Solar Eclipse November 2011 – God Stripper


The Solar eclipse on November 25 2011 is at 2º 36’ Sagittarius. It’s closest aspect is Moon quincunx Jupiter and it is on the Fixed star Dschubba in the constellation of Scorpio. The Moon is on Asteroid Fortuna. Looking at the chart the first impression is of a grand trine with a very powerful Mars trine Pluto also, which complements the Scorpionic theme. We have a waning Jupiter trine Pluto aspect also. Put this all together and we get power politics meets religion. I touched on this on the day of the exact trine when I got the image of politicians pillaging the Vatican gold, just like when Nero raided the temples to build a new Rome and Henry the 8th ransacked the monasteries when he became head of the church in England.

Pluto likes to strip things bare, but Jupiter in aspect to Pluto can be great wealth also. Magi astrology regards Jupiter quincunx Pluto to be a millionaire’s aspect. It’s interesting that Magi’s rate (as we do here at Darkstar) the often ignored quincunx. This Eclipse on a Scorpionic star quincunx Jupiter should be saying something about great wealth then. Except, we are in the middle of a recession…

Solar eclipse quincunx Jupiter

Let’s refresh ourselves of the elements of this eclipse. 1st the aspects themselves, Sun quincunx Jupiter “Pushing hard is a way to relieve the tension and this is why these people often appear lucky. However, by putting so much of themselves, their identity on the line, if the scales tip then they can show the Jupiter tendency to excess in a negative way, through guilt or addiction.”

Moon quincunx Jupiter “These people will bounce back again and again. They get through life through the use of a hearty sense of humour. Emotionally extravagant, they over-react in a most dramatic, somewhat camp manner.” In a solar eclipse left-brain thinking is blotted out for a while and intuition takes over. So combine both these aspects and the pushy, excessive solar version of the quincunx gives way to the lunatic humour and the irrepressible quality of the moon quincunx.

This shows to me great hope, enterprise and spirit of the populus, a resolution not to let the bastards grind us down. There is great wealth to be claimed; only this is spiritual gold. This is what has be been buried under the amount of junk (food, gadgets, TV) and distractions (work, internet) of our day to day life. With having some of that taken away, we have come to realise we don’t actually need it. Pluto strips us down, zen like. We are free! Less clutter allows room for jovial spirit to enter. Humour heals.

Asteroid Fortuna 

I found Asteroid Fortuna to be about how we view our fate and how lucky do we think we are. Fortuna is associated with the expression “what goes round comes round”. So she reminds us that when we are at our lowest the only way is up. At the moment of course we are being told that the world is falling into depression. Psychologically how is this affecting us? Are be going to let this effect how lucky we think we are? The stock markets are so very Jupiter, they function on how optimistic we feel from day today

Personally I’m hoping that Asteroid Fortuna will take care of a few things…as I said in my Asteroid Fortuna post “For the Romans, chance events and Fortuna were connected with Virtue, so that immoral individuals would invite bad fortune and virtuous persons would be rewarded with good fortune.” This eclipse has the feel of the “Day of Judgement” about it. It’s interesting that her father Jupiter, the gambler has such an influence over this Eclipse. Life seems like it’s playing a game of Russian roulette with us right now.

Solar Eclipse on Fixed Star Dschubba

This star featured in my post about Psychopath Astrology as what I termed a psycho star. The  June lunar eclipse  2011 was on Lesath, the number one psycho star! Where that eclipse dealt with removing poisons from our body, this one could be about removing toxic people worldwide. The top psycho star scorers were (not surprisingly perhaps) all in the constellation Scorpio, BUT wait! These scorpio-psycho stars are all placed in tropical Sagittarius, a sign generally regarded as benevolent, philosophical, jovial, pious and pretty harmless.

So we get the strange blending of two consecutive zodiac signs and archetypes Scorpio-Pluto and Sagittarius-Jupiter. This combination is describing the transition from 8th house secrecy to 9th house transparency, the bright scorching light of Jupiter burning away the masks. One thing Pluto and Jupiter share is extremism, which makes me think of fundamentalist religions and fanatics. These type of people we often label as being psychopaths, which brings us back to Dschubba.

Dschubba is found on the forehead of the Scorpion at 2º 34’ Sagittarius. At its best “Anyone with this star strong in their horoscope is likely to show a patient and wary approach to any situation, but this will belie the skilled determination which will then be brought to bear. Scorpio is famous for the surgeons born in it and this star shows up just the qualities which they need to have. The same applies to generals, policemen, private investigators and secret service agents, many of whom have this star well placed and aspected.” [1], but at its worst “It causes sudden assaults, malevolence, immorality and shamelessness.” [2] So in a lesser vehicle, the skilful use of the blade and/or weapon, and the cool and calculated planning would be put to darker uses, hence it’s appearance in the chart of the psychopath.

Eclipse tarot – 8 of Swords 

In the celestial tarot this card is Canis Major, the larger of the two hunting dogs of Orion which includes the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. Who is this reminding us of, the big fat shining god of gods Jupiter? The Egyptians also associated Anubus, their guide to the Underworld with Sirius. So we get the hunting hound and underworld guardian in this card, which is still describing the transition from Pluto to Jupiter. Sirius signals the heat of the “Dog days”, which we are obviously in right now. The heat is on, there is nowhere to hide. The card its self is about self exploration, and the realisation that one has been guarding an unconscious position which can be reversed once it is made conscious.

ECLIPSE  KEYWORDS; Self revelation, hidden jewels, guarding treasure, cutting the crap, stripping down, clearing clutter, exposing demons, purging toxins, cathedral plumbing, kitchen sink dramas, melodrama’s, ransacking, burning idols, spying on priests, satanic worship, saturnalia, orgies, frenzies, obsessions, religious fanatics, fun, da-mentalists, philosophical psychology, a lot of really deep thinking….frantic probing, stalking gurus, volcanic eruptions, dry ice, camp horror, black humour, coping with comedy, sick jokes, Transylvanian transvestites, sex changes, castrating rapists, cold hearted killers, crimes of passion, burning bankers, jailing bishops, S & M, sex addiction, marriage counselling, taboo infidelities, waking up from a deep coma, coming out of denial, coming out of the closet, in really sparkly platform boots…and holding a Magnum (An ice-cream in the UK, a firearm in the USA), psychopaths, dicing with death, gamblers, gangsters, gang-bangs, roulette, the cosmic wheel, turning the tide, worms that turn.

1. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.84-85.
2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, p.172.