New Moon July 2023 ~ Evil Twin?


The New Moon 17 July 2023 at 24º Cancer Decan 3. Aspect: Trine Neptune. Fixed Star: Pollux in the head of the Immortal Twin in Gemini. Tarot Card: 4 Of Cups. Healing Crystal: Lapis Lazuli.

New Moon in Cancer decan 3

Put a New Moon in a decan awash in emotionality, and what do you get? Volatile moods but also extreme passion and intuition. Inside there might be a tempest raging, but we will learn to display a neutral mask. If we are bitten at this time, we are not twice, but thrice shy! Inside Moon Cancer 3, the twins are playing tug-of-war constantly, so we might find it hard to make a decision.

The jump between playing the angel and devil can be pretty stark, too, at this new Moon. This often means making the best of a reckless choice we made while in ‘devil’ mode. Because of these impulse ‘buys’, this Moon in Cancer 3 can make us tolerate behaviour we might otherwise find reprehensible. It can make those touched by this new Moon appear to be doormats. However, make no mistake, if you betray anyone at this new Moon, they will show you their very, very dark side.

Moon Cancer 3 style revenge comes right out of the blue and can be totally out of character. The Moon is very strong in this decan in terms of attracting luxury and a comfortable life. This new moon Cancer energy helps us devote time, energy, and resources and direct them towards the family unit. The ‘investment’ pays off in the future when our loyalty is paid back tenfold. So have patience with this new Moon!

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New Moon Tarot Card

The Tarot card associated with this decan is the 4 of Cups. The ambivalence shown in this card fits well with the polarisation of this decan. A card of boredom and apathy on the one hand and daydreaming and fantasizing on the other.

Maybe this card longs for the dramatic mood swings that govern this decan. “The Four of Cups generally brings with it the blues and moodiness. (Cancer decan 3 is the moodiest, moon ruled decan) In some cases it can highlight depression…you may have lost touch with reality and are totally ungrounded.

You may have allowed yourself to indulge in daydreams and fantasies and have become too idealistic imaging life to be a certain way.” Karmically this card can mean too many lives have been spent procrastinating, and waiting for the 100% perfect person or opportunity to come along.


It ” can sometimes simply highlight the fact that you are too tied up in your own little world, too self-absorbed and too self-centred. You may feel that the whole universe revolves around you and have no time for other people’s problems or feelings. You may seem negative to others and see the ‘glass as half empty’ in this negative state of mind.” ~ Teachmetarot.

New Moon Fixed star

Pollux the immortal twin was a boxer, he holds a club in his hand. Not surprisingly he has a bad reputation “It gives a subtle, crafty, spirited, brave, audacious, cruel and rash nature, a love of boxing, dignified malevolence, and is connected with poisons.” 

Pollux is considered extremely Martian. “Just as Mars has it’s good sides if the energy it creates is channelled constructively, so Pollux should not always be considered as unhelpful. The star badly placed could manifest that way, not by the native misusing his energy but by others deceiving him and fate playing him some cruel tricks.” [3].

New Moon July 2023 Astrology

New Moon July 2023

new Moon July Aspects

Moon Trine Neptune

When the Moon is trine Neptune we feel at one with the universe. This is a wonderfully imaginative time when you can plug yourself into a deep well of inspiration. Dreams are a great stimulation for art and music. Romance that blossoms at this time can feel like a fairytale. Going to a music concert on a date would be a great way to amplify this dreamy vibration. This is also an aspect of courtly and even celibate love so the affair might only be expressed in a spiritual manner.

Mars opposite Saturn

Mars opposite Saturn is undoubtably one of the most difficult energies to deal with. What good can possibly come from the two malefics meeting in such a harsh way? We have the potential for sex scandals, violence and a gangster vibe. Bada bing! The two planets find it hard to find common ground apart from the fact they are both baddies! So on this day, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. For more evolved types they can use this combo to exorcise bad habits and demons from their life.

Yod To Venus

We have a ‘Dark Cupid’ type Yod to Venus which falls pretty close to Regulus. Venus on Regulus is not as great as you might imagine: “many disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments, trouble through love affairs.” [4] So while the moon aspect to Neptune is really romantic and sweet there are more challenges going on in the background. Do not take anything at face value and look behind the glamour and glitz.

What the NEW Moon July 2023 means for your sign

Moon Transit The Houses

Moon Transit The Houses

The moon transit the houses lasts around 2 and a half days in each sign/house, so its effects…

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New Moon July 2023 Summary

This is one of those moons where I want to try not to be too negative because there is the potential for beauty, art and poetry at this time. The moon rules Cancer and I’m sure other commentators will talk about how lovely, sensitive and squidgy this moon is. But the new moon star is Pollux the evil twin and we can’t ignore the exorcist Yod or Mars opposite Saturn.

All things considered, if you must go into the underworld (because you are a curious sort) keep your feet on the ground and your eyes wide open. Don’t take the opiates and hold on to your map so you can return safely! Avoid revenge as Regulus will shred your good name and status to pieces. However you can set a trap for anyone who wants to destroy your reputation! This is one of the perks of all this dark twin energy. Give your Nemesis enough rope and they will hang themselves!

New Moon July healing Crystal

Lapis lazuli is most notable for being the stone of truth and deep friendship. It works as a protection stone for relationships and brings balance to emotions. It allows more understanding and acceptance of all you intimate connections as well as facilitating inner peace and truth. In addition to promoting good luck and serendipity, this stone aids you in appreciating the person and keeping the relationship alive.

lapiz lazuli

Lapis lazuli stimulates the throat chakra and opens the third eye when used in meditation. Assists with clear thinking, communication, and creative imagination, making it an excellent tool for manifestation. Lapis Lazuli is believed to enhance a natural flow in imaginative literature making it a popular stone with writers.

Lapis Lazuli stimulates the endocrine and thyroid glands, and helps regulate the throat and larynx. Besides addressing hearing loss, it also deals with other problems with the ear and nasal passages. Ultimately, Lapis Lazuli promotes self-awareness, acceptance, and self-acceptance. As a result, negative thoughts that may have been suppressed are released. This beautiful deep blue crystal brings healing and allows the cleansing of stagnant emotions.

I picked Lapis Lazuli because it offers you protection while allowing you to see through scoundrels, thieves and liars! This stone also supports discernment and wisdom when it comes to choosing a mate. It is also both mysterious and lucky due to the shimmering gold flashes that permeate the crystal. Lapis Lazuli helps with shyness and gives you the confidence to pursue your dreams in love and creativity. This crystal is known as the stone of truth, which will help counter the tricky side of Cancer decan 3 and fixed star Pollux.

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