracts a lot of information from communication which he can check for value and truth”. The Hubers also say the planet at the apex (In this case, the Venus/Pluto conjunction) “means that control over all the figure’s mental activities is exerted from here; but targeted information from the environment can also have a manipulative effect and create dependency”.

Venus/Pluto has a certain co-dependency to it, and if you combine that with the 10 of swords, then we must retake note of its meaning. Once we realise that, we have become overly dependent on a relationship, job, app, whatever it may be. “Recovery depends on your letting go of and saying goodbye to the way you have been living and coping with things.” [2]

Full Moon Crystal ~ Rhodochrosite

Full moons are a time of conception or letting go, like when menstruation comes. So what crystal is suitable for this Betelgeuse Moon? Going all-out red would probably be too inflammatory, so I picked Rhodochrosite as, like Gemini, it has bands of many different shades of pink, plus a stabilising strip of black. 

Rhodochrosite comes from the Greek word ‘rhodos’, which means rose. This crystal helps you pick yourself up after heartbreak, renew optimism and bring happiness back to your life.

It releases blockages around the heart chakra. This stone has a beautiful childlike innocence about it and returns playfulness and joy to your connections.

Rhodochrosite is supposed to help remove anything that irritates the lungs (Gemini rules the lungs) and relieves asthma symptoms. We need all the help we can get during this cold and flu season, and this crystal eases breathing problems. Rhodochrosite is especially useful for relieving shortness of breath due to anxiety and helps ease panic attacks.

Full Moon Robin Illustration Meaning

I chose the Robin redbreast for this illustration because of its spiritual meaning. All birds are angel messengers from god because they are the only creatures on earth with wings like angels.

According to legend, Robins got their redbreasts from saving Jesus from the flames of hell. The red is the scorch mark. If you see a Robin and are going through a rough time, it symbolises the hardship will end soon. Conversely, if a Robin enters a house, it augurs death to someone who lives there. Yikes! However, if you dream of a Robin, it signifies new beginnings and renewal.

Full Moon December Summary

So at this Christmas full moon, pay attention to the Robin angels and where they manifest. Christmas is a nostalgic time, and a Robin in the snow is a classic Christmas card image. Now we know why! The Robin symbolises the dead, those ghosts of Christmas past. But this bird also represents the Sun’s return at the Winter solstice. Use this Moon to respect past christmases, say goodbye to what haunts you and bring closure to karmic relationships. Let go of painful bonds and move onto new pastures. Maybe the Robin will show you the way.

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. 2. Aspect Pattern Astrology. The Hubers. p. 231

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