Solar Eclipse July 2010


The Total Solar Eclipse on 11 July is at 19 degs 23′ Cancer. The astrology shows this eclipse is sextile to Mars and is on the fixed star Castor, the good twin in the constellation of Gemini. This is very interesting as there are a number of  Angel twin/Evil twin aspects going on at the same time.

We have a Venus opposition Mean Lilith (00′!!!) which brings to mind Innana and Ereshkigal the sisters in the original Babylonian myth of Persephone. Ereshkigal was the dark, raging, sex-starved version of Innana, mourning the abandonment of her lover Nergal. The next closest aspect involves Pluto the Lord of the Underworld himself squaring up to the most benefic Jupiter, Sir God of Gods (32′).

Of course the most obvious reason the Solar eclipse was feared by the ancients what that the Dark Lady luna was stealing the all powerful Solar Gods rays. Here at Darkstarstrology we have written extensively about how we think it is the demonizing of the feminine by monotheistic religions is one of the reasons the world is in such a sorry state. I think that the world right now is in a re balancing phase.

The Moon is conjunct Asteroid Deborah (04′). An old testamentprophetess! Unusually powerful, she was also the only woman to be a judge in Israel. Yet we don’t get Priestesses in the New Testament at all.

Out Of The Dark?

The last 2000 years have been very “dark” times indeed where the human race has fallen out of balance with nature and through that we have cast an insane fear over the dark. Night instead of important dreamtime has become nightmarish. And its ironic that even I refer to this period as DARK times because the point is they have actually been bias in favour of the so called “Light”, ie Solar, linear, left brain driven. The more glaring the light the darker the shadow.

And here we have a Solar Eclipse that graphically shows the battle within us between the dark and light sides of our own natures. Venus V Lilith, Pluto V Jupiter.

Another thing about this Solar eclipse is that it heralds the final hit of the Uranus opposition to Saturn. More confrontation of opposites. Have we learned the important lessons of this opposition? We now have ruling the old “Empire” countries; a mixed race President, twin British Prime Ministers and just recently Australia’s first ever female Prime Minister redressing the gender balance there. Interesting times indeed.

How will Mars activate this Eclipse? It could bring up sexuality and sex wars. The sextile is quite a dual aspect I think, quite Mercurial in that it can go either way. Mix that with Mars and Castor on the Moon and we get a kind of bi-sexual Eclipse here. We are at the tipping point. Which way to go?

Bernadette Brady says of Castor and Pollux. That they give “Successful story telling by one who has knowledge of mixing good with evil, overlapping them until both are changed and are whole.” I mentioned in my last Lunation blog that I though that there will be an increase of fear mongering propaganda from the media as a result of power structures feeling insecure. I was worried it might generate negative thinking generally. This may happen up until this eclipse.

What gives me great hope is that the eclipse is on Castor which will tip the scales more towards positive thinking. This Eclipse has a longer lasting effect and will take us through some challenging times up to 2011. Having Mars fire it up should prevent too much apathy and give a burst of optimism. The feeling that, yes things are tough but we will soldier on through it.