New Moon July 2015

The New Moon July 16 is at 23º Cancer and falls in Cancer Decan 3
Giddy Artists & Mood Swings. Rulers: Moon & Jupiter. Deity: Hecate (Goddess Of Crossroads & Witchcraft).

New Moon JulyWith this New Moon we are dealing with polarities; Good and evil, the living and the dead, left-brain and right-brain, lunar and solar. The imagination is very strong here with the ability to capture it and put it into words. We swing between optimism, looking at the bright side of life and then to exploring the seedy side, the shadow and what is deemed taboo. This Moons emotions are so colourful and are great for creativity. Any artists touched by this Moon will throw themselves right into their work, there is no holding back. The feelings flood out onto the canvas and touch the public profoundly.

The 7th Mansion
Al Dhira ~ The Forearm

“When the Moon is in this mansion, sow all manner of seeds, plow your land. Wear new clothes, apparel your wife. Ride such beasts as you will. Take no journey, but it be in the last end of the night. If you go by water you shall well speed, but you shall tarry in your journey. Take the fellowship for it shall be true. If you be taken and escape, not within three days you shall die in prison. Shear you hair and wash your head, wear new clothes. By servants and beasts. Smite your enemy, make peace with him. Buy no lands, meddle with no Psychic!!”*

Aspect: Moon trine Saturn. Fixed Star: Pollux.

Harmonious Days:  July 21 Moon sextile Sun. (Spicy sextile due to Apogee, see below.) July 26 Moon trine Sun.

Disruptive Days: July 21 Moon conjunct true Lilith. July 24  First Quarter 0º Scorpio.

*Medieval Lunar Mansions taken from Ashmole 396 a medieval manuscript

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