November 13 Solar Eclipse – Hypnotic


Solar Eclipse 13 November 2012The total solar eclipse on November 13th, 2012 is at 21º Scorpio and on Fixed star Unukalhai in the heart of the serpent. This star is in the very snake being held by Ophiuchus the medicine man and unfortunately it has a horrible reputation. The eclipse is opposite Sedna, which can also be treacherous, and the closest aspect in the chart is a poisoned-tongued Mercury square Neptune. Forked tongues, sex, lies and videotape…The whole chart is very slithery indeed. Or is it?

When we get these very challenging, potentially toxic eclipse charts we have to remember that this is your map and guide. It’s really up to the individual what one makes of this potential. If you know where the firing line is you don’t have to walk into it. You can take this venom and make it anti-venom. You can use this potent medicine to kill or cure. You are not doomed if this Eclipse falls on a hot spot in your chart, just make sure you protect it.

November Solar Eclipse Aspects

The eclipse is opposite Sedna. Sedna may feel victimized and project the bully onto their mother or other women around them. Initially the drama gets them the attention they crave. Eventually though, people get bored with the wailing and they have to accept they have been cut off. This is a blessing! Instead of endlessly replaying the drama, this eclipse gives us time to shift our attention to a more worthy cause outside ourselves and our soap opera lives. This is where we may find our calling. That is if we can resist drowning our sorrows with Unukalhai’s drink and drugs first. Sedna is about turning our inner victim into the Savior. Sedna can be fearful of hitting the icy depths, but go there she must if she is to defrost the bounty.

Solar Eclipse November 2012Mercury retrograde square Neptune in the chart is worry, psycho-somatic illnesses, and paranoia. The mind is foggy, but it is also poetic. This is an ideal time to do creative writing, to go into solitude, go on a meditation retreat, detox. Socially it will be hard to resist the snakes and seducers in the world. Everything will seem more glamorous then it really is, one glass of wine will feel like a bottle, even sugar will make you high. Unukalhai makes one so, so sensitive to toxins. In the mundane world this could mean more people suffering from allergies, autoimmune diseases and food intolerance. The toxins in our environment now are at such a high level that our livers are overloaded, we don’t need to add any more if we can help it.

Solar Eclipse Horoscope

There is an interesting aspect pattern in this chart which esoteric Astrologers call “The irritation rectangle” I used to call this a “Rack Of Doom”, but we already have enough hammer horror, so off with the doom. The rack actually stretches us, it’s like accelerated spiritual growth. Yes, we will have growing pains and yes, it will leave us aching. But we all know a good Yoga session makes us feel wonderful too. Forewarned is forearmed, we just need to warm up our limbs. This is a feminist rack boys so get your leotards on! The traditional “light” goddesses are on one side and the raging “dark” goddesses on the other.

Men may feel pulled between wife and mistress, mother and daughter, virgin and whore…Too much Unukahlai-hol and they could blur into one…Is that two of you there love? And what of us ladies? We may feel split in two. Are we Mother or priestess, good girl or slut? Do we go celibate or go celebrate? The Mercury square Neptune doesn’t make it easy to choose. All things mystical are well starred though, so seeing a psychic or your favourite witch may help clarify. Whatever you do, keep your eyes, (all three of them), open for messages and synchronicity from the universe. All is not what it seems.

Solar Eclipse on Asteroid Iole

Iole was the love interest of Heracles who’s Father put up as a prize if anyone could beat him or her brothers in archery. Heracles won but because of his dubious reputation he was refused Ioles hand. Even though he married someone else Heracles still wanted revenge, so he kills Iole’s father and brothers and takes Iole her as his concubine. Heracles wife feared the young and beautiful Iole would eventually supplant her as wife. So, using a love potion that Nessus had given her, she smears it on a cloak and sends it to her husband as a gift. The potion is actually poison.. Heracles puts on the toxic attire, the poison rips his skin off and dies. The distraught wife kills herself. Although Iole starts very much as a victim of circumstance, she is the sole survivor. In Ovids version, Iole erotically controls Heracles, makes him wear women’s clothing and do the housework while still carrying around his club (Love it!). By getting the warrior to do effeminate acts, Iole skilfully avenges the death of her family. Whatever ending, Iole has the last laugh.

SerpensThe solar eclipse theme of poison shows up in Iole’s story and also the poetic justice of Neptune. Sometimes we find it hard to surrender to a higher power or fate. Sometimes we try to bend it, but some how what is mean to be finds its way through the Neptune fog in the end. Maybe the message here is what appears to be love is actually poison and not fall for the glitz and the glamour. Who appears to be weak and submissive, (the person who isn’t waving their club around dramatically) is actually the strong one. Beware of the slimy, slithery seductor. Practical action speaks louder than flowery words. Your Heracles is in the kitchen wearing a pinny…

The Sabian symbol for the solar eclipse is “Hunters protected by heavy clothing are shooting wild ducks”. Hiding behind their heavy clothing  gives the hunters an unfair advantage over the defenseless ducks. More bullying and victimization, just like our Sedna theme with the added camouflage of Neptune. Cowards behind a mask. The house that this eclipse falls into shows where our lives we are vulnerable for the next six months and need to protect ourselves psychically. This is especially why we need to keep our auras brilliant and strong, not pierce holes in them with drugs and alcohol. We will need this “armour” to protect us from any mental or emotional violence in our lives. The extra sensitivity is not all bad news, with a strong psychic shield we can take advantage off all the good Neptune stuff; Heightened imagination, channeling spirit guides, opening the heart, feeling pure unconditional love and experiencing oneness with nature and the stars.

Eclipse keywords

Victims, saviors, false gurus, seducers, mystifiers, charlatans, lairs, poison pens, psychic wars, paranoia, brain washing, hypnotists, hypnotherapy, regression, retreats, true love, soulmates, cellmates, compassion, self-sacrifice, higher-self, surrender, bliss, orgasm, kundalini awakening, tantric sex, strong intuition, psychic shields, trance, good vibrations, meditations, rituals, solitude, navel-gazing, loving kindness, going vegetarian, cuddling pets, writing poetry, reading self-help books, consulting psychics, feeling stretched, elastic bodies, yoga, swimming, floating, growing pains, feeling tortured, cathartic art.