New Moon 28 July 2022 ~ Ancestral Spirit


The New Moon July 2022 at 5º Leo Decan 1 Aspect: conjunct Ceres trine Jupiter. Fixed Star: Praesaepe in the beehive cluster. Tarot Card: 5 Of Wands. Healing Crystal: Moldavite.  Sabian Symbol: Old fashioned woman and up-to-date girl.

new Moon Leo decan 1

The Moon doesn’t have a special power in this decan but it does well in acquiring material wealth. This may be through material inheritance or through an inherited character trait or talent. Whatever the case, family loyalty and values are very strong at this time and the importance of passing something of value down to one’s descendants.

“According to Vehlow, the Chinese gave the group of stars (that we find in this decan) the asses and the manger; the Aselli  and Praesaepe the name ‘Spirit Of The Ancestors’ and were of the opinion that if they were conjunct the moon they would have peculiar experiences with the realms of the dead.” [1]

One problem at this new moon may be pressure to identify strongly with the family clan. The ‘hive mind’ that exists among family members will be literally buzzing on overdrive! Especially since the new moon is aligned with the fixed star Praesaepe which the Chinese associate with the ‘spirit of the ancestors’.

Breaking out of any undesirable infantile behaviour patterns will be hard work at this time. A new moon in Leo decan 1 has an almost religious reverence towards the older generations and this ancestral connection brings our spirit guides closer to us. It’s comforting to feel someone has your back so this new moon should give us greater confidence.

The negative side of this new moon could dredge out all the nasty family skeletons and ignite some bitter family feuds. On the positive side, this could be an amazing time to find and reconnect with long-lost and missed members of your family clan. I would think this new moon will very much aid mediums who work with the ancestors of their clients. This is also a period of great appreciation of ancient history and mythology.

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New Moon July 2022 Astrology

New moon July 2022

New Moon Aspects

New Moon Fixed Star

Praesaepe in the Beehive Cluster 7º


Early 20th century astrologers seem to focus on the grasping, shifty, sideways gate of the Crab and the fact it is a mere animal. Ebertin says of the crustacean “One can observe a craving for and abuse of stimulants, luxury foodstuffs, narcotics, drugs and heavy smoking.”  While Robson maintains Praesaepe “causes disease, disgrace, adventure, insolence, wantonness, brutality, blindness.”

Since Praesaepe is a nebula then we must give it a very tight orb and remember there is always a high vibration alternative. The blindness of the Nebulae and clusters can also be an inner vision and the ability to “see” into other dimensions. Remember in ancient times this ‘Blindness’ could be short-sightedness. Which would’ve been a real handicap before the invention of glasses.

New Moon Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 5 of wands. “The Five of Wands tears up the rule books … and begins to write its own. Its energy explodes, the Wands splitting in several directions all at once. It is unclear what is happening and where it all will end. Drama, mayhem and chaos will rule the day.

Expect the unexpected for that is the only thing that can be relied on… Fire likes to travel and expand. It does not like to be held back or restricted. It is a positive forward-flowing energy that thrives on momentum and enthusiasm.” ~ Teachmetarot.  You can clearly see the dramatic and boisterous energy of Leo depicted in this card. The competitiveness and struggle of Saturn ruling this decan are also evident too. 

New Moon Sabian Symbol

Old fashioned woman and up-to-date girl

“What is thought important, moral or even courteous changes very quickly from one generation to the next. These changes are cyclical and evolutionary, or even revolutionary. They express as style, as belief and so on, and it is almost always youth that confronts the conservative, older social leaders demanding change.” ~

New Moon Healing Crystal


Moldavite is highly revered and respected in spiritual circles because of its extra-terrestrial qualities, the crystal literally fell from the stars! It is not a conventional crystal but instead came from a meteor that crashed into the earth and buried itself in the Bohemian plateau (Modern day Czech Republic.)  

Due to Moldavite’s long history, it has been passed down with our ancestors through the ages. For centuries, Moldavite has been used in matters of fertility and in particular as a good luck stone.

Moldavite is intensely energetic, and when touched this energy floods through you. It’s a stone that accelerates spiritual and emotional journeys. However this crystal’s energy is very buzzy, (a bit like Caffeine) and this can take some getting used to. If worn close to the skin for too long the wearer could become over-stimulated. So don’t wear it to bed! All the same, the fact that Moldavite is an infusion of both earth and stardust makes it an incredibly transformational stone, which can bring about some remarkable changes in those who know how to use it.

The metaphysical properties of Moldavite are believed to enable you to transcend time. People often use Moldavite when they are seeking past lives or exploring the path their soul is taking in any direction of time. I would also suggest it amplifies connections with one’s ancestors and/or spirit guides.

1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928. p.44. 2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1933 p.188.