Lunar Eclipse May 2013 ~ Close Encounters


The Lunar Eclipse May 25 2013 is at 4º Sagittarius which sits between Acrab and Dschubba both on the forehead of the Scorpion. These stars have a somewhat fiendish reputation. Neptune forms a T-square to the eclipse, god or grand delusion depending on at what vibration you tune into. The geometry of the chart looks like the slicing off of heads by the revolutionary blade of Uranus square Pluto. These “heads” will be false gurus and people at the very top of the churches. Neptune is about devotion, it rules the age of Pisces which is coming to an end. This eclipse could start the process of dissolving those belief systems that have been retarding humanities spiritual evolution.

Close Encounters

This an unusual second lunar eclipse of the season. It echo’s the religious theme of April 25 Lunar Eclipse, but this one is way more active and challenging with the T-square and Scorpionic star mix. Heads will roll with Mars on Medusa’s head Algol, unaspected and working like a loose canon. The Sun on Mirfak the lancing arm of Perseus works like an exorcist. Then we have the tightly packed group of spectators Mercury, Venus and Jupiter forming a triangle in the sky between the horns of Taurus. The ecliptic cuts through the middle of these horns and you find the famous constellation of Orion aligned with this bunch too. More godly influence. Orion, Osiris, Pyramids, T square…

lunar eclipse may 2013

Is the T-square a pyramid, a sacred site, a temple, a tomb, an observatory…? Whatever it is, Neptune sits on the top, keeping a lid on its mysteries, then Uranus and Pluto come right along and slice it off! It makes me think of that part in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” with the mash potato sculpting of the Devils Tower in Wyoming, where the UFO landed…Yes it’s that kind of eclipse. Spooky. Maybe there will be some revelation about the truth of our ancient history.

Jamie’s excellent post on Comet ISON mentions the transportation of virus’s from outer space. So the Neptune aliens could be microscopic invaders, ones that somehow speed up our evolution. Hopefully this will cause enough people wake up the corruption of religious control systems. Uranus square Pluto could be blowing the lid off the church. Neptune on the top does look like a cross on top of a church spire.

Lunar Eclipse May 2013 Horoscope

Lunar Eclipse May 2013

The Lunar eclipse chart is dominated by aggressive red aspects. Luckily there is also a sensible trine down to Saturn, which anchors our spaced-out Neptune and keeps his fantasies in check. Saturn is on the April Lunar Eclipse degree and star Gacrux the cross of matter. “Spirit Matters” I said back in April and this time it we could see that Neptune materialise into physical form. Saturn’s influence calms the fraught T-square situation down somewhat and injects Neptune with some reality. It’s a very architectural combination and works a lot like classical music, structure supporting the liquid dance of the musical notes. The stellium of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter is very important because the area of the sky is just so starry near the band of the milky way. The union of both benefics with Mercury the messenger could signify a message for humanity. In the next three months watch out for crop circles, weird synchronicities, strange cloud formations and keep an eye on the night sky, especially if you happen to live in Wyoming…

Lunar Eclipse Aspects

The Moon aspects in the T – Square are; Sun square Neptune “The public or their lovers are inclined to turn them into their ultimate fantasy figures, which they feel they cannot possibly live up… The Neptune square seems to aggravate physical handicaps or give a tendency to hypochondria.” Health issues come up again and make me wonder about airborne viruses, or the threat of them, or some cover-up to prevent people getting to the truth. Again I have to use Close Encounters as an example, when the military prevented the public entering the UFO landing zone by saying it was contaminated. Moon square Neptune “these subjects can easily use the Moons popularity and Neptune’s mystique as a smokescreen over corruption or abuse of position. Neptune can rule deception, lies and delusion, the risk is more so with the square.”

Lunar Eclipse May 2013

I think there is a good chance of some transcendental influence at this eclipse. A sign or event that serves as a symbol that humanity has reached the point of critical mass, enough to affect a chain reaction of consciousness? But we also have the danger of a smokescreen, possibly by those who feel threatened by this sign. The power elite and the established religions may work together to reinterpret this symbol or event to suit their own agendas.

The Moon is conjunct Asteroid Cupid. “Cupid is winged because lovers are flighty.., and boyish because love is foolish and irrational. His symbols are the arrow and torch, “because love wounds and inflames the heart.”  In Catholic religious iconography the symbol of the arrow is used to denote religious ecstasy, but it is also erotic. Being struck with Cupid arrow is very fateful, something you have no control over, even the gods themselves were not immune, so this force of passion must come from an even higher power. And we are back to Neptune again. What is this strange act of devotion? What is true love?

Lunar Eclipse on Acrab & Dschubba

The eclipse asks what is real pure universal love and what is just overpowering sexual infatuation, which many of us mistake for love. Neptune’s promise of a soulmate does not guarantee Happy Ever After. In fact the more one yearns for redemption through love, the more one will find oneself disappointed. The same goes for any religion that promises a saviour. Even prophecies about comets coming in and sprinkling humanity with magic fairy dust (Even if that dust is a something as scientific as a virus) run the risk of putting the responsibility of change on something outside of us. Deep down we all want to be rescued, but now we each have to be our own Neptune knight.

Looking at these stars there is still a theme of some sort of contagion. Acrab in general gives “pestilence, and contagious diseases.”. However with the Moon it’s a bit more fortunate “Great power, honor, wealth, gifts, difficulty in obtaining legacy, materialistic, interested in unpopular ideas, criticized, success after many difficulties.”  Dschubba is more reserved and suspicious. Robson doesn’t seem to like it very much and claims “It causes sudden assaults, malevolence, immorality and shamelessness.” Whereas Eric Morse says the star’s patient, wary approach and skilled determination makes it adept at in depth research. [1] This star makes great private investigators and secret service agents then.

Lunar Eclipse May 2013 Meaning

Lunar Eclipse May 2013

Lunar eclipses can seem quite ominous and these Scorpionic stars can certainly dish out revenge, if you have been behaving yourself then you shouldn’t be at the receiving end. “In lower types, however, a tendency to falsehood and treason can be noted” [2]. So I see some great historical secrets uncovered by investigative truth seekers, which may get silenced by the “lower types.” Acrab and Dschubba are powerful underworld stars. In the mundane world, this is someone who knows how to navigate the corridors of corruption because they were once part of the infrastructure. Now they can work like a virus, entering invisibly then destroying from deep within.. Maybe there are a few of these agents out there working like this.

So these stars maybe not be so much evil in themselves, but may be so to those who currently hold all the power and wealth. Acrab and Dschubba can be terrorists or freedom fighters depending whose side you are on. The axis that this eclipse falls across will show the demons you have to exorcise. The area where you have to play the freedom fighter in your own life. Where are you a slave to your Cupid desires? Where are your terrorists lurking?

Lunar Eclipse Keywords

Spooky, spies, corruption, infiltration, space invaders, aliens, contagions, smokescreens, deception, terrorists, investigations, research, lifting the lid, slicing off heads, the underworld, gangsters, delusion, gods, godfathers, false gurus, mysteries, ancient truths, truth seekers, treason, temples, tombs, triangles, sacred sites, higher love, struck by cupid, moved by ones desires, feeling fated, devotion, close encounters, Brief Encounter, Isis & Osiris, love resurrection, divine intervention.

1. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.84-85.
2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.69.